Nicole gets Mackenzie's maternity results
Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, March 24, 2020
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

At the police station, Justin informed Ciara that he had spoken to the judge on Ben's behalf. When Ciara asked what the judge had said, Ben walked in. "That I was free to go," Ben said. Ciara jumped into Ben's arms. Ben thanked Justin for his help. "All I did was present the facts. This is the one you need to thank. [Ciara] fought for over a year to prove your innocence," Justin said. Ciara lamented that she had not been able to prove Ben's innocence sooner.

After a long night at the hospital, Sarah returned to her room at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander was waiting for her. "I finally figured out what you were keeping from me," Sarah said. Xander shifted with discomfort then he grinned. "You caught me," Xander said as he whipped a sheet off of a child's princess bed. Sarah gasped.

"I finally finished putting it together. It just wouldn't do for a princess to come home without a proper place to sleep," Xander said. "I feel so lucky, because not only am I in love with the most caring and loving man on the planet, [but] I got some very good news," Sarah said. Sarah told Xander that Mackenzie was well enough to leave the hospital.

"Everything is perfect," Sarah said. Sarah told Xander that she was anxious to start planning a life with him. Xander thought about his conversation with Victor about Nicole's suspicions regarding Mackenzie. Xander scowled at the memory.

Suspicious, Sarah noted that she knew Xander well enough to know when something was off. "What's wrong?" Sarah pressed. As Xander stared in silence, Sarah sighed and suggested that Xander was worried about her and Mackenzie. "And I know it had to be hard on you to ask Eric for permission to see our daughter," Sarah added.

"There would be a lot of people that would be happy to see me disappear from your life and Mickey's," Xander said. Sarah stressed, "That's their problem." Sarah told Xander that she had never had a man support her and treat her the way Xander had treated her over the previous year. "That's because no man has ever loved you this much," Xander said. Sarah chuckled. Sarah asked Xander what she could do to help him feel better. Xander kissed Sarah.

After Sarah and Xander made love, she smiled at him as they dressed. "[I can't believe] I didn't see early on that you and I are kind of made for each other," Sarah said. "I used to wonder about that, too. I'm so glad you finally came to your senses!" Xander joked. Sarah assured Xander that no one could ever make her change her mind about him.

In the Kiriakis mansion living room, Will and Sonny joined Victor for breakfast. "The mood I'm in, I probably couldn't hold anything down," Victor muttered. Sonny told Victor that he had convinced Evan to hand over David. Sonny also mentioned that Orpheus had been captured. With a shrug, Victor said he had bigger things to worry about. "In case you haven't heard, my wife is going to prison," Victor said. Maggie walked in.

"I thought Victor's lawyers were fighting to keep you out of jail?" Will asked. "I asked them to stop. I need to take full responsibility for what I did, and not just to your mother," Maggie said. Maggie explained that she needed to make amends with the people she had hurt by her actions. Maggie apologized to Will. Maggie then apologized to Sonny for causing the death of his mother.

"In the beginning, I did blame you for the accident, because I needed to blame someone, because it was less painful for me to be angry than to deal with the grief that I eventually did. And I know that you loved my mom, and she loved you. And if my mom were here right now, she would want you to be forgiven," Sonny said. Maggie agreed that Adrienne had had a forgiving heart. Maggie noted that Adrienne's selfless act to prioritize Sarah after the crash had saved Maggie's granddaughter.

Sonny told Maggie that he respected her "for the good person that you are." As Justin walked into the room behind Maggie, Sonny added, "You mustn't forget that people love you and people need you, [Maggie]." Maggie asked Sonny and Will to promise her that they would not waste any time worrying about her but instead focus on their happiness. Sonny and Will agreed. Maggie turned and saw Justin. Justin said he had heard that Maggie had changed her plea to guilty.

"Nothing will ever make things right with Adrienne gone, but I guess I should say it's the only way that I can go on," Maggie said. "Maggie, I know how profoundly sorry you are, how much you cared about Adrienne, and how devastating her loss has been to you. And that is more than enough punishment," Justin said. Justin added, "Adrienne would want us to go on living and loving." As Maggie fought back tears, Justin hugged her. Maggie hugged everyone goodbye, and Will and Sonny promised to visit Maggie often.

"If you need anything, just let us know," Will said. Justin agreed. Xander walked in with Sarah, and she asked what was going on. Maggie told Sarah that she had pleaded guilty with the court. With a sad smile, Maggie told Xander that she was happy he was marrying Sarah. "You have my blessings," Maggie said. Maggie added that she was glad to know that Xander would be watching over Sarah for her.

After everyone left, Maggie and Victor sat on the couch together. "I'm not the only one playing at being strong," Maggie said. Victor grudgingly admitted, "My heart is breaking right now, because having you in my life, in my home, has become as essential to me as breathing." Victor told Maggie that he was proud of her courage "to do the right thing." Maggie told Victor that she was not worried about him because she knew the family would take care of him.

At the hospital, Nicole paced by the nurses' station, and she thought about her conversation with Xander about the possible baby switch. Nicole spotted the lab technician she had spoken with about the samples she had collected, and she stopped him as he walked by. "Do you have the results?" Nicole asked. The technician confirmed that he would have them within an hour. "I will find you when I have the test results," the technician said.

"Test results?" Eric asked as he approached Nicole. Nicole lied and said she had been at a doctor's appointment. "Are you pregnant?" Eric asked. Confused, Nicole asked Eric why he would think she was pregnant. Eric reminded Nicole that she had told him that she was late. "I'm not pregnant," Nicole stressed. Eric apologized for being insensitive. Shaking her head, Nicole told Eric that he should not apologize for being hopeful. Nicole said she sometimes hoped she could get pregnant, though the odds were against her.

Eric told Nicole that Mackenzie was ready to go home. Thrilled, Nicole hugged Eric. A lab technician interrupted to hand Nicole the test results for Mackenzie's maternity test. As Nicole stared at the envelope, Eric asked, "Aren't you going to open it?" Nicole said she would open it later and that the test was not a big deal.

"Are you not telling me something?" Eric asked. Nicole thought about her conversation with Xander when he had warned her not to follow up on her theory about a baby switch. Concerned, Eric asked Nicole to be honest with him. "Secrets only make things worse, so if there is something you want to tell me, just tell me. We can get through this together. I promise," Eric said.

Nicole assured Eric that she was not ill and that he did not need to worry about her. Relieved, Eric hugged Nicole and told her that he loved her. Eric returned to Mackenzie's room. Alone in the hallway, Nicole looked at the envelope in her hand.

At the hospital elevators, Xander asked an emotional Sarah if she was okay. "No, I'm not. It's just that that whole night was so terrible. All Adrienne wanted to do was help me. All my mom wanted to do was see her grandbaby be born. And why did my sister have to show up that night?" Sarah asked. As Sarah got worked up, Xander calmed her down. "That's all in the past. Nothing we can do about it now. Darling, your mother is a very strong woman. She's gonna get through this," Xander said. Sarah nodded in agreement.

Xander waited in the hallway while Sarah went into Mackenzie's room. Sarah kneeled next to Mackenzie's crib as Eric stood behind her. "I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I do admire her courage," Eric said. "I don't really want to talk about it right now," Sarah said. Sarah suggested that they focus on the good news that their daughter would be okay.

In Hope's hospital room, she startled awake and whispered, "Gina." At the foot of the bed was a visage of Gina. "Good morning to you," Gina said. When Hope asked why Gina was there, Gina told her that Rolf was on his way to reinsert the chip into Hope's brain. "I won't let him!" Hope shouted. "I am here to take over your body and your life," Gina said before she plunged a needle into Hope's arm. Hope sat bolt upright in bed. Shaken by her dream, Hope rubbed her arm.

When Kayla arrived to take Hope's vital signs, she noted that Hope's heart rate was elevated. Hope admitted that she had woken from a nightmare about Gina. "I promise you, Gina is gone. Now that Rolf has removed the chip, you have nothing to worry about," Kayla said. Hope rattled off the list of terrible things that Gina had done in her body. "How do I live with any of it?" Hope asked. Kayla reminded Hope that she was not responsible for Gina's actions. Kayla assured Hope that John would find Marlena.

Hope pushed Kayla to open up about Steve. "Are you afraid that when he is found, you won't be able to get the real Steve back?" Hope asked. Kayla shook her head no. Kayla said that she hoped Steve would have no ill side effects after his surgery, but she would not reconcile with Steve because Kayla was in love with Justin. Kayla told Hope about her romantic relationship with Justin and about Adrienne's death.

"Poor Adrienne. She was such a wonderful woman and friend," Hope whispered. Hope said she understood that Kayla and Justin were a comfort to one another. "We love each other," Kayla added. With a nod, Hope asked Kayla if she was tempted to go back to Steve, since she knew he had not willingly divorced her. "Does it change how you feel about Justin?" Hope asked. Kayla looked over at the doorway and saw Justin standing there.

Kayla jumped to her feet and greeted Justin with a kiss. Justin said he wanted to say hello to Hope. "I'm always happy to see you. You know that," Hope said. Hope's smile fell away, and she told Justin that Kayla had been filling her in about the last year. With a nod, Justin said he had been lucky to have the support of friends and family.

Ben and Ciara walked through the town square, hand in hand. Grinning broadly, Ben said he had spent hours in prison, dreaming of walking through the town square with Ciara. "Now that you are free to do whatever you want, when you want, what would you like to do first?" Ciara asked. Ben talked about visiting David once David was settled back in Rafe's house.

With a grin, Ben said that Rafe was open to him spending time with David. "What if you come live with me?" Ciara asked. Ciara argued that the mansion was big enough to accommodate them, but Ben did not think that Victor would want him under the same roof. "The last thing I want to worry about right now is my future. I just want to be totally in this moment, alone with you. And I really don't care where," Ben said. Ciara took Ben's hand, and led him into the Salem Inn.

After securing a room, Ciara admitted that she was nervous to go into the room with Ben. Ben said he was nervous, too. Ben and Ciara felt one another's heartbeats. "Both of our hearts are going crazy," Ciara whispered. "I think that is a really good thing," Ben said before he kissed Ciara. Ben lifted Ciara and carried her into their hotel room.

Outside the pub, Nicole opened the envelope to look at the test results. "Oh, my God. I don't believe it. I thought for sure that Xander switched those babies," Nicole whispered. "Kristen isn't Mackenzie's mother. She really is Sarah and Eric's little girl, after all," Nicole said. At the hospital, Xander talked to the lab technician that had given the test results to Nicole.

"I know you'll be happy with what is in this envelope," Xander said as he shoved an envelope fat with cash into the technician's hand. "Can I assume that I'll be happy with what's in the one that you gave to Nicole Walker?" Xander added. The technician confirmed that he had altered the results as instructed. When Xander confirmed that he had included a bonus payment, the technician swore to take the secret to his grave. "As will I," Xander whispered.

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