Matthew Ashford will return to Salem
Posted Sunday, December 10, 2000 7:14:18 PM
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Matthew Ashford will return to Salem

Though Ken Corday downplayed the rumor just a few weeks ago, DAYS Online has now confirmed that Matthew Ashford will, in fact, return to Days of our Lives.

Ashford, who played Jack Deveraux from 1987 to 1993, teamed with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) to become one of the most popular couples on daytime television. Ashford, however, is just one of five performers to have tackled the role, but Ashford was arguably the most popular of the five actors.

Reeves returned to Days of our Lives in October after a five-year absence. From the moment Days of our Lives execs confirmed that the actress was returning, rumors of Ashford's return also began to pop up.

Ashford will not be returning for any length of time --- at least not yet. A DAYS spokesperson tells Soap Central that Ashford will appear in "several episodes" during the February Sweeps period.

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