Stefano marries Marlena
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, March 27, 2020
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Friday, March 27, 2020

Anxious to leave the hospital, Hope hurried to the elevator. Kayla stopped Hope and told her she was not ready to be discharged. "I don't care. John and Marlena need my help," Hope said.

In the penthouse, Brady assured John that Marlena's connection to John was unbreakable. "I want to believe that, but I know how Stefano operates. And I know the one thing that he has always wanted that he's never gotten," John said. John noted that Stefano wanted to possess Marlena. "I'll be damned if I let that happen," John said. There was a knock at the door. It was Hope and Kayla.

Hope apologized for what she had done to John and Marlena. John took Hope by the hand and assured her that he did not blame her because she had been brainwashed. John hugged Hope and told her, "I'm just glad that you're okay." Kayla asked about Marlena. John showed Hope and Kayla the divorce papers.

"They can't be valid!" Kayla objected. "It kind of looks like Stefano's endgame is marrying Marlena and taking her to bed," John growled. Kayla worried aloud that Marlena had been chipped or brainwashed. Kayla argued that none of Steve's decency remained in his body. "He is Stefano DiMera, 100% pure evil," Kayla said bitterly. Hope urged Kayla to have hope that the chip could be removed from Stefano. Shaking her head, Kayla shared her concern that Steve would vanish.

There was a knock at the door. In the hallway was an invitation to Stefano and Marlena's wedding at Maison Blanche. "Didn't that place burn down?" Brady asked. "Doesn't the Phoenix always rise from the ashes?" John countered. Brady said he would fuel the jet for a trip to Louisiana.

"Something is coming back to me," Hope said. John asked Hope if Steve had ever talked to her about Maison Blanche. Hope remembered that Stefano had told her about his plans to build a castle for Marlena. In the conversation, Stefano had told her that he had recreated Maison Blanche in Crystal Lake outside of Salem. Hope and Kayla wanted to go with John and Brady, but John insisted that Hope was in no condition to run into danger.

"For God's sake, you need backup!" Hope said. Brady promised to back up John. "Promise me that you won't hurt Steve," Kayla pleaded. John promised he would do everything he could not to hurt his best friend. With a nod, John ran out with Brady.

A frustrated Hope complained that she should be helping John with the search, but Kayla reminded Hope that she should still be in the hospital. "Maybe I would remember something else. Maybe I could get through to Steve," Hope wondered aloud. "No one can get through to Steve," Kayla countered. Kayla urged Hope to sit tight with her and wait for an update.

"The marriage won't be valid," Hope argued. Kayla noted, "It doesn't matter. Steve is just using it to get Marlena in bed." Kayla said she was sickened by Steve's actions. "The man who is preying on Marlena is not Steve," Hope assured Kayla. Kayla admitted that the thought of Steve coercing Marlena into bed was upsetting. Kayla added that she refused to fall apart because she did not want Justin to see her emotional over Steve.

In the DiMera living room, Abigail told Anna that she believed Chad's priority would be the safety of her and the children. "I hope you're right, but I still don't like it," Anna said. Anna texted Tony and asked him to return home. Anna complained to Abigail that Chad's insistence on family solidarity did not include her or Abigail.

"It's just a DiMera business meeting. It's not like Chad is in any real danger," Abigail said. "I used to be na´ve about this family, too," Anna said. Anna warned Abigail that they needed to extract their husbands from the family meeting. Before Abigail could respond, her phone beeped with a text from Will. Will said Gabi had failed to pick up Arianna.

Concerned, Abigail remarked to Anna that it was unlike Gabi to miss a pickup. When the nanny and staff confirmed that they had not seen Gabi in 24 hours, Abigail returned to tell Anna. Abigail added that she had not seen Kate, either.

Abigail explained that Kate had been adamant about having an outfit pressed for an event but that the outfit was still untouched in Kate's room. Abigail told Anna that Chad had behaved strangely when she had returned from South Africa. Abigail added that Chad had also joked about having two women hidden in the house and had been wearing the Phoenix ring.

"Why would [Chad] want to be connected to a man who is so evil and corrupt and who has wreaked havoc since he has returned?" Anna wondered aloud. Suspicious, Abigail said she was going to check the tunnels and make sure there was nothing there. While Abigail checked the dungeon, Anna called Tony, but there was no answer on his phone.

In the dungeon, Gabi planned to hit Chad over the head with a champagne bottle when he returned. "You just don't get it, do you? [Chad] is a victim of Stefano's, just like Marlena," Kate argued. Gabi countered that Chad was a Manchurian Candidate targeting them to die, and she wanted to act first.

"Once I hit him over the head with this, you can stay. Talk to him, reason with him, if he comes to, but you know by that time, I'm going to be long gone," Gabi said. As Gabi waited behind the door, Abigail unlocked the room and walked in. Gabi hit Abigail over the head and knocked her out. As Kate rushed to check on Abigail, Gabi winced as she realized what she had done. Kate roused Abigail awake.

"Gabi knocked you out," Kate said. "It was an accident," Gabi countered. Abigail said she was fine, and she asked why Kate and Gabi were locked in the room. "Chad locked us up in here," Kate explained. Gabi helped a wobbly Abigail upstairs to the living room with Kate close behind. "Are you okay?" Anna asked as she saw Abigail. Gabi explained that she had accidentally hit Abigail when she had thought Abigail was Chad returning to kill her and Kate.

"Chad is not a fan of yours, but to kill you? Really? I mean, don't you think that's a little extreme?" Abigail asked. Kate confirmed that Gabi was right. "[Chad's] father told him to," Kate said as she pulled out the letter from Stefano and handed it to Abigail. Abigail read the letter. Kate argued that Stefano had brainwashed Chad through the letter, using the trigger words "La Famiglia."

"So, basically, all Steve has to do is say the magic word, and Chad does whatever Steve orders him to do. Like murder us," Gabi said. Abigail did not believe it. Kate stressed that Chad was completely under the control of Stefano. Abigail frowned. "He has been a little off since I got back from South Africa," Abigail admitted. "I told you it wasn't just a meeting," Anna added. "I need to find my husband before Steve does," Abigail announced. Abigail swayed on her feet when she stood up. After a few phone calls, Anna confirmed that none of the DiMera family had been spotted at the office.

"So, Chad lied to me," Abigail said. Abigail wondered aloud what the real purpose of the meeting had been. Kate theorized aloud that Chad had escorted Tony and Kristen to see Stefano. "I am hoping [Tony] has the courage to save Marlena from whatever horrible fate Steve has in mind," Kate said. When Abigail could not reach Chad on his phone, Anna offered to check her "Find My Phone" app to locate Tony's phone.

"I'm calling the police. I'm sorry," Abigail said. Anna gasped, and she noted that she'd found Tony's location on her phone. Kate suggested that they call the police, but Anna walked out to find her husband. Abigail followed her. "She just left without giving us the location, didn't she?" Gabi yelled. Kate groaned in exasperation.

In the bedroom of the new Maison Blanche, a wedding dress-clad Marlena stared in the mirror at her reflection. "Don't do this, Doc. Don't marry him," John's voice whispered. In the mirror, a vision of John appeared behind Marlena. Marlena smiled. "John. Thank God. You've come for me. I knew you would. I don't know what's happening. I can't explain it, but now that you're here, it's going to be fine. I love you so much!" Marlena said. The vision of John told Marlena that she was safe, and he urged her not to go through with the marriage to Stefano.

"You belong by my side, not Steve's," John said. "I love you, too," Marlena said. As Marlena turned to face John, he was gone. Marlena called out John's name, but there was no answer. Marlena thought about Stefano's proposal.

Downstairs in the living room, Stefano informed Kristen and Tony that they were there to witness his wedding to Marlena. "You can't marry Marlena. She's already married to John Black," Tony objected. "[Marlena] loves John. She's never going to marry you," Kristen added. Stefano smirked.

"Where is your faith in the power of my love? After all these years, Marlena finally understands that I will lay the world at her feet, and she returns this love," Stefano said. Stefano assured Kristen and Tony that Marlena was getting ready. "My Queen of the Night will be my wife," Stefano said. Furious, Tony argued that Rolf had brainwashed Marlena.

"Mind-melding Marlena would be the only way she was ever going to come close to loving you," Kristen said. Stefano said he was disappointed but not surprised by Kristen and Tony's lack of support. "You are ruled by your stupid wife, and you, I came to you, asking for your help, and you refused me," Stefano said to Tony and Kristen. Stefano stressed that only Chad had been loyal to him.

"If you cannot share in my joy, if you can't bear witness to my becoming one with the woman who is my heart's desire, perhaps I should have security take it from here!" Stefano grumbled. "Like hell. I'm calling the police," Tony said. Chad pulled out a gun and warned Tony to stop. Stefano noted that Chad was the only one that understood the importance of "La Famiglia." Stefano urged Kristen and Tony to follow Chad's lead. Kristen lashed out at Chad, but Stefano warned Kristen to calm down.

"This is a night of celebration of this family, of our legacy, of my queen, and I will have my children be a part of it," Stefano growled. Chad demanded that Kristen and Tony give him their phones. At gunpoint, Kristen and Tony reluctantly obliged. Kristen approached Chad and whispered to him that he was "not acting like the Chad I know." Chad stared blankly at Kristen.

"Father? What have you done to our brother?" Kristen asked Stefano. Tony pleaded with Chad to explain his change of heart. Stefano explained that Chad had a better understanding of the world and the legacy of the family. Kristen asked Stefano to let Chad speak for himself.

"Father has shown me that our family was weakened by pretenders and interlopers. It is time to restore La Famiglia back to its former glory," Chad said. "You brainwashed him," Tony said. With a grin, Stefano noted that Chad was his favorite child and, as such, would perform the wedding ceremony. Marlena entered the room. "My queen. You have never looked more beautiful," Stefano said.

"Nothing can make me happier than becoming your wife," Marlena said. Kristen covered her mouth as if nauseated. "Marlena, you don't quite sound like yourself. Are you okay?" Tony asked. Marlena said nothing would make her happier than marrying Stefano. Marlena told Tony and Kristen that she was glad they were both there.

"You're in love with Brady's father, John Black. The love of your life. Does that ring a bell?" Kristen asked. "I love Stefano now," Marlena said. "She's definitely brainwashed or worse," Kristen whispered to Tony. Tony asked Stefano not to take advantage of Marlena. Stefano asked Marlena if she loved him, and Marlena beamed. Stefano ordered Kristen to act as maid of honor and Tony as best man. Kristen wanted to leave, but Stefano stopped her. Chad handed the rings to Tony and a bouquet to Kristen.

"This is so wrong," Kristen growled. Chad handed another bouquet to Marlena, and he started the ceremony. Kristen stared daggers at her father. When Chad asked if there were any objections, Tony interrupted. Chad reached for his gun, and Kristen quietly assured Chad that Tony had no objections. Tony remained silent as Stefano said his vows to Marlena.

"I have waited for decades for this moment to experience the joy of loving you completely. For devoting myself to worshipping you for the rest of my life as my Queen of the Night. Together, we will rule as DiMeras for all eternity," Stefano said. Marlena chuckled and said that she had not prepared any vows. Stefano urged Marlena to speak from her heart. "I don't know what to say," Marlena said. Stefano prompted Chad to read the usual vows instead.

After a moment of hesitation, Marlena said, "I do." Stefano and Marlena exchanged rings. As Chad started to pronounce Stefano and Marlena as man and wife, he hesitated. Chad appeared to fight an urge before he said, "My great honor to pronounce you as husband and wife." Stefano kissed his bride. Stefano poured glasses of Champagne.

"To my Queen of the Night, named for the flower that is as intoxicating as you are and as rare as our love," Stefano said. "He does realize that the flower withers and dies with the light of day, right?" Tony whispered to Kristen. Kristen warned Tony not to say that to their father. Stefano announced that he had arranged for a celebratory feast. With a grin, Stefano said he was ready to begin his honeymoon. Marlena hesitated to leave, and she had a puzzled look on her face. Kristen told Marlena that she did not need to go upstairs. Marlena tossed her bouquet at Kristen.

"Maybe one day, you and Brady can find the same happiness I found with your father," Marlena said. With a wide smile, Marlena took Stefano's hand and led him upstairs. "Wake me from this nightmare," Tony whispered. Tony asked Chad to retrieve another bottle of Champagne. With a scowl, Chad went into the kitchen. Tony whispered to Kristen that he had turned on the "Find My Phone" app on his phone before he had given it to Chad.

"What are you whispering about?" Chad asked as he returned with a fresh bottle of Champagne. All smiles, Kristen lied and joked that "catching Marlena's bouquet is not the kind of luck I want." Chad said Stefano wanted to return the family to its former glory.

"What is it going to take to get through to you? Stefano is dangerous and unpredictable. He's got nothing to lose, but you do!" Tony argued. Kristen stepped forward and slapped Chad across the face. Kristen asked Chad to snap out of his spell. Chad gripped Kristen around the throat with one hand, and he raised and cocked his gun with the other hand. As Chad leveled the gun at Tony, he muttered, "That was a big mistake."

"You are the one that is dangerous and unpredictable. The Phoenix can't take that risk. Consider this an early wedding gift," Chad said. "Chad!" Brady yelled as he walked in and pointed a gun.

Upstairs, the lingerie-clad Marlena stood before her new husband. Stefano took Marlena's hands in his. "I've waited my whole life for this moment. My Queen of the Night. You are finally mine. Forever and always," Stefano said. Stefano kissed Marlena, and she pulled away. After a moment, Marlena kissed Stefano. "Let me make love to you," Stefano said. Stefano and Marlena fell back on the bed, kissing. John burst in and stared at the scene with disgust.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• John and Brady enlist Hope's help.

• Abigail stumbles upon something shocking.

• Marlena struggles with conflicting emotions.

• Kristen and Tony realize what Stefano has done to Marlena.

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