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Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, October 7, 2019
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Monday, October 7, 2019
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Eve placed the last of her belongings -- a framed photograph of her daughter -- in a suitcase. "Well, I wish that I could say being back in Salem has been fun...but it has been a bitch, and I'm glad it's over," she mused with a shake of the head before exiting her hotel room with her luggage and slamming the door shut.

A short time later, while passing through the park, Eve spotted Vivian, who was sitting on one of the benches, sobbing hysterically. "Are you all right?" Eve asked. "No, I'm not all right. The police shot my son. That's his blood," Vivian replied, pointing at a nearby pool of blood. "I know what it's like to lose a child --" Eve empathetically began after Vivian shared the whole story. "My dear, we are talking about my pain, not yours," Vivian snapped. "Yes, I understand... [So], what will you do now?" Eve continued. "I'm gonna do exactly as my son wanted me to -- I'm gonna get the hell out of Salem," Vivian revealed.

"Well, um...you know, maybe you don't have to go alone," Eve spontaneously suggested. "Aren't you being just a little shortsighted?" Vivian argued after finding out why Eve wanted to leave Salem. "My dear, you have the best reason in the world to stay in Salem -- revenge! [I mean], believe me, if the cops weren't breathing down my neck, I would take my revenge on the cop that shot him, [and] that wife of his, and everybody in between...but you, my dear, have the best chance right now to take your revenge [on] Jack and what's-her-face, [so you should] stay and fight!" Vivian reasoned, surprising Eve.

"I have been fighting my entire life, [and] I am so tired of losing," Eve admitted, sighing. "Grow yourself a spine and stand your ground!" Vivian advised. "What 'ground' are you talking about? Everything that I thought I had with Jack -- love, a future -- that bitch Jennifer just stripped it away from me!" Eve protested. "[Then] get him back," Vivian countered, shrugging. "How do you propose I do that?" Eve asked. "Well, I'm not gonna suggest that you shoot her and throw her in an open grave, 'cause that sure didn't work out well for me...[but] you're very resourceful -- I'm sure you can come up with something," Vivian replied.

Just then, Vivian received a text message from the pilot, who wasn't willing to wait much longer. "Where are you gonna go?" Eve wondered. "Oh, what does it matter? How can I possibly escape the sorrow of losing my child?" Vivian fretted. "Vivian...my Paige was the most important thing in my life, and when I lost her, I didn't think I would ever get over [it]...and I haven't, but I can tell you this much -- the pain does ease a little...[and], in time, I think that you might be able to find your way to a future, and...I don't know -- maybe some happiness," Eve advised. "Maybe happiness just isn't in the cards for people like us," Vivian countered.

"Maybe you're right...[but] you've given me, um, a little hope here, [because] I think the day that I start moving on with my life is today," Eve told Vivian, who was pleased to hear that.

"Would you dispose of this for me, please?" Vivian asked, handing Eve a gift bag. As Vivian rushed off to meet up with the pilot, Eve peeked inside the bag and found the "Dr. Cramer" disguise. "To think that I was ready to say goodbye to this crazy town... Well, looks like it's 'hello' again...'cause there's no way that I'm done with Jack and Jennifer -- no way in hell," Eve mused with a mischievous cackle before heading back to the Salem Inn.

At the hospital, Jennifer complained to Jack about Julie and Doug's puzzling decision to leave the hospital without telling anyone where they were going. Jack soothingly guessed that Julie and Doug were both perfectly fine, and Jennifer conceded that was probably true. "Would you mind if I just called Hope and Eli to see if they found [Julie and Doug] yet?" Jennifer asked. "Tell you what -- I'll call Eli, you call Hope, and we'll kill two birds with one --" Jack tried to offer, but Jennifer declined the help. "If you could just maybe go stretch your legs for a minute..." Jennifer suggested, and Jack reluctantly agreed.

At Doug's Place, Hope comforted Doug, who was certain that Julie was dead. "Grandma's not gone from us yet," Eli announced after checking Julie's pulse. "Her pulse is weak, but it's still there," Eli elaborated.

Hope wanted to get Julie to the hospital right away, and Eli agreed, but Doug refused. "That's not what she wants!" Doug protested. "What about what she needs?" Hope countered. "No! She does not want to die in a hospital! She made me promise her that she wouldn't! That's why I brought her here!" Doug maintained. "Remember what you always told me? 'Where there's life, there's hope.' Please -- we can't give up! [Look], I know how much you love her, and [that] you want to honor her wishes, but if there is even a chance..." Hope reasoned.

"This is what she wants -- for...for the two of us to be the two of us here, wrapped in...in this place she loves so much, [and] in our dreams, and in our memories, and just the two of us -- [and] if this is the last promise I make my wife, I am keeping it!" Doug insisted. "And you have kept it, okay? But Hope and I didn't make that promise, so we have to take the decision out of your hands and get Julie to the hospital," Eli argued, and Hope agreed, forcing an outnumbered Doug to reluctantly give in. Hope assured Doug that Julie would understand.

At the hospital, Jennifer picked up the plate of spiked doughnuts and scoffed at them. "It's not gonna do any good," she muttered before tossing them into a trash can with a sigh of frustration.

As Jennifer reached for a tissue, Jack reentered Julie's room, carrying a brown paper bag. Jennifer quickly turned away from Jack and started drying both eyes. "I didn't, um -- I didn't expect you back so quickly," Jennifer admitted. "Did you call Eli or Hope?" Jack wondered. "Mm-hmm. It's just, uh, voicemail," Jennifer reported, still refusing to face Jack, who soon noticed a pile of used tissues.

"I brought you something," Jack revealed, offering the brown paper bag to Jennifer. "Oh -- thanks, [but] I couldn't even eat anything right now," Jennifer replied. "Good to know, because this isn't edible -- or, at least, I don't think it is," Jack clarified, drawing a slight chuckle from Jennifer, who eyed the bag with a hint of curiosity but didn't reach for it. "I would ask you how you're doing, but you would probably just tell me that you're fine, just like you did when...you know, you kicked me out of [here earlier]," Jack acknowledged. "I didn't kick you out," Jennifer insisted. "You kicked me out," Jack maintained.

"I'm remembering... You -- you do something that is so...it's adorable, but it is infuriating...but adorable. You pretend everything is all right when it is not. You were kidnapped --" Jack began. "But I was rescued!" Jennifer interjected. "[And] you were almost killed, and now -- now, you're worried about one of the most important people in your life, and you're gonna put on a face [that] says 'everything is all right' and set sail into the wind," Jack continued. "Gosh -- am I that obvious?" Jennifer asked. "Yes. [Plus], evidence suggests that -- that you just had a good cry," Jack replied.

"So...please, open this up," Jack urged Jennifer, holding out the brown paper bag again. "It's a jade plant!" Jennifer tearfully acknowledged after accepting the bag and peeking inside it. "Yeah...[and it's probably even] sadder [and] scrawnier than the first one I gave you," Jack replied. "No -- it's so beautiful!" Jennifer insisted, managing a slight smile. "You didn't have to do this," Jennifer stressed. "I did -- if only to remind you...contra mundum," Jack countered, prompting Jennifer to recall another moment from their past -- their adoption of an "us against the world" attitude.

"You're not in this alone," Jack assured Jennifer, who nodded and seized a hug.

J.J. exited an elevator just as Lani was wrapping up a phone conversation with Abe. "Julie...?" J.J. assumed, seeing that Lani was upset about something. "No..." Lani assured J.J. before regretfully explaining what had happened earlier that night. "You did what you were trained to do. It's not your fault," J.J. stressed. "I really wish that I could believe that," Lani admitted.

Meanwhile, Gabi lashed out at Kayla, refusing to believe that Stefan was beyond help. "What do you know? You don't know anything! You told everybody that Kate wasn't gonna wake up, and she's fine -- she's totally fine! Stefan's gonna be fine, too!" Gabi insisted. "This is completely different. Kate was in a coma. Stefan has no neurological activity. Gabi, this condition is not reversible. He is not going to make it back [from this]," Kayla maintained. "I'm sorry --" Kayla began to stress. "You're not 'sorry'! You've -- you've always hated Stefan!" Gabi snapped.

"Oh, my God -- you did this!" Gabi suddenly decided. "You saw your chance, and you tried to kill my husband!" Gabi continued. "I'm gonna get a second opinion! He's gonna be fine! [And we're] gonna sue you [and] this entire hospital!" Gabi concluded before ordering Kayla to leave. Kayla patiently tried to defuse the situation at first but eventually agreed to leave after Gabi started throwing things. Once the coast was clear, Gabi wrapped both arms around Stefan and broke down. "Why did you have to play hero -- and for your mother, of all people? I know that you love her, [but] it should not be you here; it should be your mother!" Gabi spat.

J.J. was still trying to comfort Lani when Kayla approached to provide an update on Stefan's condition. "So, there's just -- there's no hope?" Lani summarized. "I'm sorry -- no," Kayla confirmed. Lani nodded and rushed off in tears, and J.J. tried to follow, but Jennifer and Jack approached just then and explained what had just happened at Doug's Place, having heard from Hope minutes earlier. "[For Julie to] just take off like that -- and for Doug to go along with it..." J.J. grumbled as Kayla rushed off to prepare for Julie's arrival. "Julie has always lived on her own terms. You know that. And she is not about to change now," Jennifer told J.J., who conceded the point.

Eli soon approached and reported that Hope and Doug were with Kayla in the emergency room, where Julie was undergoing a series of tests. Jennifer and Jack rushed outside to call and update Abigail, leaving J.J. alone with Eli, who had already heard about Stefan's shooting from someone at the police station a few minutes earlier. "I tried to talk [Lani] down, but it didn't do much good. I think she just needs you right now," J.J. told Eli.

Gabi promised Stefan that the Salem Police Department was going to be hit with a lawsuit for having made the mistake of employing Lani, who clearly wasn't fit to even hold, let alone fire, a gun. Lani arrived just then and tried to apologize for what had happened. "I had no idea [Stefan] was just gonna jump out in front of [Vivian] --" Lani stressed. "Did you just blame Stefan for being shot?" Gabi snapped. "That is not what I meant," Lani insisted. "[If] you came here for forgiveness, understand this -- you will never, ever get that from me!" Gabi spat before ordering Lani to leave.

"I am going to sue you! I'm gonna sue Kayla! I'm gonna sue this entire hospital!" Gabi vowed when Lani didn't leave right away. Eli arrived just then and tried to help Lani defuse the situation, but Gabi continued lashing out until the couple finally retreated from Stefan's room together. Lani and Eli settled in the nearest waiting area and took turns confiding in each other about everything that had happened with Stefan and Julie that night. Meanwhile, Kayla regretfully informed Doug, Hope, Jennifer, Jack, and J.J. that Julie had slipped into a coma and was on a ventilator. "There's always hope...but it's unlikely [that she'll come out of the coma]," Kayla added.

Kayla led Hope, Jennifer, Jack, and J.J. to the nearest waiting area, where Lani and Eli were still gathered. Kayla informed the group that Stefan might be a suitable heart donor for Julie. Everyone was thrilled to hear that, but Hope didn't want Doug to know yet, just in case things didn't work out again. "I agree with Hope. I mean, at this point, we don't know what Stefan's end-of-life wishes are, or if he's even a match," Kayla pointed out. "[Plus, Lani and I] just came from Gabi's room, and she is in no condition to even consider [this] request," Eli warned.

Alone with Julie, Doug hopefully requested, "I know you're tired, my darling...but if you can hear me, why don't you give my hand a little squeeze?" Julie didn't respond.

Alone with Stefan, Gabi tearfully promised, "I'm not gonna let anybody come near you, okay? Unless that person can -- can help you in some way." Stefan didn't respond.

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