Days of our Lives casting: Ben and Sabrina
Posted Friday, June 07, 2013 12:48:41 AM
Days of our Lives is casting two new roles, both of which will be part of the 20something set. One is a little bit country and the other is a little bit of a heart of gold.

Days of our Lives is looking to add some new faces to its younger set. The NBC soap is currently casting a twentysomething male and a teenage girl.

The first role is a male character identified as "Ben," who is in his early-to-mid 20s. Ben is described as a "Midwestern or southern (very slight southern accent) country boy. He is utterly charming in his honest sincere approach to life and love."

DAYS is hoping that whomever is cast for the part is able to sing and/or play the guitar, though it is not necessary. The role is a contract role.

The second role is for a 17-to-18-year old "gorgeous Caucasian female" currently being referred to as Sabrina. Sabrina is described as a "beautiful, shy, quiet, [and] innocent girl with a hart of gold."

Sabrina is also a contract role.

Viewers shouldn't expect to see these characters any time soon. With DAYS taping so far in advance, it might not be until late summer or early fall that these yet-to-be-hired performers have their first airdate.

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