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Ready? Set. Randomness! DAYS was a bit all over the board last week with bombshells being dropped, sinister schemes, and even some love in the afternoon. Plus, it seems everyone is out to get someone else. Let's talk randomness and revenge in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

DAYS was like a dog off its leash last week! It was all over the place. Zigzagging around with its tongue hanging out. From Salem to Hong Kong, from Lani's lies to Dr. Lauragail's courtroom bombshell, to Vivian's latest scheme and Chloe's mystery man, well, there's a lot of random happenings in our fair city of Salem. As such, I'll be approaching this week's column like one big "RANDOM THOUGHTS" section. Grab a drink, bite the ears off a bunny-shaped cookie, and let's see if we can make some sense of all the scandalous stories and just who's out to get who...

Snap! Lani's lies are all out in the open. All. Out. She even admitted to J.J. on Monday, "This is all my fault." Well, yeah. Honestly, I didn't expect this bomb to drop so quickly, but I'm glad it did. It was getting painful to watch so many Salemites find out the truth while J.J. floated on cloud nine. Cheers to the cast involved in it, though, as they have been amazing. Like, "Emmys 2019, here we come" amazing!

I really thought Lani was on an honesty roll and enjoyed the start of her scenes with Abe, but she sort of omitted some facts toward the end. That is, yes, Valerie ultimately did a very wrong thing by accessing her medical records, but I sort of remember Lani lying to Val's face, too, which prompted Val to do said accessing. Two wrongs don't make a right, but Val didn't blow Lani out of the water. Lani did.

Double snap! Dr. Lauragail totally threw Gabi under the bus. I did not see that one coming. At all. And here I thought it was bad when Original Recipe Abs and Chad stuck Gabi in the timeout chair in front of the entire congregation when they got almost-married. What Dr. Lauragail did was much, much worse. I think it's time to print up some "Free Gabi!" T-shirts.

Poor Real Abigail! When she regained control and came to in Hong Kong, that was downright horrifying. Coming to in an unfamiliar place, in different clothes and a wig, and with Stefan!? I don't know which part was the scariest. Nevertheless, Marci Miller sold that scene and then some!

So, I channeled my alternate personality, who's a psychiatrist, Dr. Lure Ugh, and he gave me the clinical diagnosis of a man who takes advantage of a mentally ill woman, to the point where he wishes her alternate personality to gain control...so he can mack on her, as the woman's real personality is kind of disgusted by him. I'm not a doctor like my alternate is, so, excuse me while I stumble through the medically diagnosed name for Stefan's condition. In Latin it's "Crassa." Translated, that means "Gross." Yep. Sounds about right.

Cards on the table, I kind of want the Abigail DID storyline to end soon, too. While Marci Miller is amazing, and, really, I'd watch her read the phone book, the Stefan part creeps me out, and the writers just don't seem to know what to do with Chad as they play pretend with Stefan and Gabigail. It's all well acted, but a little wonky.

Hmm! Rafe was tracking down a lead in Gabi's case and couldn't be at her trial. I still think Gabi had to have stopped for ice cream or froyo on her drive. Frozen treats are her go-to when upset. So, yep, I suspect someone had to have seen her.

Stop the press! Will might be getting a job at the Spectator. Sure, why not. He needs to earn some money to pay for dinners with Paul, beer with Paul, desserts with Paul, etc. And maybe buy Ari Grace something, too, right, Will -- yes/no? Anyway. It was an awkward but honest scene between Will and Adrienne. I kind of liked it. I also like this idea as Amnesia Will needs to become more of a character, not just a dude strolling around Salem until he gets his memory back.

Also awkward, all the talk about Sonny and running into him while Paul and Will are on dates. I get it. Small city and all, but it's a bit heavy handed and hard to take Paul and Will as a budding couple seriously when all they do is talk about and run into Sonny. As it stands, Christopher Sean and Chandler Massey's smoldering chemistry has me more hooked on Paul and Will than their actual storyline at times. And at times, Paul and Will are downright sweet together, so I want more for them than awkward run-ins as the beating the dead horse thingy with Sonny pop-ups isn't doing the storyline any favors at this point.

Kate and Vivian scenes will never not have me wanting more. They're epic sparring partners. More, please!

It's great to see Greg Rikaart on DAYS, but I'm shocked they revealed what Leo's up to so quickly. That leads to more, "When will Sonny find out!?" versus "I can't believe what that jerk did to our Sonny Bear!" As much as I generally like the changes the new-ish writers have made, the entire "audience being in on the secret all along" doesn't always work (SEE: Lani's baby bombshell). Though, with Vivian behind the wheel of the scheme, I'm sure there are still many surprises in store.

Truth. I kind of want Sonny with the Brady Pub bartender! He's handsome and sweet. I hope we see more of him and that his newfound Delve relationship fails so he's free for Sonny.

I know Leo is totally playing Sonny, but it was refreshing to see the sunnier side of Sonny peek out for a moment there. During his chats with Adrienne and Maggie, Sonny had a bit of that Care Bare sparkle back in his eyes. You know, as opposed to kind of being the major jerkface he's been the past few months.

You know that "I want to scream!" feeling when someone is right, but you don't want to admit it? Yep. That. That's how I felt about Marlena and Kayla's scene last week. I wanted Marlena to shut her face and Kayla to come over to my place for cocktails and some John bashing. But. But! I realize John feels bad, yadda yadda yadda. I'm just not ready to admit it or accept it yet. Steve and Kayla are nicer than I am. Which means, watch out John Black, you're still on notice.

Hope has annulment papers! That was fast. If I'm being honest, I'm more curious to see a post "Safe" storyline for Hope rather than a reconciliation with Rafe. They could both use some more excitement.

Doug and Julie weren't wrong to vent their anger at Rafe, but Rafe also wasn't wrong for reminding Julie not to attack his family. Point. Counterpoint. So, yep, Rafe is a lying coward (I'm leaving cheating out of this), but Julie might want to be careful throwing stones in a glass house.

Tripp is a smart man for staying out of "this." "This" being the Bella contest, but, more so, Ciara and Claire's tantrums toward one another. While I don't hate the budding something-something between him and Ciara, it comes to a screeching halt when she starts screeching about Claire. At least Claire is humble enough to admit she's beautifully and talentedly perfect. So, clearly, the animosity between Ciara and Claire can't be Claire's fault. Ugh. Those two make me want to raid the Kiriakis mini bar. Let's start a GoFundMe campaign for Tripp so he can move out into his own, much quieter, sane place.

Brady and Eve are still in limbo. Well, she's not. She wants him 1-800-OUTTA-HER-LIFE. Yeah, that's too many numbers, but, regardless, she's over him. But she's not. She still loves him, too. But she's super pissed, and I don't blame her one bit. He needs to grovel a bit more and then, maybe negotiations can resume.

Chloe is back! And she's made good on her promise to go on a date with Lucas. I adore Chloe and Lucas as friends. They're good for one another like that. Romantically, though...I'm not feeling it yet. Maybe that will change. Maybe. We'll see. Though Kate loves the idea that they could start something again. No. Wait. Kate's Googling brownie recipes just in case.

Speaking of Chloe, she got flowers from a mysterious man who wants to produce an opera for her in Mexico City. By the way, offices in Mexico City will look nothing like offices in Salem or Hong Kong. Nothing, I tell you. But I'm getting off topic...

Some dude named Miguel basically said his boss has the hots for Chloe and wants to make her a star. Don't get in the van, Chloe. Nothing good ever happens in a van. Luckily, Lucas was there to snark all over the guy, which was simultaneously funny and annoying. Chloe turned him down, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of that guy. Or his boss. But my Spidey Senses are tingling. There are a few characters with ties to Mexico. One such Salemite had to flee town to be with a Mexican cartel lord so powerful that neither the ISA nor Victor could take him down. Is he smitten with Chloe now, too? Is Dario back in action? Hmm. Stay tuned!

Extra Scoops

Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans slayed me last week! While John and I still have major issues, Stephen and Mary Beth are crushing this storyline. It's raw and sad, yet their love is making it triumphant, too. It's a little bit of everything and Stephen and Mary Beth had me in tears and some laughter through tears several times last week. Her removing his patch and giving him the glasses will certainly go down as a top "Stayla" moment. What a bittersweet scene. Bravo to them both!

I get a smidge irate when Salemites compare Stefan to Stefano. There's no comparison. Stefano would have had Abigail in a giant gold bird cage and Chad trapped in a guillotine. Stefan takes advantage of a mentally ill woman and plants some drugs on the guy standing in his way. Weak, Stefan. Weak. Until Stefan creates a Parisian Phantom of the Opera-esque underground evil lair, rebuilds Maison Blanche or an island to hold his enemies captive, or accidentally causes the devil to possess his heart's desire, I'll take a hard pass on the comparison. Stefano was a villain we loved to hate. Stefan is a just kind of sleazy and living in the shadow of evil greatness.

Vivian (to Lucas): "Well, if it isn't Mr. Twelve Step Take Two. I hope you're still on the wagon."

Victor (to Maggie, regarding Vivian): "She had a full-length fur coat on with nothing underneath. I think I have PTSD."

Dr. Lauragail (to Stefan regarding Gabigail): "Whatever connection you think you have with her is a complete delusion."

Vivian: "Would you please stop! You're ruining all the therapy I just had."
Kate: "Vivian, there isn't enough therapy in the world."

The DiMera Enterprises board situation still puzzles and annoys me. I don't think such a powerful, power-hungry family would give up that much, well, power.

Martha Madison makes me happy. And Belle is quite the rock star lawyer. Again, more, please!

As amusing as Vivian and Kate's scene was when Paul walked out of the mansion, I have a hard time believing Viv wouldn't know who Paul is, considering she still considers John family.

On topic, couldn't Paul ask John about Vivian? Also, how hard would it be to dig up dirt on Ms. Alamain!? Like, dirt from on top of Carly's casket for starters. Silly Salemites.

The Hope/Shawn-D/Belle/Chad combo was rather entertaining! I'd like to see more of them working together. Maybe Shawn and Belle should just move back to Salem already. Just saying.

Sorry, Jules. Rafe did not force Hope out of the country. Nice try, though.

Did Carrie go back to Switzerland and not tell us? How rude.

Steve stating he didn't want to bump into anybody kind of broke my heart. He's a good guy through and through.

Casey Moss and Sal Stowers were brilliant on Monday's episode! Sal's reactions as Casey's J.J. ripped into Lani hit every key perfectly, playing a gut-wrenching melody. J.J.'s scathing, "You burnt it down to the ground, Lani," brought it all home. Kudos to them both!

I'm beginning to think Stefan is to Chad as Philip was to Shawn-Douglas. There's a similarity there somewhere. Maybe.

Judi Evans' hair looked amazing! Love the new cut.

I think it would be fun if Brady Pub bartender's new Delve date was former bellhop/current admin, Derrick!

Hmm. I thought Vivian only sent smiley face emojis after burying people alive. As it turns out, she does it while catfishing people, too.

While I fully believe Jennifer's heart always seems to be in the right place, her mouth just blurts stuff out that makes me shake my head. She explained she wasn't defending Lani to J.J., but, yeah. That was awkward. Maybe just bring doughnuts next time and sit in silence, Jenny Bear.

I wouldn't want to mess with Doug! When he told Rafe, "You should be sorry, you son of a bitch," I was a bit scared of him.

Steve called his cane his new best friend. He's better off with the cane. I'm pretty sure it can't poison him.

I love Chloe and Eve's friendship! It's fun, honest, and I just want to buddy up to the bar and have a drink with them.

Aww! I enjoyed that short but totally sweet Belle and Shawn moment on Tuesday!

Um. That was a short witness list.

Billy Flynn is seriously the best at filling dead space between lines. He's hysterical. Also loved Chad telling the hotel security guy to, "Go play mall cop somewhere else." Ha!

I'm not sure how Greg Rikaart didn't bust up laughing at Louise Sorel during their scenes. They were hilariously awkward. I loved the "Lady freaks me out!" vibe he was sending off.

Did Andre dedicate his life to DiMera Enterprises? Did he? I'm not sure if that's so accurate. There were certainly some times he dedicated to fake deaths, homicide, and playing Tony.

I'm not going to lie. Every single time I see Judge Sims, the Beverly Hills, 90210 theme song plays in my head.

I want the leather jacket Chad wore in Hong Kong.

Also, I want Shawn-Douglas to return to Salem and become besties with Chad. Brandon Beemer and Billy Flynn cracked me up.

So, yep. THAT picture of Sonny, Arianna Grace, and Will at the end of Wednesday's episode. Yep. That picture. Anyone else notice something a little off? Like, maybe someone's head cut off and another photoshopped back on? Just checking.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of April 2! Who do you think the biggest fool in Salem is? While you're pondering, Bethany will be back next week, and "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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