Nathan Owens out as DAYS' Cameron
Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2013 1:00:13 AM
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Nathan Owens out as DAYS' Cameron
The doctor is out... and so is Days of our Lives heartthrob Nathan Owens. The model-turned-actor has already taped his final DAYS scenes. Owens debuted on the NBC soap in December 2012.

Relative newcomer Nathan Owens (Cameron Davis) has confirmed that he is out at Days of our Lives.

Owens assumed the role of Cameron in December 2012 from Schuyler Yancey and revealed his addition to the DAYS family be tweeting his alter ego's hospital ID badge.

In an interview on Soap Central Live shortly after his first on-screen appearance, Owens explained that he had a connection to the NBC soap even before his first day in the studio.

"I was familiar because my grandmother used to watch [DAYS] when I was growing up," Owen offered. "So, yeah, I knew some of the characters when I stepped on the show. And... the last few years, for some reason every time I turned on the television and I was on DAYS, I saw Shawn (Christian)'s character (Daniel). Like, every time. I don't know why, but every single time I'm like, 'Hey, that guy's always on! He's always on the show!' And sure enough, he was in my first scene, actually.

There's no word on who Owens' last scene will be with, but the actor will make his last on-air appearance in November.

Owens continues his modeling work and is said to be auditioning for primetime roles.

Days of our Lives does not comment on contracts.

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