INTERVIEW: Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean preview DAYS' explosive double wedding
Posted Thursday, September 28, 2017 1:53:52 PM
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INTERVIEW: Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean preview DAYS' explosive double wedding
It's double the trouble as Days of our Lives' Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) and Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) delve into the drama penned for Salem's upcoming dual wedding.

Days of our Lives viewers aren't going to know whether they should exclaim holy matrimony or holy cow during the show's double wedding involving Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) and Paul Narita (Christopher Sean), and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller). Head writer Ron Carlivati has penned an affair so intense, the actors are still reeling from filming. And both Smith and Sean share with Soap Central that the drama slated for the screen beginning Friday, September 29, will likely affect fans in just the same manner. In other words, buckle up, because it's going to be one hell of a ride. Soap opera weddings are never boring, and we know this one will most definitely be exciting. What specifically about the next couple of days will make this can't-miss television?

Freddie Smith: If I had to sum it all up, in the almost seven years that I've been working on this show, this sequence is up there in the top three just absolute, most fun, best everything, out the door just amazing content. And I think that everyone -- the cast, the crew -- everyone went all in. Even if you don't watch Days of our Lives or you haven't watched it in years, this is the episode to start watching again. It's about to get crazy. So yes, it's going to be a must-watch wedding. It's going to be insane.

Christopher Sean: I think everyone's performances were phenomenal. Everyone brought their A game, and I think all the cast members that were involved in the wedding as well as the cast members that were watching the wedding in the pews, everyone was so involved. We had people coming up to us afterwards, patting us on the backs for our performances. It was pretty awesome. And a lot of fun. I feel like it would be easy to give a great performance if the writing is so good.

Sean: Oh, absolutely. I would say so. They always say no actor can give a great performance without a great script, and when Ron stepped on, he just brought it. And this is definitely some of the best work that I've done on the show in my three and a half years.

Smith: Yeah, the writing was on point. Definitely. We had such a blast being able to work with that dialogue and those vows - oh, my gosh! It's just insane. It's easy to act when there's a good storyline and you can actually feel what's going on for real. When the actors are performing it at 110% and the writing is 110%, it's very easy to become emotional; you're so immersed in the work. Obviously everyone is clamoring to know who's going to crash this thing. You can't say, of course, but can you tease how each of your characters reacts to the chaos?

Smith: My reaction would give away who it is. I think it would be obvious if I shared the emotion of what Sonny feels when this person walks in. No matter how it plays out, the return of Will is obviously going to put a wrench in things -- whether his return happens at the wedding or if it happens later. Can you each briefly touch on how Will's return might impact Paul and Sonny's connection?

Smith: It's not like Sonny and Will broke up and then he left town. This is his husband who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and he was murdered. So with him coming back, that's a whole different realm of emotions, and it's got to be dealt with, because there was definitely no closure. So it's going to be a really big thing for Christopher's character, how Paul will react in the sense of accepting Sonny's emotional roller coaster during this time.

Sean: Or not accepting! Christopher, how aware is Paul when it comes to how important Will is to Sonny?

Sean: The writing is so good that it made Freddie and I both so uncomfortable with how honest these scenes become. These are true things that people actually talk about. I think I've had conversations like this, so I'm aware of the unease to know that you or your partner were in love with someone [else], and you have to talk about that person and try and be as truthful and honest as you can. It's a strange situation, and that's just it. The writing was just so phenomenal, it brought out some great performances in both of us. Regardless of fan opinion or what might happen in the weeks ahead, how do you guys feel about which guy is truly right for your characters?

Smith: That one is a difficult one, because PaulSon has become a huge part of the story, and people have fallen in love with them. I think Christopher and I as actors became extremely comfortable, and the characters became extremely comfortable and in love with each other. And I think that's what Christopher was touching on, too; when this happens, we just felt so good being together, that it's kind of weird that there might be a wedge between us. Because we didn't really have that many problems. So when this comes, it's like, well, I don't know! I'm actually happy I don't have to make the decision about [which guy Sonny will end up with]! Let the writers and whoever is in charge say, "These two are the two who are going to be together." Because I wouldn't know. It's a very, very interesting triangle to play. And I can't say, because I can't pull from real life. I haven't had someone I was married to be supposedly murdered and come back from the dead right before I was about to get married, so I don't know.

Sean: You haven't? That's strange. [Laughs]

Smith: That's what makes me rare, man! I might have to do some sort of method acting and like make this happen in the next few weeks! But all joking aside, Christopher really brought the heat. Like, holy cow. It is just absolutely phenomenal work.

Sean: I think we all did. When Freddie starts to react amidst the chaos, everyone was like, "Whoa! Let's pull that back. But that was amazing!"

Smith: That's true. [Laughs] But overall, we just had a really great time. We can't wait for tomorrow to see everything unfold.

Who do you think will crash DAYS' double wedding? Which couple are you rooting for: PaulSon, or WilSon? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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