Sonny questions Will about their divorce
Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Thursday, February 20, 2020
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Kristen awoke with a start after a nightmare in which a newborn Rachel had vanished from the hospital without a trace but could still be heard crying throughout the building. Kristen couldn't help feeling that there was an important hidden meaning behind the nightmare, but Brady argued that a nightmare was sometimes just a nightmare.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah awoke with a start after a nightmare in which Mackenzie had suddenly died. Sarah couldn't help feeling that there was an important hidden meaning behind the nightmare, but Xander argued that a nightmare was sometimes just a nightmare -- and the sounds that were periodically being transmitted through the baby monitor confirmed that Mackenzie was fine.

"There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you and our daughter," Xander stressed. "Maybe we should just be a little careful about you calling yourself her father in front of Eric," Sarah warned. "Eric's making a serious mistake if he overplays his hand about being that little girl's father," Xander grumbled, confusing Sarah. "Sorry -- I didn't mean to disparage Eric," Xander quickly backpedaled.

"I just don't have to share DNA with a child to be a good father to them," Xander carefully clarified. "I agree... [And], speaking of DNA, I'm gonna call the hospital lab..." Sarah replied before reaching for a cell phone. "[You know, it was] so kind of Abigail [to] get tested [and] try to round up [other] potential donors... [And], God willing, one of them will be a match..." Sarah continued while dialing a phone number. "Let's hope so..." Xander agreed, clearly thinking of Tate.

Meanwhile, Victor entered the mansion in a wheelchair that Maggie was pushing. "For God's sakes, Maggie, I had a stroke -- I'm not some invalid that needs a wheelchair!" Victor protested. "I just wanted to get you home safely," Maggie explained. "[Now], let me be very clear about this -- you need to relax, [and] under no circumstances can you engage in anything that will cause you any anxiety," Maggie stressed -- just as Rafe entered the mansion and asked to talk to Victor about official police business.

"Don't you have your hands full, dealing with your homicidal maniac of a sister?" Victor asked. "She's in custody...and rest assured, she'll be facing the appropriate charges," Rafe replied, choosing to ignore the dig. "I'm more concerned about Arianna -- [I mean], with both parents in prison... Dear God!" Maggie fretted. "She doesn't know yet, does she?" Rafe asked. "Uh, no... [But] once they get more information on what Gabi is facing, then I'm sure they'll find a way to break the news to her," Maggie replied. "There's never a good time," Victor acknowledged. "But we'll do whatever we can for Sonny's daughter," Victor stressed.

"Great... [But] that is not why I'm here," Rafe replied. "I have reason to believe that someone under this roof has committed a very serious crime," Rafe continued, confusing Maggie and making Victor squirm a bit. "I can't imagine what you'd be investigating here -- last time there was a criminal living under this roof, it was Will Horton...and, as [Maggie] just said, he's behind bars [already]!" Victor innocently stressed. "I'm talking about Ben Weston," Rafe clarified. "I assume you've heard he escaped from prison -- [and] Ciara and Ben have had a history, [so] I'm concerned that she might be helping him," Rafe explained.

"My granddaughter is far too busy working her way up in a major corporation to be abetting a convicted felon -- and I happen to know for a fact that she's got a meeting at Titan this morning, [because] she texted me with questions [about it earlier]," Victor insisted. "Right... Yeah, well, I'm actually well aware of that meeting at Titan -- in fact, I was just there...[and] Ciara was a no-show. [And] my guess would be [that] if I asked to see your phone, those texts wouldn't be on it," Rafe countered. "What's going on?" Maggie interjected. "He's lying to me," Rafe explained.

"And I'm just wondering why," Rafe continued, eyeing Victor suspiciously. "Just because my granddaughter took pity on that convicted murderer, [that] doesn't mean that she's ruthless enough or stupid enough to try and break him out of prison!" Victor insisted. "I understand that...and I care about Ciara, too -- very much. I don't want to see her in trouble [any more than you do]. So, if she happens to text you, or call you, or stop by...please, let her know I need to speak to her right away," Rafe replied before exiting the mansion, leaving Victor alone with Maggie, who clearly shared the detective's suspicion.

"You were bluffing," Maggie guessed with a shake of the head. "You know, as well as I do, how much Ciara loves Ben -- [and that] she would do anything to help him," Maggie continued. "Don't worry -- I'll take care of it," Victor insisted. "[But] this is supposed to be a stress-free zone!" Maggie reiterated -- just as Xander entered the living room. "Welcome home!" Xander said to Victor. "Sarah's taking a shower, [and] I was supposed to check on the baby..." Xander explained before continuing to head toward the kitchen in search of something to feed Mackenzie. "Let me," Maggie volunteered before rushing off.

"Have you heard from Theresa?" Xander asked Victor as soon as the coast was clear. "Last time I checked, she hadn't heard anything," Victor replied. "Check again!" Xander begged. "I don't want to do that -- Theresa may become suspicious [if I do, and] we can't run the risk of someone finding out that we switched those babies!" Victor countered. "We did it for a good reason -- the best reason!" Xander stressed. "[And] I would be willing to do the same thing all over again...even though Brady has to suffer the consequences --" Victor admitted.

"What consequences?" Brady, who had just entered the mansion with Kristen, demanded to know, eyeing Victor and Xander suspiciously. "Xander and I were just discussing how Titan is thriving," Victor claimed. "With me at the helm," Xander stressed. "As I recall, Titan was doing just fine when I was CEO -- and then I was fired...for reasons that still haven't been explained to me," Brady countered. "Yeah -- and it turns out that Titan's loss was DiMera's gain; [I mean], Basic Black has been flourishing since Brady came aboard," Kristen raved.

"Is that why you're here -- to gloat?" Xander assumed. "No, Xander -- I'm here because my grandfather got out of the hospital, and I wanted to know how he was doing," Brady clarified. "Good as new," Victor reported. "Clearly...since you've already begun sticking your nose into business where it doesn't belong [yet again]," Brady countered, confusing Victor. "You went behind my back [and] had Tate -- and Theresa -- tested as donors for Mickey, [and] I would like to know why," Brady, who had found out what Victor had done when Tate had innocently mentioned the test during an earlier phone conversation about a Valentine's Day gift, elaborated.

"Maggie's granddaughter could die, and you're niggling about a simple blood test!" Victor summarized. "Tate and Mackenzie are not even closely related!" Brady stressed. "Close enough!" Victor countered. "We're casting the widest net possible to try and save a little girl's life! We'd get everyone in the world tested if we could! Why would you have a problem with that?" Xander interjected. "He doesn't. Having lost our own daughter, we sympathize. [But] why did you ask Theresa not to tell Brady?" Kristen answered for Brady. "I knew that she couldn't keep her mouth shut..." Victor grumbled. "It was Tate who told me," Brady clarified.

"I'm not leaving here 'til you tell me the truth -- ['til you tell me] why you insisted on keeping [this] a secret," Brady warned. "Victor just came back from the hospital -- you shouldn't be stressing him out like this!" Xander snapped. "That's a very convenient excuse, [but] if he had the strength to contact Theresa, he has the strength to give me a legitimate reason why he wanted to keep it a secret," Brady countered. "Unbelievable! Kristen's still getting inside your head! [I mean], that crackpot obviously has you convinced there's some sort of a conspiracy going on here -- when there isn't!" Victor declared.

"Don't insult her! We're together [now, and you need to] have some respect for us!" Brady demanded. "You can go now!" Xander ordered Brady, again sticking up for Victor.

Meanwhile, Maggie entered Sarah's bedroom and reported that Mackenzie was doing well. "She's been so brave through all this -- such a little trouper," Sarah raved. "Yes, well, she proved that from the start, when she was born on the side of the road," Maggie noted. "Yeah... I think about that night a lot -- you know, Adrienne being kind [enough to offer] to drive me to the hospital, and..." Sarah admitted. "It should have been me," Maggie fretted. "We've been over this -- [and] the good news is that you didn't get in that car and drive [while drunk]," Sarah stressed.

"You know, I can't imagine how this is affecting Will... The torture [of] that one lapse in judgment -- [that] one text that he couldn't wait to send -- [that] ended up [leading to him] killing Sonny's mother..." Maggie mused.

At the DiMera guesthouse, Ben and Ciara awoke to the sound of someone pounding on the front door. "It's the police -- they found me!" Ben fretted. "I will stall them," Ciara promised.

Ben hurriedly dressed then prepared to climb out a back window -- just as Chad impatiently called out Ciara's name and pounded on the front door again. Ben breathed a sigh of relief as Ciara opened the door and let Chad into the guesthouse. "Surprise, surprise..." Chad began with a shake of the head, glaring at Ben. "I thought I made myself clear [when] I told you I wanted you gone by today!" Chad continued. "I'm gonna come back here in one hour, [and] if you are not gone [by then], I am gonna call the police," Chad concluded. "Got it," Ben replied as Chad stormed back out of the guesthouse with another shake of the head.

"Chad's not messing around, Ciara -- I need to get out of here," Ben realized. "I'm coming with you," Ciara insisted. "No, you're not -- we've been over and over this!" Ben countered, but Ciara again refused to listen.

"I am not gonna let you die over a murder that you didn't commit...and you don't have to -- not if we find the person who really killed Jordan. [And] I've spent a lot of time thinking [about] who could have done this -- who would have had a reason to do this -- [and I've realized]...what if it was the father of Jordan's baby? [I mean], there must have been bad blood between them, [because] Jordan kept him from seeing his own son...[and] maybe that gave him motive to actually kill her," Ciara said to Ben, who found the theory surprising -- but also intriguing.

"[Justin] said he'll talk to his contacts in California [and] see if they can tell him anything about David's father," Ciara continued. "[You know], when Rafe started this whole process of trying to adopt David, he tried to get information on David's real father, [too]...and he struck out -- [I mean, he's] a cop, and he couldn't find a single lead," Ben pointed out, finding it hard to believe that Justin would have better luck. "[Then] we'll dig deeper -- [I mean], someone out there has to know who Jordan was involved with, right?" Ciara countered.

Ben conceded the point -- then urged Ciara to stay behind in Salem and work on proving the theory instead of committing to life on the run. Ciara tried to protest but eventually gave in and said a tearful goodbye to Ben.

Just as Ben and Ciara were about to part ways, Rafe burst into the guesthouse, having finally convinced Chad to stop stalling and allow a search of the place.

At Statesville, Will was summoned to the visitor's lounge -- and was surprised to see Sonny waiting there. "I'm sorry about your grandfather," Sonny began. "Oh... Uh, yeah -- thanks... But, uh, that can't be why you're here... W-what's going on?" Will replied. "It's very bad..." Sonny warned before telling Will about what had happened during Gabi and Eli's wedding ceremony the previous day.

"My God..." Will muttered with a shake of the head after hearing the whole story. "[Gabi's] at the police station, [and I'm] gonna go see her [later], but I wanted to, you know, fill you in first," Sonny explained. "[Look], she's going to see prison time...and I just know how difficult that's gonna be for our daughter..." Sonny warned. "Especially since I'm in here, too! I -- I mean, I'm -- I'm so sorry that I'm -- I'm not there to support Ari; I mean, you -- this should not all be on your shoulders!" Will fretted. "Well, I'm gonna do the best that I can," Sonny promised.

"You know, Ari is not the only reason I, uh, came here to see you today," Sonny admitted. "What else?" Will asked worriedly. "Will, why haven't you filed our divorce papers?" Sonny curiously replied.

" a...very good reason...that I didn't file those papers..." Will carefully began to explain. "Divorce is a huge decision..." Will continued. "But we agreed -- I mean, we...we was over between us, and that it was the right thing to do...right? [You know], because...I mean, we're just not gonna get over the fact that --" Sonny pointed out. "I know," Will quickly stressed, not wanting Sonny to finish the sentence. "What I mean is...I -- I just wanted to, over the more time..." Will clarified. "Okay... Well...I mean...did you?" Sonny replied, still confused.

"Uh...yes, I did...[and] I was gonna, uh, file them...but, um...then...uh, something...something happened..." Will awkwardly tried to explain. "Um...Ben -- and -- and the whole place was on lockdown 'til this morning, so there's no, you know, mail going...going in or out..." Will continued, still finding it difficult to reveal the whole truth. "Okay... Um...well, do you have them here -- do you have the papers? 'Cause then I -- I can just go ahead and take care of it..." Sonny offered. " -- the warden...took the papers -- uh, they confiscated everything in my room, just to, you know, see if I was complicit in Ben's escape," Will reported.

"Well, did they give you any idea when -- when it -- when all of it would be returned?" Sonny asked. "No -- sorry," Will replied. "So, we're gonna have to wait for the prison to finish their investigation? Or...what, we're gonna have to start the whole process over again?" Sonny assumed. "Yeah... I mean, I -- I don't know which one would take more time, honestly..." Will admitted. "Well, maybe my dad would know --" Sonny began to suggest. "Well...m-m-maybe we should just...I don't know, w-wait it out..." Will protested. "Will, are -- are...are you rethinking a divorce?" Sonny wondered.

Before Will could respond, a guard interrupted to announce that it was time for Sonny to leave. "Um... Well, I...I... Uh, tell, uh...Ari that I -- that I love her," Will said to Sonny. "I'll be in touch," Sonny replied before rushing off.

Will waited until the coast was clear then released a heavy sigh. "I don't want to lose Sonny...but if I tell the truth -- that Maggie killed his mother -- I will hurt so many of the people that I love..." Will fretted.

After giving the matter some thought, Will used the pay phone to contact someone -- then waited in the visitor's lounge, which Maggie eventually entered. "It's good to see you, Will...although I was a little surprised to get your call," Maggie began. "Yeah... Well, um...thank you for coming..." Will replied while squirming a bit, clearly still conflicted. "Of course! But...why do you want to see me?" Maggie asked curiously.

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah joined Victor, Xander, Brady, and Kristen in the living room, where an argument was still in progress. Sarah tried to interrupt several times then finally shouted to shut everyone up -- and excitedly proceeded to reveal that someone from the hospital had just called to report that a bone marrow donor had been found for Mackenzie.

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