DAYS seeking three new male roles
Posted Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:12:41 PM
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DAYS seeking three new male roles
Days of our Lives is looking to add some male characters to its canvas. Though one rumored addition is a character fans already know, there is the possibility that other recasts are planned.

DAYS has put out a casting call for Ryan, who is described as a "17 to 18-year-old Caucasian or African-American male. Ryan is the all-American high school idol. Gorgeous, well-built quarterback of the football team. Popular, confident and charismatic ... the world is at his feet for the taking."

The role is contract and the character will start airing during May sweeps.

Days of our Lives is also looking to cast the role of Fletcher, a good-looking, 30something Caucasian male. According to the casting call, "Fletcher is a charming businessman with an edge. His look couild be clean cut or not. He is sexy, mysterious, and savvy. He has an easy way with the ladies, but can be formidable if crossed."

For the contract role of Fletcher, DAYS is seeking an actor with daytime experience.

There is also talk that DAYS might be bringing back Nicholas Alamain, Carly and Lawrence's son. Nicholas was last seen in Salem in 2000, when Victor Webster held down the role.

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