VIDEO: Devilish moments from DAYS' most horrifying super villains
Posted Wednesday, October 07, 2015 9:59:17 AM
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VIDEO: Devilish moments from DAYS' most horrifying super villains
Something wicked this way comes: a special Days of our Lives video clip featuring some of the show's most frightening villains.

Bad, bad, bad, bad boys (and girls) seem to make themselves right at home in Days of our Lives' Salem. The fictional town has seen so many villains, it's a wonder it hasn't been renamed Spookville. Lucky for die-hard fans of the many love-to-hate characters, the NBC soap has put together an anniversary clip highlighting some of the series' very best baddies that have appeared over the past 50 years.

The spooktacular clip includes dark moments like Carly (Crystal Chappell) being buried alive, E.J. (James Scott) taking shots at his father, Roman (Wayne Northup) confronting Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) on a cliff, Ernesto Toscanao (Charles Cioffi) dangling Hope (Kristian Alfonso) over a vat of acid, and more.

Enjoy -- if you dare!


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