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The fallout of the trio of terror -- Gabby, Abby, Dr. Laura -- took front and center this week. Whose side are you on? And were you glad to see Theresa back in Salem? Let's discuss it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

Good thing Taylor Swift and Katy Perry buried the hatchet. Because Abigail and Gabi are about to pick it up and give it another spin.

Let's start with what's working with this storyline. Marci Miller is a beast. Her performances have been nuanced and thorough to the point where we could recognize which personality was in charge by a gaze of her eyes. She's a star, that one. For sure.

For their parts, Billy Miller and Tyler Christopher are bringing the goods. Man, how I wish Stefan wasn't such a revolting littler pervert because I so want to support all things TC.

Next, the split is pretty solid. Killing someone freaked Abigail out so much that she decided to bail on reality. I get it. Heck, I'm a sleep-deprived mom of a newborn. I'm sure my brain would like to sit a few out, and I haven't been through the trauma Abigail has!

However, that's where my love train ends with this one. I have a lot of dissonance toward both Chad and Abby right now. What Stefan did to both of them is putrid. I hate it. But why is either of them walking around free right now? Abigail needs immediate mental health care. Chad could use some of his own, since he beat a man within an inch of his life. Both of their anger is understandable. But their reactions aren't healthy. The constant coddling of either one of them seems to fly in the face of justice and -- worse -- just plain old decency.

And that brings me to Gabi. She's supposed to -- what? -- just shoulder shrug this whole thing off? You guys, she's eating a combo of hospital and prison food. Can you even imagine the horror?!

I appreciate Abigail wanting to apologize to Gabi. Deep down, Abigail is free of malice, and that act was one of friendship. But Gabi's been ripped from her daughter and suffered physical abuse. I wouldn't go so far as to deem Abigail unforgivable. That's way harsh, Tai. But I really can't bring myself to demand that Gabi accept Abigail's apology -- sincere as it was -- and move right along. And not to get too accurate with my memory, but Abigail was definitely Abigail when she told the police that Gabi said, "I could kill him!" -- knowing full well what Gabi meant. Taking the mental illness completely out of it, Abigail hasn't acted as pure as DAYS would like us to believe.

Actually, Abigail summed it up best: "I'm sorry. I came here to apologize and made it all about me." Yes. So much yes. This is the crux of the problem with the character of Abigail. She seems to spend her energy in the wrong places.

Case in point -- rather than talking to Gabi, her time would have been better spent marching over to Abe to get hold of D.A. Trask to drop the charges -- or perhaps right up to the governor to pardon Gabi. Gabi doesn't need words. She needs to get out of prison. It just felt like the whole apology was a tiny bit more to appease Abigail's guilt than to actually help Gabi.

Of course, it was just so Abigail could find out that Stefan raped her. Gabi was one of the few people willing to be brutally honest with Abigail, no doubt in part because Gabi was fresh out of cares to give for Abigail's plights. (Again, considering she was literally sitting in a prison infirmary, I can't blame her too much.)

So, where do the girlfriends go from here? To their never-ending credit, both ladies behaved with unparalleled class during the whole Gabi/Chad/Abigail triangle. But this is much more complicated. Abigail fashioning an alter after Gabi comes with some odd baggage. Furthermore, this isn't an either/or situation. I'm actually on both Gabi and Abigail's sides. I hope they both come out of this okay.

I like Eve. I like Brady. I still don't like Eve and Brady. Like Jen and Eric, this mismatched romance is doing a huge disservice to some awesome actors. Not only do I have Brady-love fatigue (seriously, can't this guy just be friends with a woman without proposing to her?), but both Brady and Eve made a big deal about being together because of Tate. So, that's healthy and will end well.

There was more chemistry in that Friday cliffhanger scene between Brady and Theresa than there's been in months of Breve storyline. There's part of me rooting for Thrady again, just because their relationship genuinely changed Theresa for the better. She's been a pretty ride-or-die Brady gal for a while. I hope she can weather the storm about to come her way on Monday.

I'm torn. I don't want Roman to leave the bar. But I appreciate the ask. Also, we need the Brady Pub.

If Hope was looking for someone to feel sorry for her for being cheated on, she barked up the wrong tree with Abe. That dude's forgiven and forgotten a lot more than Hope's had to deal with. And, for the record, Hope's played the martyr entirely too much in this situation. Rafe didn't cheat on her. Yet he's crawling around on broken glass for her, to prove himself worthy. She finally took him back. There's part of me that wished Rafe would have made her work for it just a bit.

Abigail has some issues that she needs to work out. She needs help, and she certainly isn't going to get it if she outright pleads guilty to murder. Not only is that dumb, but it isn't even true. She needs to tell the truth, plead self-defense, and help out her own cause a bit by fighting to stay with her husband and son. Once again, Abigail's sense of right and wrong arcs to the left as soon as it leaves her

There are times when a producer needs to look at the show as a whole package for consistency. Now is such a time.
1. In one storyline, Abigail, Chad, and Stefan -- a murderer, abuser, and rapist, respectively -- are all literally walking around free. Stefan, Chad, and Abigail's crimes are really small potatoes next to the real bad guy. Yup, I mean Claire. You know, the one who can't even enter her own living room without being shamed.
2. Sonny preaches on and on about there being rules at Titan about office romances. But in the other corner of Titan, Eve and Brady are engaged for the second time in the last six months. Pretty sure Brady works for Eve.

I get that Kate wants to take down Titan, but I thought she at least respected Sonny. Then again, maybe she does, since she is going with fake sexual harassment and not poisoned brownies.

I had to chuckle at Theresa saying she'll get Victor to show Xander the same respect he shows Brady and Sonny. I know what she meant, but Victor's not all that respectful to those two all the time!

Lucas wants Paul to look into finding Chloe. Shane might want to look into hiring some protection for Theresa, as well, because once Paul brings Chloe back, Theresa is not going to be safe.

Get him, Abigail. Get. Him. Stefan deserves every ounce of pain you can dish out and then some. While I'm not a fan of violence, I certainly remember Abigail's fierce right jab. I wouldn't be opposed to her taking it out for one more spin.

There aren't enough negative words in the English language to express how much I despise the Ciara/Claire storyline. These two should be the next Hope and Jennifer. Instead, we get two vapid airheads arguing over who lost a "hot or not" contest online. That's right, an online contest where people voted for whose face was prettier. I'm surprised this storyline got out of the last century. There's nothing appealing about Ciara and her "single white female" complex when it comes to Claire. Except perhaps it will motivate her to go to South Africa, too, leaving Tripp in his actual age bracket with J.J. and company.

Brady: "Kate killed Vivian, huh? When's the parade?" John (to Marlena): "Will ya marry me? One last time?

It's funny that the time Kate literally shot someone is the one time she's sure not to face a murder charge.

Adore Lauren Koslow's longer hair these days.

I heart Theresa's jumpsuit.

Do people over the age of nine sign letters, "Your friend"?

I disagree with you, bartender man bun. Booze and bacon solve a lot of problems.

I always thought it was a miss that Stefano wasn't obsessed with opera gal Chloe.

Gee, Eve. You'd probably have a better track record getting approval from family members if you didn't date married men or psychopaths.

I'm glad Jarlena opted for a big wedding. I hope Belle comes home for it! They're mentioning her enough!

Mateo is also the name of the super cute toddler on Jane the Virgin. So, I have a hard time hearing the name and thinking "drug lord."

Do Xander and Ben know each other? They should totally hang out.

Xander referencing Theresa as Victor's "beloved Brady's baby mama" was downright hilarious.

I can't really take Steve seriously in those glasses. And that's saying something because it's essentially, "You know, when he had that eye patch, he was much more believable." This robotics storyline is cool and all, but I hope Ron isn't planning on writing out that patch permanently. That would be soap blasphemy.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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