Mark Hapka out as DAYS' Nathan
Posted Thursday, January 06, 2011 7:59:43 PM
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Mark Hapka will exit Days of our Lives in the upcoming weeks. The actor has been let go from the NBC soap. Hapka joined DAYS in 2009.

Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) has been let go from Days of our Lives, Soap Central has learned.

"I spoke with [show executives] a few months back to discuss my concerns with the direction of the character," Hapka said in an online chat, transcribed by the Daytime Royalty message board. "I felt similar to the way [my fans] are all feeling. I didn't feel as though I was given a fair chance to show my ability. I felt my storys (sic) were treated entirely too casually. I asked nicely for [DAYS] to either utilize me, or let me go."

Hapka joined Days of our Lives in June 2009. Prior to joining DAYS, Hapka appeared on the CBS primetime series, The Ghost Whisperer, and a web series spinoff of the show. Hapka has also been involved in a handful of independent film projects.

Hapka insists that he is grateful for the opportunity to have worked on Days of our Lives.

"[DAYS executive producer] Ken Corday is a good man. [Co-executive producer] Gary Tomlin really believed in me from what I was told," Hapka stated. "As far as [head writer Dena] Higley goes... we don't speak. We never really have. We may have uttered a few words once during the Emmys. That's it though."

"I don't know who got the final say but that person is going to be the demise of this show if there isn't a powershift," Hapka added. "I'm not trying to burn any bridges in any way here. I am simply giving credit where credit is due. I haven't said an ill word about anyone. I simply have an opinion of the collaborative efforts. I see so much potential in the show and it's so clear to me some of the simple changes that can be made to better it..."

Hapka will continue taping for at least a little while longer. His final airdate has not yet been determined. It is unclear at this time if the role will be recast.

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