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Move over Punky Brewster and Blossom because Jennifer Horton is ushering in “a very special episode” of DAYS, complete with the return of Jack! And now that her drug addiction is out in the open, what's next for Salem's fallen sweetheart? Let's get super serious in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!
Let's start this column in a very celebratory place! That is, let's all give three big hip-hip hoorahs to the entire cast of Jennifer's "very special episode." Melissa Reeves, Bryan Dattilo, and Matthew Ashford did an amazing job spearheading the hourlong stand-alone.

And I'd be high (whoops, too soon?) if I didn't say the supporting cast did an outstanding job as well. They did. They really did. Cheers to them, too!

Still, as great as the episode was, what could have made it really great was if the writers worked in a little Saved By The Bell. Something like...

Jessie Jen: [goes crazy and sings] I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so... [cries in Zack's Dream Jack's arms] ...scared!"

But I digress because Jennifer's four-and-a-half-month battle with painkiller addiction is no laughing matter.

I appreciate what the writers did with the episode. They made Jennifer's battle seem real, especially when she had to face that she was, in fact, a junkie. Did they have to dedicate an entire day to it? Eh. I'm not entirely convinced, but I'll never throw too much shade at an hour-long Lucas Is Amazingly Awesome Tour met with fantastic acting by all involved and the return (albeit briefly) of Matt Ashford. That's a whole lot of "Yes, please!"

Let's talk some more highlights of this episode. As I already gushed, the acting was top notch. I adored the Jennifer and Jack flashbacks and their conversation about Jennifer's next chapter in life. I was proud of the writers for bringing in so many of Jennifer's loved ones to help get her through the night. Okay, I'll be nitpicky, I'm not sure why J.J. wasn't there for real (just Dream J.J.) and why Hope wasn't called? They're bestie cousins as close as non-Salem sisters that actually get along. But again, I digress...

Wait. I'll be nitpicky for a moment longer. Two other things were kind of eye-roll inducing. One, I'm not actually sure what the point of Dream Abigail was. I guess Jennifer's fear concerning her daughter was losing her, but it was not well played. Dream Abs basically stated, "How can you do this to me? I needed you." Um, sorry, Dream Abs, Jennifer will surely schedule her crippling battle with drug addiction at a more convenient time for you should she succumb to the disease again.

The thing is, in Jennifer's dream, Abs had just came home from the psychiatric hospital where she was seeking treatment to become a healthy enough person to care for her child. Sound familiar, Dream Abs? Plus, Chad wouldn't have left Thomas there in the first place, so Abigail's part in Jennifer's dream did little more than make Abigail look hypocritical and uncaring, which is not the relationship she has with Jennifer. It would have made much more sense for Abigail to reach out to Jennifer and Jennifer being unable to help her. Instead, we kind of got, "Mom, you suck. You didn't do what I wanted. Have fun doing drugs. I'm out." Not fun. But, dreams are wacky, amIright?

And two, I get that everyone was at that morning meeting for Jennifer's sake (more so than their own at that moment), but when everyone turned around and looked at Jennifer after it was asked, "Does anyone else want to speak?" I kind of cringed. Jennifer needed to go up there, no doubt. Yet it was so uncomfortable instead of comforting. I was waiting for Maggie to say, "I didn't roll over her at six a.m. for you to not speak, Jennifer." But the payoff was worth it, and Melissa Reeves rocked her time at the podium.

The major thing I'm taking away from this, aside from remembering it as an episode with great acting and something that was a little different, is the question, "What is next for Jennifer?" During her conversation with Jack, she explained who she's always been. She was kind of the "And" person in her own life. That line of thought was a welcomed addition to the episode. That leads to the question, "What is next for Jennifer?"

One thing's certain. Jenny Bear can be added to the list of characters whom can start or get out of conversations by stating they are on their way/just leaving a meeting. There's that. More so, I hope that J-Ho goes back to the block. Jack was kind enough to take us on her highlight tour of her glory days. I want to see Jennifer back there, too. That is, the plucky, smart reporter who refused to take no for an answer.

My wish: Jennifer decides to write a tell-all book about the DiMeras now that Stefano is dead and she believes all threats are gone. While doing her research, she runs into Peter Blake or Kristen. Either way, I want to see Jennifer dive into something that's for Jennifer's sake. She needs that. Fans of Jennifer need that. And I think that Jack and her loved ones may have reignited that spark in Jennifer to do something just like that. Here's to hoping!

Oh, Roman! I know that you're not wrong-wrong for wanting to do things by the book so that drug dealers won't get off, but playing the weathered detective card and snarling at J.J. for trying to help a friend is kind of laughable when Roman was standing next to Hope and Rafe. You know, the two friends he helped not go to jail. Did I mention the Joey sitch? Do I have to? Nope. Ro Ro, take it down a notch.

I love me some Kevin Riggin, so I'm totally excited that Rory is back. As for his fight with J.J., well, I'm not that upset. Let's play the truth card -- Rory has been a better friend to J.J. than J.J. has been to Rory over the years. There was that entire time when J.J. was dating Beige, err, Paige, that he basically kept telling Rory to take a hike, you know, when he wasn't snapping at him for something. This time, J.J. was actually trying to help, and it backfired. I'm sure they'll work it out eventually. Plus, maybe Rory will be the misunderstood guy Ciara can fall for. Stoner Stranger things have happened.

I'm all for Ciara getting help. She sure needs it, but Mar Mar might want to adopt a college mentality and tie something around the doorknob if she doesn't want to be interrupted. Walking in on someone's therapy session is a bit awkward for everyone involved. What ever happened to that blue painted office that Hope Roman Dr. Dude Well, everyone Marlena had? Anyways...

Ciara is finally getting help. That's fantastic. I just hope it continues. Rape isn't something that should be taken lightly, and I'd like to see the journey as she learns to cope with what happened to her. Though I also feel the writing for Ciara is a bit all over the place right now. Perhaps the writers are tossing too many hats for her to wear all at once just to lay it on thick that she's overwhelmed, but it's more overwhelming to the audience at times, too. Tread lightly and maybe share storylines with other characters, too, dear writers.

Let's be honest. There was no way Theo was going to come out of this without some level of a broken heart, but, darn it, Kyler Pettis' hurt expressions made me want to send Theo a flock of puppies to brighten his day. Yeah, puppies come in flocks. Anyway. Ciara hurt Theo by pushing him away because she's holding out for more of a "Cool Rider." I'm pretty sure he's right by saying she doesn't know what she wants. And I'm pretty sure she was right by cutting him loose while she figures that out. At least they both have Claire there to clean up the mess and lend her support. She really puts the "best" in best friend. In fact, I'll send her a puppy, too.

I enjoyed the Aiden/Chase scenes simply because Daniel Cosgrove and Jonathon McClendon crushed them. Chase's entire "If they start digging, I really don't want to know what's down there" speech was great work. It also brings up plot points that I thought would have gone unremembered, mostly, Meredith's accidental murder. When this cat claws its way out of the bag, it's going to get even uglier. Oh, side thought, would Hope blackmail Aiden with that? Say, she won't tell anyone if he keeps Chase in jail? It's not Hope-like, but neither is murder, and we know how that ended. Bang, bang, Stefano.

Okay. Steve could have handled Simone much faster. His last match was Ava, and Simone is definitely no Ava. Not even a little bit.

This cross country idea of Kayla's is absurd. I love me some Sweetness. I always have. But Kayla's decisions the past few months have me concerned that she may need some tough love. Without getting into the entire Steve thingy, Kayla decided to drive from the Midwest to Southern California. And I do have sympathy for her because I'm sure her headaches are as painful as the ones I get when Jade's around, but here's the thing...

Yep, totally get that she's worried about Joey. No argument there. And I understand wanting to be trapped in a car with a handsome Aussie doctor who wants nothing more than to pamper and protect you. I have eyes. But...

Kayla is having blurred vision and painful headaches because of her brain disease. Methinks she should stay in Salem, since three trained former ISA agents are handling things. This isn't one of those "the lady folk should stay home" moments DAYS likes to insult us with from time to time. It's a "Kayla, you could die, girl" moment. Besides, would she let Steve operate on someone just because he's watched Grey's Anatomy once and simply wants to? More so, she's not really teaching Joey a lesson in not being reckless by, well, being reckless with her own life. Maybe Steve isn't the "bad influence," after all. Hmm.

So, Eduardo and Aiden bumped into one another, and Crazy Eddie gave a suspicious look. Oh, really? Methinks there's a story there.

Finally, let's talk about Kate, Deimos, and Nicole. Kate actually made some comment that it took ten seconds for Nicole to get her hooks into Deimos. Is Kate jealous because it took her fifteen seconds? Let's be real. Kate knows how to make odd relationships work. She's rocked her blue streaks for years. However, Deimos (and Clyde before him) is an accessory that doesn't work on the otherwise glam Kate.

More so, Kate already has control of half of his corporate empire. Does she really need to share a bed with Deimos, too? Abby from Knots Landing once said, "If I ever have to make a choice between love and money, money's going to win every time." Kate needs to readopt that philosophy because trying to buy her as a lovelorn, scorned woman after her grand ten-minute relationship with Deimos is hard to swallow.

Extra Scoops
In addition to the stellar acting Tuesday and the guest returns of Matthew Ashford and Kevin Riggin, I found all things "Shelle" sizzling hot. Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison's chemistry was on-point as Shawn and Belle navigated their hesitant yet passionate feelings for one another. There were times of frustration, skepticism, and fear combined with several of those sweet moments when one gives you butterflies from a tender touch or bashful smile. Brandon and Martha took all those moments and ran with them perfectly.

Plus, Olivia Rose Keegan is pretty spectacular as Claire. From being a supportive friend to a knowing daughter, she's a great addition to the cast. I enjoyed how Claire casually called out Shawn and Belle and then basically slowmo walked out while putting on some shades. You go, girl.

I owe a big Two Scoops-sized "THANK YOU!" to Joey. He had a line that summed up my feelings about this commune storyline perfectly. Future brain surgeon Joey said, "You got to be kidding me?" Yep, that's about it.

Claire (re: "Shelle"): "Mom, the inevitable happened. You two get really mad at each other, but you still and always will be Shawn and Belle. You are completely miserable when you're apart, and now you're not. God, you guys make everything so complicated."

Doug and Julie have to be leading some double life to explain why they were so dressed up in the middle of the night.

Did the convenience store clerk John and Steve questioned remind anyone else of John Malkovich?

Roman's "What da' hell!?" will never get old.

I want to be in the room when Sami finds out about all of the illegal things Roman has let slide for others. I'm sure it would start and end with, "Seriously, dad!?"

If we're being honest, who amongst us hasn't thought of slapping Jules at one point or another? The good thing is, we now know she can take it!

Is it too late just to make Aiden be Peter Blake? Jennifer needs a new storyline now that she's put away her Judy Garland pills and Hope has a storyline to spare.

Why is everyone wearing leather jackets in the desert? I know some get cold at night, but I'm pretty sure I saw sunshine.

My first thought when Joey ran away from Steve was, "Run, Forest! Run!"

Off topic, am I the only person who spontaneously flies into a rage when that Wizard of Oz-inspired University of Phoenix commercial comes on? Thank God for DVRs, but I can never hit fast-forward fast enough. Granted, I support higher education and traveling to magical lands, but it's as grating as Summer the Bummer. Boom. Made it on topic.

Speaking of Summer the Bummer, that dopey waste of a storyline, I'd bet my Styrofoam burning pit that Aunt Simone and Summie met at the rain stick tent at some Leave No Trace event while barefoot and hula-hooping.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of May 30. The lovely and talented Laurisa will be back next week to cover all your Two Scooping needs. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day! And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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