Victoria Wyndham explains reasons for skipping DAYS
Posted Tuesday, January 16, 2001 8:06:04 PM
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Victoria Wyndham explains reasons for skipping DAYS

A last-minute decision and a quick recast have caused a bit of a stir behind the scenes of Days of our Lives' much ballyhooed coronation.

Another World veteran Victoria Wyndham (ex-Rachel Cory) was to have appeared as Lady Sheraton along with a bevy of other daytime royalty during a coronation ceremony for the show's Greta Von Amberg.

After NBC issued a statement announced that Wyndham would join the likes of Kathleen Noone (ex-Bette, Sunset Beach) and Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, General Hospital), Wyndham backed out of the appearance.

On her official web site, Wyndham reveals why she decided to pull out of what would have been her first daytime gig since Another World's cancellation in 1999.

"I've had to turn down the Days of our Lives gig because it turned out not to be what they represented it to be. I was told it was a part on the show, but it turns out it wasn't -- without dialog, without camera shots -- it would have been 5 days of 'holding up the scenery' and you know I'm just not 'into' doing that."

NBC offered no return comment about Wyndham's statement when contacted by Soap Central.

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