DAYS to release fiction, nonfiction books
Posted Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:52:02 PM
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DAYS to release fiction, nonfiction books
Have you ever wondered if there's any reality hidden in Days of our Lives's storylines? Thanks to a new publishing deal, you're about to find out. Beginning later this year, a series of ficton and nonfiction books will help tell the entire DAYS story. First up is a memoir penned by executive producer Ken Corday.

The troubled residents of Salem will soon be headed to your town -- via the local bookstore. Corday Productions, Inc. and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have partnered with Sourcebooks, a leading independent publisher, to create an innovative line of books based on Days of our Lives. The book line will include both nonfiction and fiction titles, novelized stories of the characters fans have seen on television for the past 44 years, as well as insider accounts into the origin and history of the hit daytime drama.

"I am thrilled to be working on such an amazing project that will give our loyal viewers the ability to understand my family's journey through theatre, radio, and television to the creation of Days of our Lives," said Ken Corday, executive producer of Days of our Lives. "These books go one step further into revealing what has made this show, its actors, and its characters thrive and survive for 44 years. Not only will readers gain insight into behind-the-scenes stories, but they will also learn the history behind this staple of a show."

Days of our Lives Publications will launch with The Days of our Lives: The Untold Story of One Family's Dream and the True History of The Days of our Lives. Written by Corday, the son of Ted and Betty Corday, the founders of the daytime drama, this story is the first insider memoir of the family that conceived the show, believed in it, and sometimes seemed to live it along with millions of viewers as they struggled against all odds to create and produce one of the most successful and enduring TV shows in history. Fans will discover for the first time the true stories that drive the fictional ones they love on TV.

"Community is at the heart of the future publishing enterprise," said Dominique Raccah, publisher of Sourcebooks. "We're incredibly excited to be working with Ken Corday, Corday Productions, and Sony Pictures to create a line of books, and more, directly for the millions of fans that are the Days of Our Lives community."

Days of our Lives premiered on November 8, 1965. Since that time, more than 11,000 episodes of the NBC soap have been broadcast.

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