Former DAYS star Jonathon McClendon rips NBC soap to shreds
Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017 3:44:42 AM
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Former DAYS star Jonathon McClendon rips NBC soap to shreds
Days of our Lives alum Jonathon McClendon (ex-Chase Jennings) took to Twitter to air his very harsh opinions about the NBC soap.

Former Days of our Lives star Jonathon McClendon (ex-Chase Jennings) hasn't had much of a pleasant experience with the NBC soap, at least according to a Twitter rant he posted this week that tears the series to shreds.

The young actor -- whose short time on the soap was controversial due to a story in which his character raped his stepsister, Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) -- began his impassioned series of posts with, "It's time for the fans to know [that] @nbcdays is f***ing everyone over. The fans, the loyal people like [photographer] @BradEYoung, and the actors."

He shed some light on what he means with specific examples, including a post about how DAYS allegedly used one of Young's photos after purposefully removing the photographer's logo ("#plagiarism" McClendon writes) and another post about the cringe-worthy way the soap reportedly fired a young actress.

"They also let one of my friends go without even telling her," McClendon writes. "There was just a different actress name next to her character. #classy #nbcdays"

The actor also aired his thoughts on the rape storyline the writers penned for him after he joined the show in 2015 -- a story that proved unpopular with many fans and apparently with the actor himself, as well. "I didn't want to be Chase the rapist," he wrote, along with, "52 years is too long #downWithDays I'm watching @GeneralHospital from now on."

McClendon's time on DAYS was rather short, with the character leaving the canvas in the fall of 2016. The actor's other credits include Code Black, I Didn't Do It, Astrid Clover, and See Dad Run.

What do you think about McClendon's Twitter rant and some of the things he revealed about his experience with DAYS? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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