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Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, December 2, 2019
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Monday, December 2, 2019
by Mike

At Statesville, Clyde approached Ben and Will's shared cell and casually leaned against its barred door. "Well, what do ya know -- my little caged bird [is] all alone, with nobody to protect him..." Clyde tauntingly observed, surprising Will, who had been busy writing in a journal. "[That's right] -- Ben is not here -- [so]...what are you still doing here?" Will tiredly countered after setting the journal aside and jumping down from the top bunk.

"I thought I'd come keep you company [while Ben's] in the visitin' room with his lady," Clyde explained with a shrug. "I don't want your company, so...get lost," Will demanded, but Clyde stayed put, flashing a wicked grin.

"Excuse me -- would you kindly take this creep, uh, back to his cell, please?" Will called out to a passing guard, who started to grant the request. "Now, hold on there, Earl," Clyde protested, stopping the guard. "I take pretty good care of you, don't I? What with all the whiskey and boxes of cigars... So, I figure the least you could do for me is to let me have a little private visit with my friend Will here," Clyde continued. "You can stand there until hell freezes over, but I'm not saying another word to you," Will stressed. "Well, that suits me fine -- you see, I was plannin' on doin' all the talkin', anyway," Clyde countered.

"[Now], if you wouldn't mind, Earl...I would appreciate you unlockin' this door," Clyde continued. "I don't want him in here!" Will nervously objected, but the guard granted Clyde's request, anyway -- then walked away.

"What do you -- what do you want?" Will asked worriedly while trying to dodge Clyde's advances. "Just a little alone time with the 'pretty boy' of Cellblock B," Clyde suggestively replied, backing Will against the frame of the bunk beds. "See, Will, I think you need to be taken down a peg...and I'm just the man to do the honors," Clyde continued as Will gulped.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ciara continued chatting in the visitor's lounge. "I can't believe that you left your family on Thanksgiving to come to this godforsaken place," Ben admitted with a shake of the head. "[Well, unfortunately], this godforsaken place is where you are -- and you're family now, too," Ciara reasoned with a shrug.

Ben and Ciara soon began discussing Mackenzie. "[I'm just glad] that baby's away from my father's guy -- even if [we] didn't get a confession out of Xander [first]," Ben stressed. "[We] almost did," Ciara revealed before discreetly passing something to Ben. "And that's the whole bloody story of what we did," Ben read aloud after carefully opening a charred piece of paper. "I saw Xander burning that [after he and Sarah brought Mickey home from the police station]. I tried to get it out of the fireplace, but that was all that was left. [Anyway, it] has to be [his] confession [that he] and my grandfather [killed] Jordan," Ciara explained.

"If I had just gotten there a little bit sooner, then I would have been able to stop Xander from burning that paper, and then I would have been able to prove that he and my grandfather set you up," Ciara fretted. "Do not blame yourself. [Look], I could have gone along with Clyde's plan, and I didn't -- [and] I don't regret that for a second, [because] I'd rather be in here than let him do something awful to [Mickey]," Ben stressed. "[You think] he would really hurt a defenseless little baby? What kind of soulless monster does something like that?" Ciara asked. "My old man," Ben replied without hesitation, certain that Clyde was capable of anything.

Will, still trapped with Clyde, stiffened against the frame of the bunk beds. "What, uh...what are...what are you gonna do to me?" Will nervously wondered while glaring at Clyde helplessly. "[Well], I'm not gonna violate you, boy -- I don't swing that way, not even in prison," Clyde stressed with a chuckle while soothingly patting Will's right cheek.

"But I am gonna do what one of my men should've done to your husband a couple years ago -- I'm gonna kill you," Clyde continued, suddenly producing a shank and holding it up so Will could get a good look at it. Horrified, Will quickly gripped Clyde's right wrist with both hands in a desperate attempt to keep the shank at bay -- while simultaneously struggling to squirm out from under the weight of Clyde's left arm, which Clyde had slammed against Will's chest seconds earlier and was using to keep Will pinned against the frame of the bunk beds.

"Why -- why do you want to kill me, Clyde? I -- I haven't -- I haven't done anything," Will protested. "'Cept for the dirty deed that got you in here, huh?" Clyde countered with a smirk. "[Actually], I'm more worried about what you might do. [See], one of my guys saw you and Ben this mornin' with your heads together -- and [he] managed to hear [that] you know that I'm behind that kidnapping," Clyde explained as Will continued struggling in vain. "But I didn't -- I didn't say anything! And I won't -- I promise! Clyde, I -- come on, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut! I promise!" Will fearfully assured Clyde while fighting back tears.

"I'm so sorry, Will -- that's just not good enough. [See], you're a loose end, [and] I hate loose ends. [But] don't you worry -- it'll be over soon," Clyde replied before suddenly putting more weight on Will's chest while simultaneously lowering the shank to Will's midsection -- just as Ben burst into the cell, the door of which the guard had closed earlier but had not locked. Ben dragged Clyde away in a chokehold, and a struggle ensued. Meanwhile, Will gasped for breath, clearly shaken but otherwise seemingly unharmed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin impatiently prodded Kayla for a response. "You just announced that you want us to live together, and you expect an answer now?" Kayla asked incredulously. "Okay, maybe that wasn't fair... It's just that we [just] had a really nice Thanksgiving [together, and] when things go normally around here, in my house -- uh, even for a day -- I just...I feel like that's a sign. [Look], we have been friends for years, and we've been together for months now, [and] we're so good together, [so]...I just want us to be together all the time," Justin excitedly replied.

Before Kayla could respond, Abe entered the mansion, armed with Justin and Sonny's respective awards from the earlier road race. "Due to a bureaucratic snafu, no one could find the medals [earlier]," Abe explained to Kayla after Justin accepted both awards. "I will give Sonny his...if he's lucky," Justin joked. "Well, you know, thank you for participating -- I know it wasn't easy this year," Abe stressed. "Yeah... We ran in, uh, Adrienne's memory," Justin confirmed. "You did her proud -- and you almost beat Sonny's time," Abe acknowledged. "Be sure to mention that to him next time you see him," Justin requested, and Abe agreed with a laugh.

"You know, it does my heart good to see the two of you together...and I hope you're happy, 'cause you certainly deserve it," Abe said to Justin and Kayla before exiting the mansion.

"I believe that was an official endorsement from the mayor of Salem. [So]...what do you think about moving in with me? [You know], life is short..." Justin said to Kayla once the coast was clear. "I know, [and] I wish I could...but I don't think it's a good idea. Listen, I feel great about where we're at [right now], and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, [but] I just think that if we don't need to rush it, [then we shouldn't...and besides], this is where you lived with Adrienne, and I'm sure her memory's around every single corner -- and it should be, [and] I don't want to intrude on that," Kayla reasoned, and Justin conceded the point.

"Listen, why don't we go back to my place?" Kayla suggested, and Justin agreed -- but when they got there and started watching a football game together, Kayla grew a bit distant, and Justin eventually noticed. "Sorry -- [it's just that] I was just thinking that Steve and I always watched football on Thanksgiving, [so] it's sort of a tradition [for us]...and I just wonder if those memories mean anything to him now," Kayla explained. "Well, they obviously mean something to you, so...let's do something else," Justin suggested. "You don't mind?" Kayla asked. "No -- [we'll just] start a Thanksgiving tradition [that's] all our own," Justin replied.

Later, as the ending credits of an old movie were rolling, Kayla spontaneously invited Justin to move into the townhouse, which was neutral territory that neither Steve nor Adrienne had ever entered. "It'd be a fresh start for both of us," Kayla reasoned, and Justin happily agreed.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena tried to get John to forget about the mysterious bouquet of flowers that had arrived earlier. "[We] can't be in denial about this -- [we both know that] there is one [other] 'S' that we haven't mentioned," John reluctantly pointed out. "No -- it can't be Stefano!" Marlena insisted. "It can always be Stefano," John countered.

"You didn't see him in that jail cell in Prague, [but] Steve and I [did, and] he was not well --" Marlena began to stress. "[Then] how the hell did he escape from jail?" John wondered. "I don't know -- maybe he paid somebody off [to] carry him out," Marlena guessed. "[And then he just] disappeared?" John asked skeptically. "That's what people do sometimes when they're dead -- they just disappear!" Marlena tiredly replied. "Doc, they didn't call him 'the Phoenix' for nothing!" John argued, and Marlena grudgingly conceded the point.

"[But] why would he ever risk coming back here?" Marlena wondered. "Because his empire is in shambles. Do you think he's gonna sit around and let Gabi Hernandez run the store?" John reasoned. "I don't want to think about any of this --" Marlena began to stress. "Well, you better start, honey -- because if he's alive, he's still obsessed with you, and sending you these damn flowers to rattle your nerves [is] his style," John warned. "[But] it's been so long --" Marlena pointed out. "Yeah -- and popping up just when you let your guard down? That's Stefano," John countered.

"[But] what could he even do to us?" Marlena asked nervously. "I don't know...but I'm sure as hell not gonna wait around to find out. I'm gonna call the ISA first thing in the morning [and] get my team together [so we can be] ready to meet Stefano head to head --" John urgently replied. "I think we're letting our imaginations run away with us --" Marlena tried to protest -- just as someone knocked on the townhouse door.

"Oh, Stefano -- it's been so long! How are you? How nice to see you!" Marlena said while opening the townhouse door as a way of teasing John. "I have been called a lot of dirty names in my time, but never 'Stefano,'" Abe admitted while entering the townhouse, armed with John's award from the road race. After John and Marlena took turns explaining what had prompted the odd greeting, Abe contacted Theo, who reported that Stefano hadn't been in touch lately. "I wish there was some way to confirm whether Stefano is dead or alive," Marlena grumbled. "There just might be..." Abe suddenly realized.

"You really think that Celeste can use her psychic powers to tell us whether or not Stefano has crossed to the other side?" John asked skeptically after Abe elaborated. "Well, we all know she has a gift, so...why not ask her to try?" Abe replied with a shrug, and John conceded the point.

"I would [do just] about anything to know for sure if Stefano is dead or alive," Marlena told John after Abe left. "Me, too...but I think we know, from our own bitter experience, that [even] if he is dead, the Phoenix always rises from the ashes," John fretted.

At the makeshift palace, Gina waited for Stefano's thoughts on the portrait that was finally finished. "I suppose it will have to do," Stefano eventually conceded, eyeing Steve's likeness with obvious disgust.

"I worked very hard on this painting -- and rendered you as you have never been seen before!" Gina defensively protested. "It's not your talent, or the quality of your work; it's that I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I now have Steve Johnson's body -- as well as his face!" Stefano bitterly clarified before turning to the other portrait in the palace -- the one that had hung in the DiMera mansion for decades.

"That face -- that's the face of a man who runs his world...and knows it," Stefano stressed. "You are still that man," Gina insisted.

"Your body betrayed you --" Gina began to elaborate. "I survived the bullets Hope Brady put in me!" Stefano proudly pointed out. "Indeed you did...but there was also the diabetes, and the cancer --" Gina continued. "I don't need to be reminded!" Stefano snapped. "You deserved a body that was worthy of the man that you are inside, [and] Rolf gave you that body," Gina concluded with a shrug.

"[But] did it have to be Steve Johnson's? There must have been alternatives -- men who...who didn't call themselves 'Patch'!" Stefano argued. "You are sounding terribly ungrateful. Johnson's body -- well, it is nothing to complain about..." Gina stressed while groping Stefano. "Even so...the poor man had only one good eye!" Stefano grumbled after squirming away from Gina. "Yes, he did...but Rolf took care of that little issue [when he] put in a perfectly workable synthetic eye," Gina pointed out. "[Look], you are no John Black...but, if I may be so blunt, you could have done much, much worse," Gina maintained.

"I am not just talking about Steve Johnson's face and body; it's the whole package -- [I mean], the man was a thorn in my side for years!" Stefano complained. "[Well], you did brainwash him and keep him from his loved ones for well over a decade..." Gina recalled. "[Listen], Steffy, you must look at this as your ultimate victory over him," Gina advised.

"[After all], you have his face [as well as] his body, [and] you also took away the one thing that meant the world to him -- [you took away] the love of his life. [Remember], just one year ago, he promised her he would be back after he cleaned up the security breach caused by his robotic eye -- [he] was desperate to be free and clear so he could return to his beloved -- but that [was] when you made your move [and] had him imprisoned," Gina continued. "Forced to accept this body as my own, I had to make sure of their separation -- [I had to make her] believe that [he] had abandoned her," Stefano reasoned with a shrug.

"What you did [next] was stunning -- not having Steve show up at his own sister's funeral," Gina raved. "It was good, wasn't it?" Stefano agreed. "[And] sending Kayla the signed divorce papers -- now, that [was] your coup de grce," Gina declared. "She must have been heartbroken to discover that the love of her life had turned his back on her and their children..." Stefano mused. "But she soldiered on -- and began sleeping with her dead sister-in-law's very handsome husband," Gina noted. "She can have him. I care nothing for her," Stefano insisted.

"There is only one woman in the world for me -- my Queen of the Night. [She] is what kept me alive -- I couldn't die without possessing her," Stefano stressed while removing one of the queens from the nearby chess table. "What is it with you men? All that woman ever does is pass out unwarranted judgments! I want that woman out of my life -- that smug, humorless, insufferable woman -- and for good!" Gina complained. "Are you trying to provoke me?" Stefano snapped, scowling at Gina. "Watch how you talk about my queen," Stefano warned, and Gina shrugged in response.

"We both want the same thing...and, this time, we will separate John and Marlena -- permanently," Stefano assured Gina. "[Now], while you've been, uh, pining after John, I came up with a new plan to rip him and Marlena apart...[but] we might have some trouble with the law," Stefano continued. "Well, lucky for [us], I am the commissioner of police -- which is why we decided to put me back in that position in the first place," Gina pointed out. "When Samantha Brady walked away with half of your fortune --" Gina randomly began to add. "Ugh -- another thorn in my side! She won't let me anywhere near Elvis, and he needs me!" Stefano grumbled.

"We are getting off track here," Gina acknowledged, dropping the matter just as randomly. "Tell me about your new plan to separate John and Marlena," Gina excitedly requested. "[All] you need to know for now is that when all is said and done, I will have my queen...and you can have her leftovers," Stefano replied while removing one of the pawns from the chess table. "Gladly," Gina agreed, taking the pawn from Stefano.

Stefano hesitantly walked over to the old portrait, removed it from the wall, and replaced it with the new portrait. "If this is the new me...I'd better get used to seeing myself as I am now," Stefano acknowledged with a sigh, and Gina agreed. "It's good to be back," Stefano admitted to Gina with a wicked grin.

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