Susan slips up with Brady
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, May 7, 2021
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Friday, May 7, 2021

In an examination room at the hospital, Lucas told Chloe that he did not want a second opinion about his condition. When Chloe stepped out to find the doctor, Lucas grabbed his cell phone and called Sami. Lucas left a panicked voicemail about his doctor's appointment and his concern that exposing his lie would expose Chloe to danger from Kristen.

When Chloe returned, Lucas told her that he did not deserve to live a long life. "I have to be honest with you," Lucas started. Before Lucas could confess, Dr. Dunn walked in. "I feel I know you from somewhere," Chloe said. Lucas narrowed his eyes at the doctor. "I guess I have one of those faces," Dr. Dunn said. Lucas remembered when Sami had dressed as a man named Stan. A look of comprehension flashed across Lucas' face.

"I also feel like I already know you, Dr. Dunn," Lucas said as he shook the doctor's hand. Chloe started to leave, but Dr. Dunn told her she could stay. "The initial diagnosis was accurate. Your tumor is massive, Mr. Horton," Dr. Dunn said. "Thanks for giving it to me straight," Lucas grumbled. Chloe reminded Dr. Dunn that he had been optimistic on the phone, but Dr. Dunn said that his examination had determined that there was nothing to be done.

"How long do I have, doctor?" Lucas asked. "I would say a few months," Dr. Dunn said. Dr. Dunn urged Lucas to enjoy his last few months with someone. "Someone with whom you can be romantic. I would think that would be the most comforting for you in your final days. I assume this lovely lady is your significant other?" Dr. Dunn asked. "She was," Lucas said. Chloe added that Lucas was important to her. With a nod, Lucas told Chloe that he would meet her outside. Lucas stopped Dr. Dunn before he left.

"You're Sami, and I know it!" Lucas said. "Surprise," Dr. Dunn answered with Sami's voice. Sami removed her disguise. "Your Stan disguise? Don't you think that's a little risky?" Lucas asked. "You wanted my help. You got my help. How about a thank you for saving your ass?" Sami said. Sami told Lucas that she had canceled the appointment with the real Dr. Dunn. With a shrug, Sami noted that Kristen had been masquerading as a different person for weeks, and unlike her, Sami only had to fool Chloe.

When Lucas argued that Chloe had said that Dr. Dunn had looked familiar, Sami countered that it had been 16 years since Chloe had seen her as Stan. "Chloe was going through her Phantom of the Opera phase because of her scars. She was worrying about her own face. She's not going to remember what Stan looked like," Sami said. Lucas reluctantly thanked Sami for her help. Sami encouraged Lucas to ask Chloe to travel the world with him for a few months.

After Lucas dressed, he met up with Chloe in the waiting area. "I'm so sorry," Chloe said as she hugged Lucas. "I think I'll take the doctor's advice and pack my bags," Lucas said. When Chloe asked where Lucas had not yet visited in the world, Lucas blurted out Antarctica. "You want to spend your final months in the freezing cold?" Chloe asked. Lucas laughed. "I love penguins," Lucas said. When Lucas asked Chloe to join him, she asked him if he was sure that he wanted to spend his last months away from his family.

"Lucas!" Sami called out as she ran down the hallway. Sami said she had seen Dr. Dunn. "Was it not good news?" Sami asked. "The same diagnosis my other doctor gave me. Inoperable brain tumor," Lucas said. A teary-eyed Sami hugged Lucas. Chloe asked Sami how she had recognized Dr. Dunn. "I saw his name tag," Sami lied. Lucas interjected that he planned to travel. Sami announced that travel was the perfect plan, and she thanked Chloe for going with Lucas.

"Don't you and the rest of his family want him to be close by?" Chloe asked. "We love him. So, we want whatever he wants," Sami said. Sami offered to call a travel agent and pay for the trip. Chloe suggested that Lucas should take the night to think about whether he wanted to leave his family or not. "I've been married to him, too, and I know that once Lucas makes up his mind about something, there's no changing it," Sami said. Sami stressed that Lucas should make the most out of his final months.

"Of course, family is important, but so is being with someone that he can be romantic with. I think that would be the most comforting to him in his final days," Sami said. Chloe thought about how Dr. Dunn has said almost the exact thing as Sami. Chloe also thought about when she had met Stan on the docks 16 years before. "Oh, my God," Chloe said.

Chanel and Allie drank at the bar in Julie's Place, and they reminisced about better times in London. "We were so happy then and free. I would do anything to go back to that time," Allie said. Chanel agreed. After a moment, Chanel leaned forward and kissed Allie. Tripp walked into the restaurant, and he saw Chanel and Allie kiss. Confused, Tripp backed out.

"What was that?" Allie asked. "A kiss," Chanel said. Allie told Chanel that she was not gay. "Relax, Horton. Neither am I," Chanel said with a grin. Confused, Allie asked why Chanel had kissed her. Chanel said she had felt good when she had talked about their times in London. "It's not a big deal. It's just a kiss," Chanel said.

Allie asked Chanel if she had kissed a woman before, and Chanel said she had. "So, you're bi?" Allie asked. Chanel stressed that she did not like labels, just people. Chanel started to apologize, but Allie told Chanel that it did not bother her. When Allie admitted that she had not kissed a woman before, Chanel asked if she had enjoyed the kiss.

"It was nice," Allie said. Chanel teased Allie for her underwhelming response. Chanel raised a glass to toast to Allie's first kiss with a woman. When Allie failed to react, Chanel shrugged and offered to pretend that the kiss had not happened. Chanel apologized if she had crossed a line, because she did not want to mess up her friendship with Allie.

"Of course, we're [still] besties! I haven't had this much fun in forever. Thank you for that," Allie said. Chanel asked Allie if she needed help with anything. "Maybe what I can do is help you with that hottie you're interested in," Chanel suggested. With a shrug, Allie said the situation was too complicated. "[Tripp's] a really good guy," Allie said.

In the square, Claire called Shawn on the phone to tell him about her run-in with Jan, but she got his voicemail. After leaving a message, Claire saw Tripp. "What's wrong?" Claire asked. Tripp stammered out that he had seen Allie kiss someone. "I thought she was into you," Claire said. "Did she say anything?" Tripp asked. Claire explained that she had felt more of a vibe.

"I kind of thought we had a connection, too, but I mean, it would probably go nowhere. After what I saw, that is exactly where it's going. Nowhere," Tripp said. Claire noted that Allie had not told her about a new guy. "It wasn't a guy," Tripp said. Confused, Claire asked for details. Tripp told Claire that Allie had been kissing Chanel.

"They don't even know each other!" Claire objected. "That is sure as hell not how it looked," Tripp countered. Tripp confirmed that the kiss had not seemed platonic. Claire suggested that Chanel had been scamming Allie like she had scammed Claire and Tripp. "I don't know, man. It looked like she was kissing her back," Tripp said. Worried about Allie, Claire marched over to the restaurant with Tripp.

At Julie's Place, Chanel and Allie continued to drink at the bar and talk. Allie noted that Tripp was busy with his internship at the hospital. "If he can't make the time, then he's a jerk, and you need to move on," Chanel advised. Allie reminded Chanel that, as a mom, Allie was also busy. "Love always finds a way," Chanel said. Chanel suggested that she and Allie could look for work together.

After another toast, Allie hugged Chanel. Claire and Tripp walked into the restaurant. "Get your hands off my cousin!" Claire yelled. Surprised, Allie pulled away. Chanel saw it was Claire, and she downed the rest of her cocktail.

In the tunnels of the DiMera mansion, Kristen called Vivian and told her that Kate had dumped Jake. "Kate is now headed for a lifetime on a deserted island," Kristen said. Kristen asked Vivian to keep Susan calm because Kristen needed more time with Brady. When Kristen entered the wine cellar, a gagged Kate struggled against her restraints. Kristen removed the gag.

"You bitch!" Kate yelled. Kate threatened to kill Kristen, and she stressed that Jake would discover Kristen's plot. With a shrug, Kristen said, "My guess is [Jake] is too busy working his way into Gabi's bed, since you've broken his heart." Kristen pulled out a syringe. As Kate eyed the syringe, Kristen noted that when Kate woke up, she would be on an almost deserted island.

"You don't want to do this," Kate said. As Kristen leaned over to inject Kate, Kate broke free of her restraints. Kate and Kristen struggled for control of the syringe. Kristen got the upper hand and injected Kate. Once Kate was unconscious, Kristen stuffed her in a canvas bag. Kristen pulled on her Kate mask, and she wheeled the canvas bag out the tunnels into the living room. As the door to the tunnels closed, Jake walked into the room.

"I thought you moved out last night," Jake said as he saw the bag. "I forgot a few things," "Kate" said. Jake stepped in front of her. "I'm not letting you walk out of my life without trying to change your mind first," Jake said. "Kate" told Jake to get out of her way. Jake refused, and he argued that "Kate" had been behaving strangely. "Kate" told Jake to move so that she did not miss her flight.

"You're leaving because you're in love with me," Jake said. "Are you stupid?" "Kate" asked. Jake accused "Kate" of running away from her feelings. As Jake reached for "Kate's" canvas bag, she blocked him. "I'm not letting you leave," Jake said. "Don't you dare!" "Kate" yelled. "Kate" told Jake to accept that it was over.

"With me gone, you can team up with little chic Gabi again. The two of you can run DiMera. Won't that be a match made in heaven?" "Kate" said. "Kate" dragged her canvas bag past Jake toward the front door, and she called out, "Bye, Jake!" After Kristen shoved the canvas bag in her car, she removed her "Kate" mask and headed for the airport. "I almost threw my back out, getting you into that duffel bag. And that lovesick brother of mine has put us off schedule," Kristen complained.

At the prison, Susan paced the visitors' room, and she complained about Kristen. "I don't know how much more I can take," Susan said. "Kristen?" Brady said as he entered the room. Susan switched into her "Kristen" voice, and she greeted Brady. As "Kristen" appeared surprised to see Brady, he reminded her that Rachel's birthday was the next day. "Kristen" promised that she had not forgotten her daughter's birthday. Brady asked "Kristen" to sign Rachel's birthday card.

"It's Rachel's favorite animal! Little duckies!" "Kristen" cooed as she looked at the card. "Kittens. Kittens are her favorite, but I couldn't find one with kittens on it," Brady said. "Kristen" covered and noted that Rachel had previously loved ducks. Flustered, "Kristen" asked for a pen, and she asked about birthday plans. When Brady mentioned that Sami might join the festivities, "Kristen" noted that would be nice. Startled, Brady asked "Kristen," "Since when?"

"I mean, how nice for selfish, hateful Sami to take a break from caring for my poor brother E.J.," "Kristen" said. "Kristen" signed the card and handed it back to Brady. "My dear little Rachel, I miss my sugar plum princess so much on her special day," Brady read. "Kristen" beamed as Brady continued to read. "All my love, Susan," Brady concluded. The smile fell from "Kristen's" face. Concerned, Brady asked "Kristen" why she had signed Susan's name to the card. "Kristen" floundered for a second, then Brady stood up and backed away.

"Tell me this isn't happening," Brady said. "This isn't happening," "Kristen" responded. Brady asked if Kristen had been living with him as Susan the whole time. "It's me. It's Rachel's mama," "Kristen" stammered. Brady was not fooled. "Don't lie to me, Susan!" Brady growled. Caught, Susan wrinkled her nose and said in her normal voice, "The jig is up." Susan took out her false teeth and smiled at Brady.

"[Kristen] convinced me I had to do it for Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black," Susan said. Brady asked Susan what she meant. Susan explained that Kristen had warned her that Chloe continued to put Brady in danger, which would upset Marlena and John. "You're telling me this is all about Chloe?" Brady asked. Susan argued that Chloe would have stolen Brady away from Kristen if Susan had not agreed to switch places.

"This is nuts!" Brady yelled. Susan told Brady that Kristen loved him so much that she was willing to do anything to protect Brady. "No wonder you were so rude to Chloe. I mean, you weren't. Kristen was rude," Brady said. "We both were," Susan said. Susan explained that she had not liked how Chloe had pursued Brady. Susan said that Brady was lucky that Kristen had been there to protect him from Chloe. When Susan mentioned Vivian's help, Brady raised an eyebrow.

"Vivian is in on this?" Brady asked. Susan explained that Kristen knew that Susan would need help because Susan was a bad liar. "What's in it for Vivian?" Brady asked. Frustrated, Susan yelped that she was ready to go home. "You're not going anywhere," Brady said. Brady asked Susan to help Kristen.

"If the authorities find out that [Kristen] escaped again, they are going to put her away for a long time," Brady said. Brady asked Susan to think about Rachel. Reluctantly, Susan promised to continue to pose as Kristen a little longer. "I'll do it for Rachel," Susan said. Brady handed Susan the birthday card, and he rushed out of the room.

Brady jumped in his car and drove toward Salem. "Damn it, Kristen. I know you love me. I know you love Rachel. But I don't know why you take these crazy risks. If I don't get you back to the prison before they find out, this is going to end in disaster," Brady muttered.

As Kristen drove toward the airport, Kate woke up and managed to unzip the bag she was in. Kristen reached in the backseat and swatted at Kate. While Kristen was distracted, her car weaved into the other lane, headed straight for Brady's car. Brady swerved his car to the side.

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