Is Brady finally going to resurface?
Posted Sunday, June 11, 2000 10:37:55 PM
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Is Brady finally going to resurface?

Brady Victor Black's arrival began in St. Luke's church when his mother, Isabella Toscano and father, John Black, were having their wedding ceremony on May 19, 1992. The name Brady was derived from the affiliations with the Brady family while his middle name was taken from his grandfather Victor Kiriakis (father of Isabella).

Reminiscing on years past, fans can remember seeing Brady with his half-sister Belle playing with toys and being taken in and out of rooms by his babysitter. There wasn't much to the whole Brady storyline... until all the fans realized that the little tot Brady was missing! Everyone starting asking where they disappeared to.

Where could Brady have gone?

Brady's last whereabouts were at John and Marlena's wedding after-party at the Penthouse Grill in 1999 where he was the ring bearer at his father's wedding. From that day on, Brady disappeared never to be seen again, but it wasn't the last that was spoken of him.

After John and Marlena's recent honeymoon, they were greeted by Belle, who was all of a sudden fifteen (SURPRISE!!) But where was Brady? Still no visible sign of him. Belle mentioned that her brother was off to baseball camp, but the last we saw of him he would not have had the strength to even raise a baseball bat!

Seen throughout Soap Opera history, the rapid-age syndrome struck again. What is this rapid-age syndrome, you ask? This occurs when writers decide to give a growth spurt to the children of the show to speed up current storylines or to create new ones. Recent evidence of these growth spurts were Belle Black, Shawn Douglas Brady, and Philip Kiriakis. Makes you think why they haven't aged Will (Sami's son)!

What will become of Salem when he returns?

Rumor is circulating that we will soon see Brady return to Salem, possibly when Eric leaves the show. What could this mean for the teen characters on Days or his relationship with John and his stepmother?

Since Brady is supposed to be one year older than Belle, he will probably end up attending Salem High. Could it be possible that Brady will be the next love interest for Mimi? Recently, we see that Mimi has been suffering from emotional problems concerning her family and the lack of money her family has to support them. She has been struggling to keep her friends and keep her spirit alive. Maybe Brady is the motivation and happiness that she is desperately in search of? With the disappointment of her best friend Belle and her previous love interest Shawn, Mimi could very well easily confide in the new kid in school. Being the new kid in school, Mimi could find a true friend in Brady who isn't too caught up on what others think and figure her out without being opinionated on her past. This could easily turn out into a romance that could change the outcome of Mimi's decisions and her outlook on life.

The return of Brady could bring a lot upon the Salem community, not only for the teen characters, but for his father's relationship with Marlena. Will he accept his stepmother? Will he accept his father? What will happen when the truth comes out that he slept with Gina? Much turmoil could come into the Black family with his return, but maybe they need this little earthquake to rock the town.

Whatever Brady's storyline will be, we all miss him and would like to see him back on the show to stir up some emotions in the hearts of Salem. We haven't forgotten Brady and we are anxiously awaiting his desperately needed arrival!

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