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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of October 19, 2020
When the lights go out in the city...
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DAYS Spoilers for the week of October 19, 2020 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 19, 2020. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Things will go bump in the night when a power outage shrouds the city of Salem in total darkness...

Using the outage to their advantage, a trio of terrifying Statesville prisoners escapes and returns to town to wreak havoc

Forming an unholy and somewhat unstable pact, prisoners Clyde and Orpheus work together, while Dr. Rolf has his own wicked work to do

Chad finds himself the victim of an unwanted houseguest when Dr. Rolf arrives at the mansion amidst the darkness

Dr. Rolf has killer intentions for his old boss's son, but someone unexpectedly may step in to save Chad's life

Concerned about Abigail, Jake steps up with some accusations against Gwen, and his bitter ex isn't exactly happy to hear what he's blaming her for

Son and stepson, Tripp, is kept in the dark by Steve and Kayla, while John shares his concerns about his missing wife

Belle believes things will be okay, or at least she tries to convince her father of that, but reality might be a different story...

Maneuvering her way around in the dark, a shocked Marlena is visited by old foe Orpheus, who's seeking a favor

Clyde seeks out his son, but Ben also receives a visit from Eli, who's there on official business and isn't in a particularly cheery mood

An otherworldly vision of Ciara has Been reeling, and he believes he must avenge his wife's untimely demise

Ben's disposition becomes even grimmer, and Clyde realizes that he must do something severe to save Ben

An edgy Eli hopes that he'll be able to save his marriage if Lani finds out what secrets he's been hiding

In fact, Eli adds another lie to the list, while Philip attempts to lie his way out of an accusation after being caught by his kin

Philip's feud with Xander isn't exactly over, and a seething Xander nearly becomes overheated when he spots Sarah with his foe

Xander and Sarah have a heated exchange about Philip, while Claire continues to exchange information with Titan intern Charlie

While she believes he's one of the good guys, Charlie's true intensions with Claire may not be so honorable

In the darkness, an apprehensive Belle is unsettled after hearing something off-putting with the house

Alone and scared, it could be a case of worst fears coming true when Belle comes face to face with Jan amid the blackout

Casting scoops

All My Children fave Cady McClain temporarily takes over as Days of our Lives' Jennifer

Tamara Braun returning to Days of our Lives
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Tina Huang takes over as Days of our Lives' Melinda Trask

Marci Miller worried her Days of our Lives return would be "discombobulating" for fans

Alison Sweeney returning to Days of our Lives for "emotional storyline"

Kassie DePaiva wraps her Days of our Lives run, thanks fans for taking the "bumpy ride"

Galen Gering announces happy Days of our Lives news: "I'm back!"
Related: Galen Gering wraps at Days of our Lives: "Thank you for the memories"

Nadia Bjorlin says her contract talks with Days of our Lives are "on hold," but Philip and Chloe scenes are on the way

Isabel Durant on taking over as Days of our Lives' Claire: "It was a welcome challenge"

A sneak peek at next week

As Halloween approaches, wickedness wields its head while someone sinister slithers back into Salem

Kate runs into an old flame who gives her the creeps, as Ben is fairly forthcoming while bending John's ear

Concerns about Kayla grow for Steve and Roman, while Nicole and Allie are beside themselves when Henry can't be found

Scoops and more

For a preview from DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati, check out our DAYS Fall Preview article.

Life changes in a shocking way for one Salemite, while another makes a life-changing move

Love may not be everlasting for several Salem couples, even some that were recently wed

An unexpected love may grow between former foes, but three's a crowd in any relationship

The past comes back to haunt one Salemite, while another will be freed by a revelation

More of Salem's missing year will play out and dramatically change the lives of residents

Salem's revolving door continues to spin, and one heroic resident returns with a secret

A father is finally revealed, but the paternity mystery continues to entangle several Salemites

Not all is what it seems, and one seemingly sweet Salemite holds a deep, dark secret

Just when one believes the wicked will never return, an evil wind blows into Salem

Lock your doors and windows, as things will go bump in the night when Halloween hits Salem

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

The Scoop: This week's previews
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Two Scoops: This week's commentary
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