Corday Productions partners with digital network TruLOVE
Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2014 2:13:50 PM
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The production company responsible for more than 12,000 episodes of Days of our Lives is poised to help create original content for a digital network.

Corday Productions, the producers of Days of our Lives, is partnering with TruLOVE Network to develop exciting original television properties based on TruLOVE's extensive library of romance stories.

The announcement comes some six months after Corday Productions announced its plans to create Net Soaps, an online platform for serialized drama.

TruLOVE is a digital network with a focus on global romance and bringing original content to its predominantly female audience.

"Our new projects with TruLOVE are sure to capture the hearts and fantasies of our viewers and we are thrilled to be in business with such trailblazing women as TruLove Network/BroadLit partners Cynthia Cleveland, Nancy Cushing-Jones, and Barbara Weller, and we look forward to unveiling more details soon, in true dramatic fashion," said Ken Corday, CEO of Corday Productions.

TruLOVE Network's library includes nearly 100 years of assets of True Romance and True Love Magazines, including not only the vintage cover images now being licensed, but also a century of women's stories about both true love and love gone bad.

"To bring these two romance focused companies together with the innovative partnership between TruLOVE and Corday is an incredible opportunity and together we look forward to providing fresh and original content for new viewers," said Cynthia Cleveland, CEO of TruLOVE Network/BroadLit.

Corday and BroadLit's first co-produced project is slated to be announced at the end of 2014.

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