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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of May 17, 2021
Strange bedfellows and unlikely alliances
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DAYS Spoilers for the week of May 17, 2021 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of May 17, 2021. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

The chaos Kristen has caused continues to send ripple effects through Salem, and things could get deadlier

Shaken by Kate's sudden appearance and condition, Jake and Gabi must move fast to save her life

As doctors work to save Kate, a concerned Jake and Gabi have a deep discussion, while Kristen sinks deeper into madness

A desperate Kristen does what she must, which leaves her at the mercy of former co-conspirator Xander

Sami and Lucas attempt to escape their imprisonment, but things go from bad to terribly worse when a hit man arrives

Still, Sami is a superstar schemer who has a few tricks up her sleeve as well as having deep DiMera pockets of her own

While Sami wheels and deals with the hit man, Eli and Lani must deal with the fact that Kristen is loose in Salem

Lani comes face to face with her former convent buddy, Kristen, who begs the good detective to look the other way

Chanel gets a good look at all that Eli has to offer when his towel slips from his body as he reaches for something atop the fridge

A surprised but supportive Lani learns of Chanel's sexual fluidity, as Ava is all ears upon learning about Nicole's antics

Nicole hopes that Ava will keep her secret, but, between what Sami spotted and Allie's suspicions, Nicole should be nervous

Brady and Marlena nervously await news of Chloe, who's gone missing amidst the chaos Kristen's caused

John's nervousness kicks into high gear when Shawn and Belle's risky plan to expose deadly Jan goes live

A demanding Jan wants to see Belle sent to the slammer straightaway, while Shawn cozies up to his crazy former captor

Dr. Snyder makes a demand of Gwen, which catches her completely off guard, and Abigail does the same to Chad with her dramatic announcement

Abigail believes the situation demands her exit from Salem, which leaves Chad utterly heartbroken by his bride

Ben's heart breaks a little more when he's blindsided by divorce papers, and Claire is quick to hear the news

Casting scoops

REPORT: Jackée Harry signs contract at Days of our Lives, Robert Scott Wilson extends his stay
Related: Jackée Harry lands comedy pilot after reportedly signing a contract at Days of our Lives

Victoria Konefal will return to Days of our Lives this summer

REPORT: Days of our Lives recasts E.J. DiMera
Related: "Spartacus star Daniel Feuerriegel cast as new E.J. DiMera on Days of our Lives

Related: Days of our Lives' head writer promises Jennifer Horton will "be back"

A sneak peek at next week

The chaos Kristen has caused left a trail of destruction across Salem, and now she's concerned with what will become of her and Brady

Ben is blindsided by a guest bearing big news, while a demanding Dr. Snyder blindsides Gwen

A Sami struggles with her secrets, Jan opens up about her crimes, but Ms. Spears's spree might not be over yet

Scoops and more

An old foe returns to town on unfinished business, while new trouble awaits several unsuspecting Salemites

Being the "love of each other's life" might not be enough for one couple, as three may become a crowd

Old habits are hard to kill for one Salemite, and their true killer instincts may rise again when feeling slighted

As is usually the case in Salem, not all is what it seems, and while a shocking revelation may free one man, another becomes more dangerous

Just when one believes they are familiar with every family member in the tree, along comes a twisted branch

Salem's revolving door continues to spin, and more than one Salemite has a secret upon their return

A father is finally revealed, but the paternity mystery continues to entangle several Salemites

Just when one believes the wicked will never return, an evil wind blows back into Salem once again

As 2021 erupts in Salem, many explosive secrets will be exposed, and several lives will change forever

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

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The Scoop: This week's previews
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Two Scoops: This week's commentary
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