Marlena's possession to be rebroadcast for Halloween
Posted Friday, October 05, 2007 8:50:18 PM
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Marlena's possession to be rebroadcast for Halloween
SOAPnet will re-broadcast three episodes from 1995 when Marlena's soul was taken over by the devil. What's, um, possessed them to do that? It's all part of a Halloween mini-marathon airing later this month on the all-soaps cable channel.

Celebrate Halloween with one of the most talked about storylines in soap opera history -- the possession of Days of our Lives' Marlena Evans. This Halloween, SOAPnet, the all-soaps cable channel, will air a mini-marathon of three vintage DAYS episodes from 1995 that were part of daytime's answer to the motion picture thriller, "The Exorcist." These three episodes are sure to put a chill into your regular soap viewing.

For long-time Days of our Lives fans, this is a chance to relive episodes from over 12 years ago. For newer DAYS viewers or soap fans that have never had a chance to see the much talked about demonic possession episodes, here's your chance to find out what every was (and, sometimes, still is) talking about.

900pm: Episode #7,528
Original Airdate: May 12, 1995
Kristen is on to Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena morphs into a panther and has a swarm of bees attack Shawn.

1000pm: Epsode #7,531
Original Airdate: May 17, 1995
Marlena's loved ones see her levitate. When they try to talk to her, she responds as the devil. Everyone decides that it's time to perform an exorcism.

1100pm: Episode #7,570
Original Airdate: July 18, 1995
While Marlena's friends and family thinks she's dead, John fights the devil for Marlena's soul.

The marathon airs October 28th on SOAPnet beginning at 900pm Eastern and Pacific. Check your local listings for the channel in your area.

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