Digging up dirt on Wes Ramsey's new DAYS role
Posted Monday, April 27, 2009 12:47:21 AM
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Digging up dirt on Wes Ramsey's new DAYS role
There's a new Salem resident skulking his way around town. Former Guiding Light star, Wesley A Ramsey -- now going by just Wes Ramsey -- has signed on to play the mystery role of "Owen." Who is the mystery man and what's he got planned?

Former Guiding Light star Wes Ramsey joined the cast of Days of our Lives earlier this month -- but you may not have known it. The actor is currently busy skulking about in the shadows, and his character remains very much a mystery role... until now.

Soap Central has learned that Ramsey will play the role of "Owen," the Kiriakis family gardener. Own isn't in Salem alone; his dad will also be showing up on the show. Soap vet Gordon Thomson (ex-AJ Deschanel, Sunset Beach) will appear as his dad, Walter Kent.

Prior to joining Days of our Lives, Ramsey appeared on Guiding Light for two years in the role of Samuel Spencer. After exiting the CBS soap in 2002, Ramsey went on to make several primetime appearances, including guest spots on CSI: Miami and Charmed. In addition to his television work, Ramsey has appeared in over half a dozen feature films.

Ramsey's character does have an existing relationship with several current Salem residents, but it's not what you might think -- at least not initially. The identity of the character will be revealed the week of May 4, about a month after his April 7 debut. Thomson, meanwhile, makes his presence known on May 18.

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