Chrishell Stause teases possible return to Days of our Lives: "Can it please be like this?"
Posted Tuesday, March 03, 2020 9:43:16 PM
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While Days of our Lives fans get ready to find out what really happened to Jordan Ridgeway, portrayer Chrishell Stause teases how she'd love to see her Salem alter ego come back from the dead.

If Days of our Lives fans were in coffins, all of their casket lids would be jittering right about now as they squiggled with excitement over finally finding out who killed Jordan Ridgeway. And if Jordan is in a coffin, well... the lid might just burst wide open, because she could be coming back from the dead!

The character's popular portrayer, Chrishell Stause, took to Twitter with a retweet from a fan, reminding viewers to tune in to the Wednesday, March 4, episode of DAYS because a big reveal is coming: fans will supposedly finally find out who really killed Jordan -- or if she's even really dead!

As fans may recall, Jordan returned to the canvas in February of 2019 and kidnapped Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) as a way to keep her safe from her brother Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), whom Jordan believed to be dangerous. Suffering from a mental breakdown, Jordan also snatched Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abby's (Kate Mansi) newborn baby, stabbed Kate (Lauren Koslow) with a syringe, and tried setting fire to the cabin where she was holding Ciara. Ben rushed in and saved the day, and it was revealed that Jordan had killed her mother years earlier, and the memory had caused her to have a psychotic break. Jordan briefly went to Bayview for treatment, but her stint in the mental institution didn't work: upon her release, she went after Ben and tried to murder Ciara! When time jumped ahead one year at the end of 2019, Jordan was dead, and Ben was in prison for her murder -- but is that what really happened?

Fans may or may not find out the whole story during this week's episodes, but if Stause had her druthers, Jordan would be coming back from the dead in style. In haute couture style, to be exact. The latest Givenchy runway show has been compared to "back from the dead soap opera characters," with a writer from Go Fug Yourself describing one of the designer's ridiculously large-brimmed hats as a soap storyline that Stause says she would love to see.

"The person skulks around town in ENORMOUS hats, eavesdropping on everyone, miraculously not being seen, and for WEEKS we don't know who it us until one day their loved one or their nemesis -- the person they most OR least want to discover they're alive -- absently asks them to pass the coffee creamer," the article reads. "I would like an entire soap opera of this. Just BRIMMING with people who are all back from the dead and don't want anyone else to know, and are passing each other coffee creamer from underneath this hat."

Stause tweeted a link to the article, teasing, "If they resurrect my character Jordan to #DAYS can it please be like this??"

Stause got her start in the entertainment world with the role of Amanda Dillon on All My Children, which she played from 2005 to the soap's cancellation in 2011. She took on the role of Jordan Ridgeway in 2013 and has played the character on-again, off-again since that time. She also briefly played the role of The Young and the Restless' Bethany Bryant in 2016.

In addition to acting, Stause is also a real estate agent at the Oppenheim Group. Her work is showcased in Selling Sunset, a Netflix reality television show focused on the real estate brokerage that deals in luxury L.A. homes.

Would you like to see Jordan Ridgeway return from the dead? Do you think she even actually died? If so, do you believe that Ben killed her? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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