DAYS stars dish on shocking sexcapades
Posted Friday, January 09, 2015 12:08:09 PM
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DAYS stars dish on shocking sexcapades
A lot of jaws are hurting after hitting the floor earlier in the week. Days of our Lives' Will (Guy Wilson) had sex with Paul (Christopher Sean)! So what do their portrayers think about the unexpected twist? Read on to find out.

Days of our Lives pulled a fast one this week with quite a storyline slugger. While many viewers assumed that Sonny (Freddie Smith) would be the one lured to ecstasy by baseball babe Paul (Christopher Sean), it was actually Will (Guy Wilson) who found himself doing the mattress mambo with his hubby's ex. And it seems fans aren't the only ones who did a double take upon discovering the steamy swap-a-roo; all three of the gay characters' portrayers were also shocked by the exciting turn of events.

"This is not the way anybody thought this story would go -- least of all me. [Laughs] It really threw me for a loop," Smith told TV Guide. "It's a super-crazy twist and when Sonny finds out what Will has done, it's going to be insane. It was the last thing Sonny is expecting, to have this young stud, Paul, come to town...and now this! I think it's just incredible. Not incredible for Sonny but, as an actor, it's amazing. It just blew me away."

Adds Sean: "Before this Paul-Will thing started to show up in the scripts, I questioned [co-executive producer] Lisa de Cazotte as to what was going to happen. She hinted at a romance between Will and Paul and I was, like, 'Whaat? Why would Paul ever do that?' I was just as shocked as the fans probably are. I think this may turn into quite a contest. It'll be like those teen vampire-werewolf fan rivalries, with Team Paulson and Team Wilson fighting it out."

Though also a bit flummoxed by the story direction, Wilson admits that it's not all that shocking, considering the tree Will falls from. "Really, it's not surprising if you consider that Will is Sami Brady's kid. [Laughs] He comes from a legacy of shocking behavior. The audience reaction to Will is going to be scalding. To be fair, it's not like he pursued this affair in any way, but he certainly gave [in to] temptation. He is going to deeply regret this."

For more from Smith, Sean, and Wilson, check out the full interview detailing Paulson's sexcapades in the lastest issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Are you shocked that Will slept with Paul? And are you thrilled with the storyline twist -- or wish the whole WilPaulSon threesome situation would have gone in a completely different direction? Share your thoughts below in the Comments section, post with other fans on our message boards, or click here to submit Feedback.

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