Here comes trouble! Stacy Haiduk and Paul Telfer return as Days of our Lives duo Kristen and Xander
Posted Monday, April 08, 2019 2:02:37 PM
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Days of our Lives is reportedly bringing Stacy Haiduk and Paul Telfer back to Salem as the soap's entertaining duo Kristen and Xander. And the fascinating characters will be bringing trouble for quite some time, because they're reportedly back on contract.

Days of our Lives fans were tickled pink when Stacy Haiduk's Kristen DiMera and Paul Telfer's Xander Kiriakis teamed up last year in what was hailed as the best villainous duo since the Joker and Catwoman. And it looks like the outrageous pair is about to blast into Salem once more.

According to the DAYS website Jason47, both Haiduk and Telfer have reprised their entertaining alter egos and will soon be back to Salem -- on contract status.

Haiduk took over the role of Kristen DiMera (and Susan Banks) from Eileen Davidson in 2018 and played the character until October of that year, when Kristen was believed to have died in a warehouse explosion. How the writers will handle her "return from the dead" remains to be seen, but considering how often people pop up from the grave in Salem, having another presumed-dead person wandering the town shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Telfer joined DAYS as Victor's henchman Xander in 2015. The role was originally supposed to be short-term but expanded into a recurring role that has afforded Telfer many opportunities to play in Salem. What fans can expect from his and Haiduk's upcoming return remains a mystery, but it will no doubt be devilishly good fun to watch. After all, Kristen and Paul are a match made in heaven hell.

"[Xander] is like Loki in The Avengers: he comes in, causes trouble, makes a mess, and then goes away... and sometimes, Kristen's crazier than Xander is!" Telfer shared with TV Insider in October of last year. "It looked like our characters would always be a good match."

In other DAYS casting news, Jason47 also reports that Brandon Barash, who has been on recurring status as Stefan DiMera, has also been bumped to contract status. However, reps from DAYS have not confirmed this news, nor have they confirmed that Haiduk and Telfer are returning and have signed contracts with the NBC soap opera.

What do you think about Stacy Haiduk and Paul Telfer returning to Days of our Lives? What kind of mischief do you hope the writers have planned for Kristen and Xander? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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