Spencer Neville's Derrick to heat up DAYS' Salem with super sexy shirtless scenes
Posted Tuesday, June 30, 2015 1:19:16 PM
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Spencer Neville's Derrick to heat up DAYS' Salem with super sexy shirtless scenes
Days of our Lives' Salem is about to experience a serious heat wave in the form of Spencer Neville's Derrick.

It just wouldn't be summer without a few sexy shirtless men hitting the daytime scene, and Days of our Lives is serving up a serious dose of just that via the return of Spencer Neville's Derrick.

The former bellhop returned to the canvas this week, and his portrayer teases that Derrick will definitely be stirring up some drama for Sonny (Freddie Smith), Will (Guy Wilson), and Paul (Christopher Sean) now that he's back in Salem. Oh, and he's apparently going to be gracing viewers will plenty of chances to check out his hot body, as well.

"After my first 20 episodes, there was a lot of Googling and the fans saw some shirtless pictures and they're like 'We want more Derrick shirtless,' so I think the writers listened because my first scene back I'm shirtless by the lake and I think every other scene, too," he jokes in an interview with The Backlot. "Not every one but every other one. But it's summertime so..."

Yes, shirtlessness is to be expected. But that's not all. In addition, Neville teases that Will uses Derrick as a tactic to keep Sonny from leaving him. "They kind of form a friendship, all the four of them, with Paul and Derrick and Sonny and Will. And that could be Will's plan of action -- to bring me back into the picture -- so it keeps Sonny from leaving him," he says. "[Will] sets up some little day dates at the park to let Sonny see Derrick and Paul together."

Considering Smith is set to exit the show in the near future, Will's attempts to keep his hubby at his side will probably fail. But nonetheless, Neville has enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of Salem's LGBTQ scene. "Christopher and I worked the most together. He's a great guy and I love working with him; he's a great actor," he says. "We'll go down to our dressing rooms and just have laughs and stories and we've talked about soulful things. It was really cool, the friendship that we made working together. And Freddie and I still hang out. Guy Wilson's awesome, too. The four best friends of Salem."

To read Neville's interview in its entirety, check out The Backlot's article here.

Are you happy to see Derrick back on the scene? What would you like to see pan out now that he's becoming a larger part of the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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