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Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, May 21, 2020
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Thursday, May 21, 2020
by Mike

At the hospital, Gabi protested that the analysis of Rolf's serum had to have been botched somehow, but Kayla insisted that the results had been properly scrutinized -- and showed that there was absolutely no difference whatsoever between the serum and the hallucinogen that had been found in Abigail's system. "I would never [intentionally] hurt [my husband] -- I love him!" Gabi declared, getting nervous. "Ever heard of 'priors'?" Lani countered, knowing that Gabi had tried to hurt Stefan in the past. "Cuff her, Danno," Eli said to Lani, who complied as Gabi complained that the joke wasn't funny. Jake, like the others, refused to believe Gabi's explanation.

Victor refused to fire Xander as a way of making amends with Brady. "I owe him," Victor explained. "You owe me, [but] what the hell do you owe him for?" Brady countered, prompting Victor to reveal what had happened the previous night. "So, don't you see? I can't fire him!" Victor insisted at the end of the tale. "Xander is a crap human being -- he stole my daughter, he stole my job, he practically stole my grandfather -- [and] you think [the fact that he saved Maggie's life] makes everything okay? [Look, either] fire him [and] make me the CEO...[or] you're never gonna see me again!" Brady countered, unmoved.

At the Salem Inn, Sarah listened in stunned silence as Xander continued talking about Maggie's suicide attempt. Sarah was skeptical at first but eventually accepted that Xander was telling the truth. Sarah feared that Maggie would continue trying to commit suicide -- and would one day succeed -- but Xander insisted that wasn't going to be an issue because, as it turned out, Maggie wasn't responsible for the accident that had caused the deaths of Adrienne and Mackenzie. "So, everything that you and Victor did really was just for nothing," Sarah noted after hearing the whole story. "We didn't know that then!" Xander stressed.

Changing the subject, Xander demanded Sarah's promise that nothing sexual would ever happen with Brady again. "After everything that you have done to me, I don't have to promise you anything, ever!" Sarah snapped, scowling. "It's not about me -- it's about you! [I mean], you don't love him, [and] he's not good for you!" Xander reasoned. "Then kidnap him [and] lock him in a cage. [Or] kill him. [Or] do whatever [else] pops into your head [so you can] run my life. 'bout this -- [maybe just] stay out of my life [and] don't think about me [anymore], because I'm never gonna think about you again!" Sarah countered.

Defeated, Xander went to the hospital to talk to Victor about what had just happened with Sarah. "She hates my guts. It's a permanent condition," Xander summarized with a sigh near the end of the recap. "[Oh -- and] she slept with Brady last night," Xander concluded, sighing again. "I thought he was feeling his oats this morning..." Victor mused before telling Xander about Brady's visit. "You told him to take a hike...right?" Xander asked hopefully after hearing about Brady's demand. "No, I didn't tell him anything...[because] I thought it was only fair that you hear it first -- you're fired," Victor unceremoniously replied.

At the police station, Eli and Lani escorted Gabi into one of the conference rooms -- and found Rolf inside, waiting to be taken to a court hearing.

"I am so happy that you are here! [Please], tell 'em what happened -- how you told me that Jake was Stefan, how you saved him, [how we were] gonna find the drug [and] get Stefan's memory back..." Gabi begged Rolf. "I have no idea what this young woman is talking about...[although she] has always had a very vivid imagination..." Rolf said to Eli and Lani.

"He is lying! [Look], check the prison logs, okay? I had to sign in to see him!" Gabi said to Eli and Lani. "I never said that [she] didn't come and visit me. [She] asked me if I had saved her husband, and I pointed out that that was impossible, as she'd given his heart to your dear, sweet little granny, [Detective Grant]. I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker," Rolf clarified for Eli and Lani. "[But then] I told him that I could get him out of [prison, and that's when] he admitted the truth!" Gabi explained to Eli and Lani. "I think I would have remembered if she'd proposed a prison break..." Rolf assured Eli and Lani.

"That is not what I said, you lying son of a bitch!" Gabi snapped at Rolf. "Could you please try and control her? I'm beginning to feel a little threatened," Rolf begged Eli and Lani.

Eli and Lani left the room together, ignoring Rolf's request. "Why are you lying?" Gabi asked Rolf. "Because...I don't like you," Rolf explained to Gabi with a shrug. "You set me up!" Gabi realized. "Yes...and you fell for it -- hook, line, and sinker," Rolf summarized. "What have I ever done to you?" Gabi wondered. "You disrespected Mr. DiMera!" Rolf snapped. "I loved him!" Gabi insisted. "No, not that cheap knockoff! [I'm talking about] Stefano DiMera -- the seventh son of the seventh son, the Phoenix... He tried to use his son Chad to help get you out of the way, but, um, that plan never really worked. This one did," Rolf clarified.

"[So], are you saying that Jake isn't Stefan?" Gabi asked. "Ah, little one...that's not what I said at all," Rolf replied. "Damn it -- tell me! Is Stefan alive or not?" Gabi demanded to know. "All I'm saying is that if the man you described to me is Stefan DiMera, then I'm not the one who brought him back...which is not to say that someone else didn't," Rolf elaborated, shrugging again.

Justin went to Statesville to see Maggie, who was still in the infirmary. "I know you didn't kill Adrienne," Justin began while taking a seat at Maggie's bedside. "This morning, I woke up, [and I was] just thinking about the pain and the lies [that] we have lived with for so long, and I thought, 'What does it even mean?' And then, as if Adrienne was lying right next to me, I heard her say, 'What it means, pal, is for you to go and get Maggie out of there.' And that's exactly what I'm gonna do," Justin continued, getting emotional. "But it's not going to be smooth sailing -- [see], we need a confession [from Orpheus or Evan]," Justin concluded after recovering.

"Well, Justin, I haven't had 'smooth sailing' since the day that Victor showed up at my back door, so..." Maggie replied, managing a hopeful smile.

Shortly after Justin left, Sarah arrived and insisted that Maggie's suicide attempt could never be repeated. "It didn't [work] -- thank you, God..." Maggie declared. "Xander thinks I'm supposed to thank him," Sarah revealed. "You're not implying that a Kiriakis male could be self-absorbed, are you?" Maggie joked. "You're back!" Sarah raved, giving Maggie a hug.

Brady soon arrived and echoed Sarah's demand that Maggie's suicide attempt could never be repeated. Maggie insisted that it was safe for Sarah and Brady to stop worrying about that possibility. Maggie offered Brady a few words of comfort after learning that Kristen and Rachel were on the run together. Brady and Sarah eventually said goodbye to Maggie then exited the infirmary together -- and started discussing their revenge plot again.

At the hospital, Jake tried to ask Kayla a question but was cut off with an icy response and told to leave the building. "Do I smell?" Jake wondered. "No -- I just don't want to look at you anymore [because] you look just like the bag of garbage that ruined my life. [Stefan] was part and parcel of a grand scheme to destroy my marriage," Kayla explained. "I'm beginning to dislike my look-alike..." Jake admitted. "Well, maybe you're him -- maybe Rolf worked his magic just one more time," Kayla suggested. "The Frankenstein Muppet guy?" Jake recalled. "[Either way], I sincerely hope that I never see you again," Kayla stressed.

"That's a little harsh..." Jake protested. "I don't care! Because of Stefan DiMera, I lost the love of my life -- and no one can ever take his place!" Kayla countered, unaware that Justin had just exited a nearby elevator and was approaching. "Wow -- you really do look like --" Justin said to Jake. "The guy who ruined Dr. Brady's life?" Jake concluded for Justin. "But I'm not," Jake assured Justin. "[Anyway], sorry that, uh, you lost the love of your life," Jake said to Kayla before walking away. "How much did you hear?" Kayla asked Justin nervously. "Just enough," Justin replied with a shrug.

At Statesville, Evan was summoned to the visitors' lounge -- and was surprised to see Sonny waiting there. "I wanted to see the animal who killed my mother," Sonny explained to Evan with a scowl. "That -- that was Maggie --" Evan tried to argue. "Save it -- your sister gave you up," Sonny revealed. "She wouldn't do that!" Evan protested. "She had to -- to protect David from your father," Sonny elaborated.

"Did -- did she tell you I wasn't driving the car?" Evan asked hopefully. "Really? You weren't driving, so that makes it all better now? My mother is dead, Will went to prison for a year, and Maggie -- one of the most wonderful people in this entire world -- tried to kill herself...but you weren't driving!" Sonny incredulously replied, revealing even more information that Evan hadn't heard yet. "Does that excuse letting all these people go through hell? Does that excuse you sitting in my living room [and] nodding while I told you I couldn't look my husband in the face because I thought he killed my mother?" Sonny continued, getting right in Evan's face.

"I was thinking about David --" Evan tried to explain. "Were you thinking about him when you consoled me? When we grew close? When you tricked me into thinking you were a decent human being?" Sonny bitterly countered.

"God, I hate you!" Sonny spat. "Not as much as I hate myself," Evan whispered, fighting back tears. "You think you can hate yourself more than I hate you? It's not possible!" Sonny insisted. "Well, I think [it is, because] you don't know how much I hate myself -- or for how long I have. You think that night was the first night I caved to my dad blindly, [even though I] knew what I [was doing] was wrong [and] contemptible?" Evan countered. "'Contemptible' doesn't even come close to [describing] what you did! You didn't call the ambulance [or] the cops -- [and] while you were covering your own ass, my mom was in the other car, dying!" Sonny stressed.

"Oh -- or did your daddy make you do those bad things? Did he make you come on to me, [too], or is that something kinky that you came up with -- to make out with a guy after you killed his mother [and] sent his husband to prison?" Sonny continued. "No! [Look], I can't explain -- and I sure as hell can't justify -- anything... But...that... I fell in love with you," Evan insisted. "Well, doesn't that make me all warm and fuzzy inside..." Sonny muttered. "I am so sorry," Evan stressed. "Want to make it up to me?" Sonny wondered, drawing a slight reaction from Evan. "[Then] for once in your worthless life, act like a man!" Sonny demanded.

"How?" Evan whispered. "Put down what you just said in writing," Sonny suggested, producing a legal pad and a pen. "If you want to stop hating yourself, [then] give yourself a reason not to, okay? Do the right thing -- write down what you just said so Maggie doesn't have to keep paying for [what you and your father did]," Sonny continued, shoving the items at Evan gently. "I'm sorry -- I can't do that," Evan insisted, refusing to take the items from Sonny. "You really are a worm..." Sonny declared with a shake of the head. "I have to think about David!" Evan explained.

"I'm facing 20 years in here [right now, but that means] I still have a shot at getting out and making things up to him [eventually]. If I do what you want, I may never see the light of day again!" Evan elaborated. "What a loss [that would be] for David -- [not being able to say], 'Tell me again, Daddy, about when you killed Mommy!'" Sonny mused. "You're right about what I did...but he is [still] my son, [and] he means everything to me," Evan stressed. "Sarah's daughter meant everything to her, and you killed her! Ari means everything to Will, and you sent him to prison!" Sonny countered.

"[And...actually], you know what? I am not gonna catalogue the people that you hurt and the damage that you caused [yet again], 'cause I don't think it's gonna penetrate that little brain of yours, so let me use a different tactic -- if you don't confess, [and] Maggie keeps paying instead of you, [then] my dad, Rafe, Sarah, and Will and myself will show up to every one of your parole hearings and remind the court [of] exactly what you did, [and] I will make it my life's work to make sure that [David], in detail, knows exactly what a weak, pathetic piece of garbage you are," Sonny warned.

"You will not get away with what you did to the people I love," Sonny concluded before starting to exit the visitors' lounge.

"No, you're wrong -- you did get through to me," Evan called out, stopping Sonny. "Not the threat -- [the] fact that it does matter to me, more than...than anything, that David does not grow up with a father like mine," Evan clarified. "If I never see my son again, will you please tell him...will you please tell him that, for once, his father did the right thing?" Evan tearfully concluded before starting to write a confession.

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