More shake-ups behind-the-scenes at DAYS
Posted Sunday, October 23, 2011 4:39:55 PM
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More shake-ups behind-the-scenes at DAYS
Daytime veteran Lisa de Cazotte has rejoined the roster of an NBC soap. The former executive producer for Passions has been named co-executive producer of Days of our Lives.

The changes behind-the-scenes at Days of our Lives are apparently not over yet. The NBC soap has replaced one of its recently appointed co-executive producers with a former executive from one of NBC's former soaps: Passions.

Soap Opera Digest has confirmed an earlier report by Soap Opera Network stating that Noel Maxam has been removed as DAYS's co-executive producer after less than a year in the position. Maxam had been a producer for DAYS for four years before being named co-executive producer.

Greg Meng, the other half of the co-executive producer team, will remain in place.

Lisa De Cozette, the former executive producer of Passions, will take over for Maxam effective immediately. There has been no explanation offered for Maxam's exit.

A long-time daytime veteran, de Cazotte has made quite a name for herself. She served as executive producer for the now-cancelled NBC soap, Passions, for eight years. After leaving Passions, de Cozette worked as the executive producer for the second season of SOAPnet's primetime soap, General Hospital: Night Shift. Her past daytime work also included stops as a producer on Santa Barbara and as an Emmy-nominated member of One Life to Live's directing team in 1988. In 2009, de Cazotte served as a producer on All My Children. She'd worked on the AMC soap previously as a coordinating producer in 1994.

"[DAYS head writer/executive producer] Ken Corday is excited to have Lisa join the Days of our Lives family," Meng told Soap Opera Digest.

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