INTERVIEW: Kate Mansi and Robert Scott Wilson discuss DAYS' dark turn and the future of Abigail and Ben
Posted Friday, November 27, 2015 9:55:41 AM
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INTERVIEW: Kate Mansi and Robert Scott Wilson discuss DAYS' dark turn and the future of Abigail and Ben
Days of our Lives' Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux) and Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston) delve into their hellish twist of a storyline and reveal exactly how Ben's machinations will affect Abigail and killer Ben's future.

Wicked can't even begin to describe the recent turn of events on Days of our Lives in which Robert Scott Wilson's Ben was revealed to be the Necktie Killer and now has Abigail trapped and fearing for both her own life and that of her new son's. The devilishly dark storyline has many viewers wondering about the fate of both Mansi and Wilson, so Soap Central went straight to the actors during the recent Day of Days fan event to find out exactly how the murderous plot will affect their futures. Robert, everyone is buzzing about your status with the show. You're telling fans and reporters that you're still there, but I've been overhearing some of your cast mates telling you they really miss you. So... what does that mean? Are you gone or not?

Robert Scott Wilson: It's a little bit of both. Maybe he's gone and then he's back and then he's gone. Maybe he's just among us. Maybe he's just something that you can't get rid of. I'm so glad you said that, that people have been saying they miss me, and now I'm saying this. Because it's a nice little storm, I think. So let that happen. Pretty vague, so I guess we'll have to read between the lines... What have you guys been thinking about this crazy twist, with Ben being revealed as the killer?

Kate Mansi: We have loved it. I mean, it's over for us in some ways, but in some ways, it will never be over. You can never really put it away. I mean, for us it was a really heavy story, it was a really dark, deep complex one that was challenging and difficult to dive into, but very rewarding and an incredible learning experience.

Wilson: An incredible experience. It was an awesome opportunity, and I'm just glad they trusted us to do it. And to take Ben from one place to another, that's all you can ask for. You've got to grow as an actor, and I got to really know Ben and attack him and play it out to its fullest. I'm grateful they wrote as much as they did and really took the time on the story. They put a lot of care into it, and we all stepped up. So it was an awesome opportunity. Even though you seem to have loved the story, did your heart sink a little bit when you realized what direction they were headed?

Wilson: No, not really. But I had a moment like that, for sure.

Mansi: What? I did. Are you kidding me?! Of course I did.

Wilson: I had a moment towards the end of the run, but then I realized what we were creating, and it was so much larger than just the idea of ending. I wouldn't have changed anything, and I'm so grateful. [The story] superseded everything. It opened up so much more opportunity. Kate, what can you say about how the reveal that Abigail's boyfriend is a murderer and all of this darkness will affect Abigail? And also, how do you think it will affect her relationship with Chad?

Mansi: It affects all of Abigail's relationships. I mean, she will never be the same, ever. Is she broken? Is she angry? I mean, how exactly does it impact her and her baby [who was born and then taken by Ben on the Tuesday, November 24 episode]?

Mansi: I mean, it's happened before. Everything that led Ben to trip up and execute is the same as [what happened] to Abigail. She had a series of triggers, and this is one thing that's bigger than her. It's about her child. And when you become a mother... it's bigger than she is, and she's responsible for taking care of this child, so everything goes back to that, and I think [the fact that all of this has affected her child] has been the most difficult thing for her and the thing that will change her, because she put the child in that position. And for me, that's been a really icky, hard thing to deal with.

Wilson: She's done some awesome stuff with Abigail. Kate got such a workload, and she stepped up to the plate. It's been awesome.

How do you think the story between Abigail and Ben will end? Do you think there's a way for the writers to keep Ben on the canvas, or has the storyline left the character unredeemable? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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