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Double boom! Not one, but TWO legendary DAYS divas returned last week, and one of them had a new DiMera in tow. Let's discuss Salem's newest family tree twist, the game of twister Eve and Brady played, and the twistedness of one Ms. Vivian Alamain and her secret partner in crime in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

When she's right, she's right! And Abigail nailed it perfectly by saying, "2018 is starting off with a bang!" Yes. Yes, it did, Abs. Not only did midnight usher in the return of a dramatically cloaked Vivian Alamain to her rightful place in Salem, but the next day treated us to the homecoming of Anna DiMera, too. Oh, but that's not all...

Twist! Vivian came to town with a scandalous secret. Yep. There's a new DiMera in town. Please welcome -- take it Oprah -- Stefaaannn Ohhhh DiiiMerrraaa!

And, double twist! Vivian has a secret partner plotting along with her. It's Andre! Oh, wow. DAYS is getting good. But back to Ms. Alamain...

It's an absolute pleasure to see Louise Sorel again! She's magical. She portrays Vivian's outrageousness so masterfully, it's intoxicating. Vivian's casualness about her past, umm, transgressions is hilarious. Louise balances a nonchalant "Oh, that!?" and knowing smirk perfectly -- and very irritatingly for Vivian's enemies. Again, it's just magical. So, yes, charming and eccentric, she is, Stefan. Though Chloe was also right when she stated that Vivian is "more of a monster than all the DiMeras combined." Um, yeah. I'm pretty sure Ms. Alamain has that on her résumé -- in bold and underlined.

Speaking of bold and, well, underhanded, how about that double-crossing twist!? Wow. Andre is working with Vivian! This is devilishly delightful. For one, I abso-freaking-lutely believe Andre and Vivian get each other's special brand of crazy. They're both the type who would steal candy from a child then make the crying child throw away the wrappers for them while they calmly conspired, though a skosh annoyed by some blubbering brat. It's warped, but I get it.

More so, I am grateful that Andre's sinister side has resurfaced. How sinister? That remains to be seen, but I'm in. While Abigail's bestie moments with Andre might be missed, he'll serve DAYS much better as the psycho he was instead of the Tony DiMera-lite he'd become. Though...

I really don't see Andre and Vivian's pact lasting that long. Divas don't play well with others, or like to share the spotlight. This partnership will last as long as it takes one of them to precisely figure out how to stab the other in the back. And with these two, that could mean literally stabbing the other in the back. Still, I'm going to enjoy this wicked ride as long as it lasts!

Finally, Andre being, well, Andre takes the questionable Andre/Kate "feelings" off the table. While we don't know-know that Andre doesn't have legit feelings for Kate, it now can't be counted out that he's been playing Kate all along. This makes more sense. They've always been more "Jack and Karen" than "Jack and Rose." I think Kate's time to sort things out will give the truth of Andre's allegiance time to bubble to the surface, or at least I hope. Watching Kate be brokenhearted over a lackluster romance is not something I want a repeat of.

Some food for thought, though. Since Andre is working with Vivian, and Andre and Vivian were the two to oversee Stefan's paternity test (Kate believing Andre would protect the family), doesn't that mean maybe, just maybe, Stefan isn't a real DiMera, after all!? Hmm.

As for Stefan O. DiMera, I'll be pettily honest. The entire "Stefan O." thing has a pretty short shelf life before that gag gets old. It's sort of like that episode of Fuller House where Kimmy Gibbler learns she has French ancestry. She then proceeds to annoy her daughter, Ramona, by speaking in a French accent for a while. It was funny. At first. But I digress.

So far, Stefan is...interesting. The talented Tyler Christopher is certainly an asset for DAYS! He's charismatic. He's also playing Stefan close to the cuff, making it hard to get a solid read on the character, which is good out of the gates. So, yes, I'm interested as to where this storyline will take viewers.

My one "ugh" moment, though, is Stefan inviting Abigail into his room...where he was naked. While characters accidentally walking into a room to find another undressed is a soap staple, his act seems more sexual predator than chemistry testing two characters. Neither the real world nor DAYS needs another man flashing his stuff for someone who's just trying make conversation. Like I said, "Ugh." But moving along from Stefan's creeperness, let's look what his (and Vivian's) presence is doing for the show...

This bombshell is incorporating much of the cast! Every Salemite has an opinion about Vivian and the new DiMera on the block. That's never a bad thing.

Chloe, for one, is getting amped-up screen time. Her torrid history with Vivian hasn't been forgotten, and many catty jabs ensued. Plus, Nadia Bjorlin getting to flex her comedic chops never hurts. It also cements how good of a friend Chloe is, as the first thing she did was try to warn an -- let's say, "occupied" -- Brady that Vivian has returned. Chloe's chat with Stefan was also intriguing. Yep. More Chloe? I'm all shades of okay with that.

I'm also more than okay with watching Vivian and Kate go rounds with each other. Like, pop some corn and pass me a Scotch on the rocks. I'll be firmly planted in front of my TV, watching these epic throwdowns. More, so much more, please.

And whereas this list could go on, I'll end it with Team Chabby. Abigail -- that's Mrs. DiMera, if you're nasty -- is fired up and ready to protect the family. Her family. This strong, ambitious side of Abigail is the one that makes me want to scooch right up to the bar with her and Chad and buy them both a drink. Cheers!

Ivan is still in India. Boo! Though I'm surprised Vivian forgave him for keeping a child from her. Then again, Ivan could be in a sarcophagus. #Iwouldntputitpasther

I get that accepting another sibling might be hard, especially when that comes with sharing the DiMera fortune pie, but you'd think pop-up offsprings Chad and Andre would give a little more leeway to Stefan's story. Then again, if Vivian is spinning the tale, okay, I get their reluctance. Moving on...

I'm thrilled that Chad is keeping the lines of communications open with Belle! She and Shawn-Douglas did make some valid points toward the investigation. Though it would be a stronger team if Belle and Shawn-D stayed in Salem. I'll never not want more Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer.

Intrigue! Someone visited Susan Banks in the psych ward, and said someone caused her to go a little more bonkers. Hmm! Just who could this mysterious visitor be? While Kristen would certainly bring out more of Susan's craziness, so would either Stefano or Vivian. I repeat, "Hmm!"

Brady and Eve. "I didn't see that coming!" said no one. Time to place your bets. How long will it take Brady to fall in love? He says he won't. He thinks he's in control. But, well, it's Brady, and while he has this new Shady Brady side, I still think that sucker for love is in there beneath the gruffness and empty tumblers. Though I hope love and lust take a back seat, because Brady and Eve were more entertaining as sparring partners than bed buddies.

Ciara was swell to Eric and Jennifer. By "swell," I mean a giant hourglass. Then again, Jenny Bear did tattle on Ciara to her mommy. That was all so fun. If one thing was missing from Jennifer's life, it was to be in a feud with a millennial. Let's hope that was a one trick pony put to pasture.

Speaking of Ciara, Claire called her life "a Dumpster fire" and said she was a "miserable human being." Tripp added later that Ciara's been a "hot mess" since returning to Salem. Yep. They're watching the same show. And I'm sorry for Claire and Tripp that we have that in common.

Secret counter time! So far, Ciara and Tripp know about Rafe and Sami's hotel hookup. While we can assume Hope will find out eventually, I think Tripp might be the one who reveals it. Hear me out. He's tight with his papa, Patch Man. Steve adores Hope. Would Steve let Hope keep planning a life with Rafe if he thinks the guy is a dirty liar? Methinks not.

The entire Hope/Kate/Rafe scene was kind of random, but worth it just for Hope's zinger. She replied to Kate's rant about Vivian by saying, "I forgot. Is Kate the pot or the kettle?" Ha!

Conversely, I suspect Kate will ultimately have the last laugh. With Vivian and Andre teamed up, she's not all wrong by saying Salem is probably going to burn. Don't worry, though. Hope and Rafe will "keep an eye open." Um, yeah. That doesn't instill confidence. That police department has trouble solving cases with both eyes stapled wide open. So, sure. Sure, Hope and Rafe. You'll keep the peace. And if anyone needs me, I'll be looting the FroYo stand in the square.

Will walked away from Sonny. He's not ready to be married. You know what? Duh! He really wasn't all that ready before he was dead, so now that he's undead and has no memory of who anyone is, I get it. Will wasn't right for agreeing to move in with Sonny, as that built up a mountain of false hope for the Care Bear, but Will also isn't wrong for knowing when to hold 'em, knowing when to fold 'em, and all.

Plus, Will kind of likes smooching Paul more. He told Marlena that. And Sonny. Ouch. But he was honest. There's that. Yay for honesty, right, Sonny?

And while I get Sonny's exuberance over Will (and, I suspect, appeasing his own guilty conscience at the same time), he's laying it on a bit thick. By "bit," I mean, like, a lot. He's coming across as the online date you meet for the first time who shows up with a dozen doughnuts, a box full of puppies, and a blank journal just because you mentioned in your profile you like Krispy Kreme, dogs, and writing. Yeah. There's a lot there.

Finally, and certainly not least important, Anna DiMera is back, too! I adore Leann Hunley. Having her around is another item on my DAYS Wish List checked off. Better yet -- Anna's not a raving loon carrying around an urn this time! And thank you, writers. Instead, zany yet endearing Anna is back. In one episode, she put a smile on Roman's face and hopefully-not-temporarily blew up "Jeneric!" I like all of this. I like all of this a lot.

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Extra Scoops

Vivian! Anna! Divaliciousnes. OMG-ing overload. As Miranda Priestly said in The Devil Wears Prada, "That's all."

Amazon is probably jealous of DAYS. "Jeneric" is being shipped harder and faster than any of their services. And sadly, the return package of item "Ms. Walker" -- tracking code: COMEBACK911 -- hasn't arrived yet. Boo.

Vivian: "Ah, Chloe! I would have thought that you got past that floozy thing by now. Oops."

Chloe (on Vivian's claim of legit proof Stefan is a DiMera): "Probably went to the Sami Brady Paternity Lab."

Chloe's cheeriness over seeing Will alive is charming! Granted, I don't remember them having much to do with one another, but I believe it's sincere sentiment on the Chloemeister's part. File under: "Too cute!"

With the revolving position of commissioner, I'm surprised there isn't an entire filing cabinet full of those nameplates.

More Marlena and Will scenes are also a nice way to start off 2018!

I love that Vivian and Stefan have a haughty servant following them around. #ofcoursetheydo

Hmm. There was some chatter about Melinda Trask. I wouldn't mind seeing her feistiness again.

I'm sad that the Kate, Kayla, Valerie, and Marlena ladies' nights probably aren't going to happen anymore, since Kate is being such a jerk to Kayla.

Someone needs to convince Paul that he's actually fortunate to be dodging relationship bullets despite his current heartache.

I'm glad that misery likes company because Chad and Kate thawing the ice between them makes me happy.

Who else wanted to be along for the ride when Kate, Vivian, and Andre drove to the hospital for the DNA test!?

I brought up Fuller House earlier, and it still cracks me up that Kimmy Gibbler was the first Carrie Brady on DAYS! Well. Andrea Barber, the actress, was, but still, I always get a chuckle about that, especially thinking of a more Kimmy-like Carrie making guest visits.

After learning what happened at Chad and Abigail's party, I'm sure John and Marlena's "quiet" and "nice" evening with Steve and Kayla was much more appreciated.

Paul and I did the exact same thing for New Year's Eve! We both got comfy in track pants and then didn't do anything we planned on. Sorry, fun run.

Vivian is the only person who can pull off declaring, "They're in my other cape," and I totally believe her.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of January 8, 2018. I hope everyone's having a fantastic new year so far! Are you excited for the returns of Vivian and Anna? Surprised by the Andre/Vivian alliance!? Tweet and tell us! With that, Laurisa will be back next week, and "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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