Halloween in Salem 2019
Posted Thursday, October 31, 2019 01:12:02 AM
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Happy Halloween! It's time for Soap Central's annual look at costume suggestions for some of the residents of Salem.

Happy Halloween! Just for fun, your faithful Two Scoopers put together a list of costumes for the DAYS family this year. Let us know what you think they should wear in the comments section or on social media!

Eric Brady, Nicole Walker, and Holly Jonas as Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa from Frozen

This is probably the last light-hearted holiday they'll have for a while, so why not let them dress up as the enchanted trio? Besides, Holly already has magical healing powers. We're betting she could whip up a fantastic ice castle with minimal effort!

Kristen DiMera as Cerci Lanister from Game of Thrones

Sure, sure. She's super crazy and in love with a man she has no business being with. But at least she's having his baby! We can all agree what an awesome idea it is for mentally unstable people to have something they can use as a shield. What could go wrong here? (Just in case, though, we're staying away from the church.)

Victor Kiriakis, Brady Black, Xander Cooke, and Justin Kiriakis as Sophia, Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy from The Golden Girls

Victor/Sophia -- The smart mouth who will call out the fools around her.
Brady/Rose -- The, um, simple one.
Xander/Blanche -- The one who really just wants somebody to love.
Justin/Dorothy -- The one who can't believe she's in with this motley crew but loves them anyway.

Ben Weston and Ciara Brady as Gabby Gabby and Woody from Toy Story

One of them was a villain, the other a champion for others to be their best selves. It's a good thing these two met, otherwise the former would probably still be creeping people out.

Julie Williams as the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz

She finally got a heart.

Jordan Ridgeway as Amy Dunne from Gone Girl

Amy Dunne is a beautiful psychopath who can pull people perfectly into her own version of reality. And, sure, the dude she's after isn't exactly a fine, upstanding citizen, so it is hard to blame her for tormenting him a little. Still, sweet baby David, this chick is dangerous.

Rafe Hernandez as Prince Charming's understudy

He really can be a knight in shining armor, but his eagerness to help any perceived "damsel in distress" takes away some of his street cred. Besides, his sense of humor is better served to a wise-cracking sidekick paired with the best friend, rather than the princess herself.

Hope Brady as Jennifer Lopez

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got.

Tony and Anna DiMera as Gomez and Morticia Adams from The Adams Family

They're completely weird, but their utter devotion to each other is quite charming.

Maggie Kiriakis as Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy

She's constantly having to ask her spouse for explanations.

Marlena Evans and John Black as Dr. Frankenstein and her monster

A brilliant academic expert and a creation made by an evil genius. Some costumes are too easy.

Sara Horton and J.J. Deveraux as Phoebe and Joey from Friends

These cousins are both fiercely loyal friends and not afraid to call shenanigans when necessary! Plus, Joey and Phoebe actually had scenes together, and we'd like to see the same for Sarah and J.J.

Doug Williams as Nickie Ferrante from An Affair to Remember as played by Cary Grant

A constant gentlemen, Nickie didn't let something like an illness keep him from the woman he loved. It doesn't hurt that Nickie was played by a man who radiated sophistication. Yes, we think Doug/Bill will fit this role nicely.

Gabi Hernandez as Kylo Ren from Star Wars

You're totally justified in being angry. We're captivated watching you exact your revenge. However, might want to pump the brakes on your tactics just a hair before, ya know, a whole planet gets destroyed or something.

Kayla Brady Johnson as Miranda Bailey from Grey's Anatomy

She used to be Sweetness, but lately comes across as a cranky camp counselor who barks orders.

Dr. Rolf as the collector from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Bring out your dead!

Kate Roberts as Stefano DiMera

Mrs. Ex-Phoenix did a little rising from the ashes herself!

Arianna Horton as Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

She's already editing Will's column and picking out Sonny's ties. Combine those two, and you've got the most feared fictional fashion editor there is!

Haley Chen as Jennifer Hudson

That voice should be on American Idol!

Eve Donovan as Bounce Back Bozo Punching Bag

She'll stand tall with a plot, take a hit, and bounce back (having learned nothing) to spring into the line of fire again.

Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton as Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

We'll beat you to the punch, DAYS, and declare these two one of the greatest un-dead supercouples. That way, if Jack does bite the bullet again, he'll still be with his lady love. Ha!

Roman Brady and Abe Carver as Billy Ray Cyrus and Little Nas from Old Town Road

These partners could saddle up again to go as the chart-topping pair! Bonus? Built in entrance music for any and all parties they attend.

Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton as the commentators from Pitch Perfect

Lately, they've been pretty hysterical, commenting and giving us the play-by-play on the drama at the Kiriakis mansion.

What costumes do you agree with? Is there one we missed or got totally wrong? Is there a set that doesn't exist that you'd like to see created? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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