Days of our Lives heads to Peacock, NBC's new streaming platform
Posted Friday, January 17, 2020 5:40:06 AM
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Surprise! NBC is including Days of our Lives on its lineup of shows on Peacock, the network's streaming platform that is set to debut in July.

NBC is throwing even more support behind its sole soap opera, Days of our Lives. Hot on the heels of NBC executive Paul Telegdy assuring journalists that the network will "of course be carrying on" with the long-running series comes news that the soap will be available for viewing on NBC's streaming platform, Peacock.

The Twitter account for the platform started teasing the programming that fans can expect to see on the lineup when the streaming service makes its official debut on July 15 -- and DAYS made the cut.

"13,753 episodes, and there's still more drama to come for the residents of Salem," the Peacock Twitter handle writes. "See what unbelievable things happen next on #PeacockTV."

Back in October, DAYS executive producer Ken Corday wasn't sure if the soap opera created by his parents, Ted and Berry Corday, would be included on the Peacock lineup. He surmised that "if they are smart, they will do Greatest Weddings or Best Comebacks because we have a huge back catalogue."

Whether or not Peacock will include classic episodes of DAYS remains to be seen, but Corday believes having the current episodes available for streaming will be a huge success.

"DAYS is the most watched show on the NBC website, and that includes all their primetime shows," the exec revealed, adding that in the fall of 2019, the show was "at the table renegotiating for a better deal because the production company gains no revenue from that."

NBC's Peacock will have ad-supported and ad-free options with three different pricing tiers. "Free" will provide 7,500 hours of programming that includes movies and classic shows, while "Peacock Premium" will come with 15,000 hours of programming including original Peacock series, early viewings of NBC's late-night shows, and sports like the Premier League.

The platform will include three different areas that subscribers can use when they open the app: channels, trending, and browse. While viewers decide which option they want to click on, video clips will play automatically. Peacock head Matt Strauss says that whether it's the news or part of a show, the idea is that "when you launch it, it immediately starts playing video, just like TV."

Peacock will launch on April 15 for Comcast's X1 and Flex customers and will debut nationally three months later on July 15.

What do you think about Peacock including DAYS on its lineup? How do you feel about NBC launching a streaming platform? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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