DAYS to axe several characters during serial killer murder mystery plot
Posted Monday, August 03, 2015 12:18:58 PM
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DAYS to axe several characters during serial killer murder mystery plot
A slew of fan favorite characters are returning for Days of our Lives' 50th anniversary celebration, but many of them could meet their ultimate demise during an upcoming murder mystery plot set to send Salemites spinning!

So far, all the news about Days of our Lives' upcoming 50th anniversary has been heaven-sent: returns galore of beloved characters, execs promising a return to the series' roots, and actors renewed and excited about the material ahead. But one big twist on the horizon seems straight from hell: an elaborate murder mystery plot will be ending the lives of at least three DAYS characters -- and a few could be former fan favorites.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the devilish story will begin playing out in late August, and several Salemites will be meeting their demise. The long-term arc will culminate in a "huge reveal" that will take place during the week of November 8 -- the soap's official anniversary.

Back in June, Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) told Soap Central that the show's anniversary plans would include the loss of characters and that the shocks would be felt long after November. "We can't wait to show the fans what is going to be happening for the 50th anniversary, but it doesn't just stop after the 50th anniversary," he shared. "This work ethic has continued, and the stories are just getting better and better as time goes on. We're just starting to shoot 2016. It's pretty amazing what we already have in the can, but I think fans are going to be extremely excited once all of this unfolds... It's a change of attitude; we've had a lot of changes in our hallways with administration and actors, and there are going to be exits as well as entrances."

He continued, "All you can guarantee in this genre is change, but with that comes new opportunities and new relationships, and that's always interesting when those things come around in story. So get ready for things to be shaken up!"

And unlike the Melaswen story in 2004, don't expect these fallen Salem residents to pop up on a mystery island.

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