Victor decides that Jordan needs to die
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
by Mike

Gabi, alone in the hospital's chapel, knelt in front of the altar and started praying.

"From the minute that I heard Stefan was shot, 'til that awful moment that I had to sign those papers to donate his heart, I prayed -- [asking you] to make him whole again, to bring him back to me -- and throughout all of that hell, I never questioned you... And, you took away the one person that loves me for all of me, so I have a question for you, God -- why do you hate me so much?" Gabi tearfully demanded to know.

"When I was a little girl, I went to church every Sunday, you know. I never missed a Mass. And I would wear my best dress -- my only dress. It was the first one I ever made. We were poor, so it was simple, but I made it for you, [and] I made it with love, and I thought it was the most beautiful dress in the world. I have hundreds of dresses now, and I could have hundreds more. I have so much. But I have lost what that little girl had -- I've lost love. [Because] I've lost Stefan. And I've lost you," Gabi continued.

Just then, Will and Sonny entered the chapel. "Come to tell me that Stefan is gone?" Gabi numbly guessed. "Yeah... We're -- we're really sorry..." Sonny replied. "And his heart -- it's beating in Julie's chest?" Gabi bitterly continued. "Um...well, she's still in surgery, [and] even if [she] survives [that, it's still] gonna be a long road -- [I mean], it'll be days before we [even] know whether her body will accept or reject Stefan's heart," Will clarified. "The nurses wanted us to give this to you... It's, uh, Stefan's personal effects..." Sonny revealed, holding out a manila envelope that was bulging slightly. "What's left of the man that I loved," Gabi summarized.

Will and Sonny took Gabi back to the DiMera mansion. Sonny stayed with Gabi while Will went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea. "I'm gonna go ahead and leave this over here for you, in case you change your mind," Sonny told Gabi, who had refused Stefan's personal effects back at the hospital. As Sonny placed the manila envelope on a dresser in the bedroom that Gabi had once shared with Stefan, Will arrived with the cup of tea and announced that Arianna was scheduled to be with a babysitter for a while longer. "[So], you know, we can hang out [and] talk, or watch a movie, or --" Will continued. "I'd rather be alone," Gabi insisted, staring at the bed.

Gabi hugged Will and Sonny and asked the couple to keep Arianna at the Kiriakis mansion for at least one more night. After Will and Sonny left, Gabi threw a few things in anger then collapsed onto the bed and broke down.

After recovering, Gabi, who had been wearing the double-heart pendant necklace since receiving it from Stefan a short time before the shooting had occurred, took it off and stared at it. "Why did you give me your heart, Stefan, if you weren't gonna be around to love me with it?" Gabi bitterly grumbled before walking over to the dresser and opening the manila envelope, which contained, among other things, Stefan's wedding band. While clutching both the ring and the necklace, Gabi climbed onto Stefan's side of the bed and broke down again.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor finished reading a summary of a deal that Ciara had secured for Titan. "Your work on this deal is very impressive...but, considering what's going on with Julie, it could have waited -- no need for you to run it over here after business hours -- [so]...why are you really here?" Victor asked curiously. "With everything [that's] going on with Grandma Julie, it just made me think about how we're here one minute and gone the next, and I guess I just wanted to see you before --" Ciara started to explain. "I croaked?" Victor concluded for Ciara with a chuckle. "I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," Victor assured Ciara.

"And if I were a betting man, I would bet that Julie's not ready to punch her ticket, either," Victor predicted before changing the subject, wanting to talk to Ciara about what had recently happened in the parking lot near the Brady Pub. "Ben thinks his crazy sister's responsible," Victor noted. "I don't know -- it all just happened so fast... I was ready to forget about it -- write it off as an accident -- but that was before I had [this] scary run-in with Jordan in the elevator [at the hospital]... Given our history, I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't afraid of what she might do," Ciara admitted with a shudder.

As soon as Ciara exited the mansion, Victor reached for a cell phone and dialed someone's number. "I want Jordan Ridgeway dead. I want it done tonight," Victor told the person who answered the call.

Jordan took David for a walk in the park and ran into Rafe in the nearby town square. "I thought you were gonna be with your sister at the hospital," Jordan began in lieu of a greeting. "Yeah, I was... She, uh...she wanted to be alone," Rafe explained. "Let me know if there's anything I can do. I want to be as supportive to you and your family as you've been with mine," Jordan stressed.

Just then, Ben stormed over and started lashing out at Jordan. "Is this about what happened to Ciara in the parking lot? [Because] there is no proof whatsoever that Jordan was the one driving --" Rafe began to point out. "I'm confident that your investigation will prove that [she was]," Ben argued. "But that's not even what I'm [upset about right now]. Ciara told me that [Jordan] followed her to the hospital [and] cornered her inside of an elevator," Ben clarified. "I went to the hospital to apply for my old job, [and] Ciara and I were stuck in the elevator together. No big deal," Jordan insisted, shrugging.

"Then why was Ciara so shaken up?" Ben skeptically countered before asking if Rafe was really going to take Jordan's word over Ciara's. Rafe started to respond but received a phone call from someone at the police station just then. "They got a positive ID on the driver who almost ran down Ciara," Rafe announced after a brief conversation with the caller. "CSU matched the tire treads that were found in the pub parking lot to a car that was impounded at a sobriety checkpoint. The driver was well over the legal limit. [And] he remembers leaving the parking lot and almost hitting a young woman," Rafe continued.

"There's your proof -- proof that I didn't do it," Jordan gloated. "No, no, no -- there's gotta be some kind of a mistake here," Ben insisted. "Listen, I understand that you're upset about not being able to see David, but from here on out, I think it's best if you kept your distance," Rafe advised Ben before walking away with Jordan and David.

Ben returned to the DiMera guesthouse and contacted Victor. "But your sister is still a threat?" Victor asked after Ben summarized what Rafe had just revealed. "Honestly? I'm not sure... [I mean], maybe I was being paranoid, [and] she deserves to have a second chance to prove herself..." Ben replied. "Look, I know I told you to get rid of [her, but]... Call it off. We're still even, but...whatever the hell you were gonna do, just...don't do it," Ben requested before ending the call -- and realizing that Ciara was standing at the front door.

"Who was that?" Ciara asked curiously. "Oh, it was George, from the security staff," Ben hesitantly replied. "What was he gonna do?" Ciara wondered. "There's just a lot of anger throughout the entire company towards the Salem P.D. right now, after Stefan's shooting, [so] I just wanted to make sure nobody did anything that they might regret," Ben explained.

"I called my mom at the hospital [earlier]... They took his heart," Ciara gently reported. "[Then] he's really gone," Ben sadly summarized. "If there is anything that I can do for you --" Ciara began to offer. "You're already doing it," Ben insisted. "You are my whole world, [and] I only want to make you happy [and] keep you safe," Ben told Ciara before changing the subject, revealing what Rafe had found out earlier. "I'm starting to feel a little bad that I accused [Jordan]," Ben admitted, sighing. "With the way that she was acting, it makes perfect sense that you would," Ciara insisted. "I guess so," Ben conceded.

Meanwhile, a man approached the Hernandez house, carrying a pizza box, and knocked on the front door while Jordan was alone in the kitchen. "I didn't order a pizza," Jordan told the man, who received a text message from Victor just then, canceling the delivery. "My mistake. Here -- why don't you keep it," the man replied, handing the pizza box to Jordan, who was pleasantly surprised. "Guess it's my lucky day," Jordan bragged when Rafe returned to the kitchen a short time later, having just finished putting David down for a nap.

While walking away from the Hernandez house, the man sent Victor a text message, confirming that the delivery had been canceled. "For now..." Victor muttered after reading the text message.

Nicole and Xander, alone together in Eric's apartment, discussed the document that Rolf had delivered earlier that day. "Did you read it?" Xander asked. "Yeah, I read it -- I know that Sarah's pregnant...and I can only assume that Eric is the father," Nicole replied. "You knew?" Nicole continued. "Sarah confided in me that she was with child," Xander confirmed. "That doesn't necessarily mean that Eric is the father," Xander pointed out, but Nicole wasn't convinced that there could be more than one candidate. "Why else would that freak [Rolf] want Eric to know that [an] ex is pregnant, and why else would you run over here in a panic?" Nicole reasoned.

Xander grudgingly admitted that Nicole was right. "You can't tell [Eric] anything about this! [Sarah] doesn't want [him] to know!" Xander stressed. "And she's decided to leave town anyway, so..." Xander continued, sighing. "I didn't want [that] to happen, [so] I sent Rolf over here with the test results [in the hope that] if Eric found out about the baby, then he'd make Sarah stay...[but then I realized that] was a mistake. If Sarah finds out I'm the reason the information about her pregnancy leaked, then...well, she would never, ever speak to me again!" Xander concluded. "[Then] I'd be doing her a favor," Nicole decided, glaring at Xander.

"I was married to you. I wouldn't wish you on my worst enemy," Nicole continued. "Maybe Sarah is your worst enemy. [I mean], let's be honest, Nicole -- you have a really nice setup here with Eric, [and] Sarah is the one person who could take it all away from you," Xander argued. "Eric and I are solid," Nicole insisted. "For now...but you and I both know the kind of stand-up guy Eric is, so the thought that he would just let a pregnant Sarah just wander out of his life unimaginable, isn't it? [And then] they'll be bonded forever, [and] the question is...where does that leave you?" Xander countered.

"Eric chose me, and that is not gonna change," Nicole maintained. "People change their minds and their hearts all the time," Xander pointed out. "We waited a lifetime to be together," Nicole stressed. "Maybe you waited too long," Xander suggested. "I don't mean to be cruel, but Sarah can give [Eric] the family you never could. [If this gets out], it's only a matter of time before he goes back to her -- and their child," Xander warned, but Nicole again insisted that Sarah wasn't a threat. "You're smarter than that, Nicole. You've always known she's a threat. [And now] it's not just about her [but also] about the baby she's carrying," Xander argued.

"It would be so easy -- all you have to do is just forget you ever saw that envelope. Sarah's already leaving town, [and] you finally have everything you've ever wanted -- the man you love, a beautiful child... Why even take the chance of blowing all that? [Look], you have even more to lose than I do, [so] don't be stupid -- [just] keep your mouth shut and let her go. It's what's best for all of us," Xander advised before leaving.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Eric struggled to understand why Sarah had suddenly decided to leave Salem. "Because of me?" Eric assumed. "Because it's what's best for me," Sarah clarified. "I'm so glad that you and Nicole have found each other, and that you're happy together,'s just that...every time that I see you with her, planning your future together, I get hurt all over again, so I just -- that's why I think it's best for me just to leave," Sarah elaborated. "You gonna be okay?" Eric asked. "I promise. Wherever we end up, we'll be fine," Sarah replied. "We?" Eric curiously repeated. "I just meant, like...all of us," Sarah nervously clarified.

"You have to stay in touch," Eric insisted. "Facebook friends," Sarah promised. "I think I deserve a little bit more than that, 'cause Facebook is [basically just a place for posting about things like] family vacations, new baby pictures..." Eric argued, making Sarah squirm a bit. "Our relationship went much deeper than that, right?" Eric continued. "It does go much deeper than that. It'll be a part of me for the rest of my life," Sarah conceded.

After saying goodbye to Eric, Sarah returned to the Kiriakis mansion -- and found Xander in the living room, muttering about how everything would work out as long as "Little Missy" kept quiet. Xander claimed, when asked, that "Little Missy" was a Titan employee -- someone who could blow an important deal. "At least you won't leave town hating me...assuming Nicole is smart enough to stay silent," Xander mused after Sarah went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Eric returned home and greeted Nicole, who had just finished hiding the results of Sarah's pregnancy test in a desk drawer. "What is it?" Eric asked, sensing that something was bothering Nicole. "There's something I need to tell you --" Nicole began to explain. "Listen, I ran into Sarah at the hospital, [and] she said she's moving away. We said our goodbyes," Eric revealed, stopping Nicole.

"You said there was something you needed to tell me?" Eric continued. "It'll keep," Nicole replied, waving a hand dismissively.

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