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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, January 20, 1997

Due to the Presidential Inauguation, Days of our Lives did not air today. Regular programming resumes on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Sami wakes up. A few minutes later she goes back to sleep. Mike tells everyone that it is normal. Carrie starts to wonder if her and Austin will be together. Austin tells her that they will be together forever. Mike tells them that Sami is doing much better and he takes her off of the oxygen and that she needs rest. Austin hopes that Sami will change after the accident. Carrie disagrees with him. As they leave Sami's room she smile's.

Susan is at the hospital becuase she is a pain. John is with Kristen and is trying to call Marlena. Marlena is outside Susan's room. Kristen hangs the phone up on John as Marlena answers. Kristen tells John that she wants to talk about getting married.

Dr. Robbins comes out of Susan's room and tells Marlena that they think she is in labor and they are going to hook a fetal monitor up to her. Marlena tells the nurse to asks Kristen if she can stay with her until John comes. The nurse tells Susan that a friend wants to see her but Susan says that she wants to be alone. Marlena acts shocked but decides to call John. Kristen unplugged the telephone at the house so Marlena thinks that no one is home and assumes that John is on his way.

John promises Kristen that they will get married before the baby is born. John tells Kristen that is is surprised that she still wants to marry him because she will not let him touch her. Kristen says that it is because she is nervous about the baby. John tells Kristen that he will do anything to make them happy. She says that she wants to get married right away. John agrees but wants to do in Salem because of all of their friends and family. Kristen says that they can have a small wedding at the house and the staff can be the witnesses and she will explain to their friends and family later. John eventually agrees. Shawn arrives and says that his car broke down and asks John for a lift. John and Shawn leave and Kristen plugs the phone in and tries to call Susan.

Carrie and Austin find Marlena and tell her about Sami. Marlena tries to call John again. Kristen is drinking alcohol and drops the glass on the floor. She does not answer the phone because she is trying to clean the mess up. Dr. Robbins tells Susan that she is having a boy. The nurse leaves Susan's room and tells Marlena that Kristen is having a boy.

Meanwhile Kristen is at the church talking to Father Jansen about he wedding. She tells him that the wedding has to be kept quiet. Father Jansen asks her why and she decides to confess all of her sins.

John just got back from helping Shawn when Marlena arrives and asks him why he is not at the hospital. John asks about Sami and marlena tells him that Kristen might be in labor. John says that it can't be true because he was just with her. They decide that she must have went to the hospital right after he left.

Hope is at the airport telling Billie to stay because Bo will not be able to decide who he loves if she leaves. Hope says that Billie needs to stay and fight for Bo. Bo arrives and asks why she is doing all of this. Hope asks why he is there. He says to say good-bye but Hope thinks it is to stop Billie from leaving. Hope tells them that they never ended their relationship. Hope tells them that Bo needs to find out how he really feels for Billie. She says that she is willing to wait even if it means loosing Bo forever. Billie says that she has to go. Hope tells her not to go because this has to worked out. Bo tells Hope that he wants her and Billie should go. Billie decides to leave because Bo has made everything clear. Billie then boards the plane.

Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Kristen begins her confession to Father Jansen. Kristen tells him that she lost the baby and she wants to keep it a secret becuase Marlena and John love each other. She tells him everything about Stefano and Peter and them kidnapping Laura. She eventually tells him about Susan. Father Jansen is very upset about what Kristen has told him and tells her that he has to tell John. She asks for forgiveness but he says that he won't until she tells John. He also says that he will not marry them.

John and Marlena are going to the hospital because 'Kristen' is in labor. Marlena says that she has noticed that Kristen has been acting strange since Paris. John just says that everyone should understand becuase of the things that she has gone through.

Susan tries to leave but the fetal monitor begins to beep when she takes it off. Dr. Robbins comes back in and says that everything is okay and it was just false labor. He says that she can go home but should wait for John. John and Marlena arrive and the notice that 'Kristen' is gone. When John and Marlena go home Kristne is already there. They wonder how she got home so fast. She does not understand what they are talking about. They ask her what went on at the hosptial. Her cell phone rings and it is Susan and she hangs up on her. Kristen says that is wasn't a big deal.

Bo is drinking at the Cheatin' Heart and he tells Abe everything. Abe tells him to do what Hope asks and maybe it will show her that he loves her and not Billie. Abe also says that he will think about putting him on the drug case. Franco is sitting behind them listening to what they have to say. Bo leaves to go the the gym and is boxing with another officer. The other officer starts making wise cracks about Hope. Abe breaks up the fight to tell Bo that he is not going to put him on the drug case. Bo changes his mind. Bo leaves to call Hope.

Hope is at the docks and Kate arrives. Hope tells her what she did. Kate tells her that Billie's plane has already left. Kate begins to get upset because Hope says that she still is not going to be with Bo. Kate goes home and finds Billie. Franco arrives on the docks to talk to Hope. Hope cries and Franco comforts her. They talk about Franco's love Angela. Hope gets a call from Billie saying that she stayed in Salem. Hope leaves and Franco calls his boss to tell them that everyone thing is going okay.

Thursday, January 23, 1997

At Jennifer's house, Jack and Jennifer discuss Laura's seemingly wild accusations against Kristen and her memories of Peter and Stefano. Upstairs, Laura has dreams of her captivity at the Blake house and wakes up clear-headed. Nurse Lynn, who was supposed to give Laura her memory suppression pill, sleeps in. Jennifer goes up to see Laura, who insists she saw Peter and Stefano while she was gone. Jennifer reminds her that Peter and Stefano are dead. Laura is upset that Jennifer does not believe her. Jennifer reminds Laura to take her pill, but Laura forgets.

John, about to bring Kristen breakfast in bed, runs into Marlena in the hall and tells her about Laura's accusations against Kristen. Marlena's suspicions are aroused and she goes to see Laura.

Kristen blames Susan for the near disaster with the false labor. She warns Susan to stay in constant touch and asks if there is anything else Susan has to tell her about the false labor incident. Susan can't quite remember, but thinks there is something. John walks in and Kristen is forced to hang up. John tells Kristen that Marlena is headed to Laura's house. After he leaves, Kristen calls Lynn to make sure she has given Laura her pill, but Lynn falls back asleep after she hangs up. When Marlena arrives at Laura's, Laura clearly remembers most of her experience at the Blake house. But before she can tell Marlena the details, Lynn brings in her pill. The pill takes effect quickly, and Laura's memories are too confused for Marlena to interpret, although she finds it odd that Laura remembers Kristen and the Blake house, just as Celeste had foretold.

Downstairs, Jennifer overhears Jack telling Mickey that he is going to plead guilty to Peter's murder to spare Jenn, Abby, and Laura the pain of a public trial. When Mickey tries to change his mind, Jack declares he will do anything for his family because he loves them so much. After Mickey leaves, Jenn comes downstairs and tells Jack that if he really loves them, he will change his plea to not guilty, because she doesn't want him to go to jail. They embrace emotionally, while a hidden photographer outside the house takes pictures of them.

At Johnny Angel's, Bo tells Caroline about Hope's plan to have Bo date Billie to resolve their feelings for each other. Bo thinks it is a moot point because Billie has gone back to Paris, but just then, Billie walks up to him. She tells him she didn't go back to Paris because she wants to try Hope's plan. Bo tells her that there is no point, because he loves only Hope, but Billie is determined to try because she wants Bo back.

Hope worries that Bo will choose Billie over her. She goes to Salem Place and runs into Franco, who invites her to model with him for an extended overseas photo shoot. Hope is reluctant, but when she sees Bo and Billie together at Johnny Angel's, she changes her mind and decides to go with him. Franco immediately calls his employer and says that they must allay Bo's suspicions about Franco so that he will not stand in the way of Hope going on the photo shoot. When Hope tells Bo that she is going out of the country with Franco, Bo tells her that she can't go because Franco is dangerous. Just then, Bo gets a call from the station. He learns that there is a strong suspect for the island murder, and it isn't Franco. Although he remains suspicious of the timing of the call, he reluctantly backs down about Hope's modeling shoot, and agrees to look after Shawn Douglas while she is gone. Bo impulsively embraces Hope, who then leaves with Franco.

John and Kristen discuss their planned elopement. John tells Kristen he has a surprise for her, but won't tell her what it is. Just then, Father Jansen arrives. When John tells Father Jansen that he and Kristen have something serious to discuss with him, Father Jansen assumes Kristen has confessed her deception, and expresses relief to John that Kristen has told him everything. John is obviously confused, but as Father Jansen tries to decide how to explain without breaking the seal of the confessional, Kristen enters and smoothes things over. But when John asks Father Jansen to perform the marriage for him and Kristen, Father Jansen refuses and leaves without telling John why. On the way out, he sees Marlena and tells her to keep the faith, and that she will prevail. Kristen tells John that Father Jansen is probably reluctant to perform the ceremony because John used to be a priest, but John remains upset. As Marlena enters Kristen's house unseen, Kristen tries to distract John by talking about the baby. John wonders what sex the baby is, and Kristen says she can't wait to find out. Marlena overhears and demands to know what Kristen means, since Marlena learned at the hospital that Kristen was having a boy. Kristen is stymied because Susan forgot to tell her the baby was a boy.

Friday, January 24, 1997
font face="arial" color="#804080" size="-1">by Diane Dix

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian is outraged to discover Kate has moved her office at Titan to a sub-basement, and that Kate is calling a board meeting to have Vivian ousted from Titan altogether. Kate calls Vivian a "loser" and they almost come to blows, but Ivan steps in between them. Vivian threatens to find out what Sami has on Kate and to expose her, but Kate feels secure in knowing that Sami is in a coma and may not awaken for months or years. Vivian and Ivan go to Sami's hospital room and try to use music to awaken her, but Kate and Mike Horton catch them and throw them out. Kate is alarmed to notice Sami's hand moving on her blanket. Outside the room, Kate tries to convince Vivian that Sami has nothing on her, but Vivian doesn't believe her and promises to expose Kate as soon as possible. Kate tells Vivian Sami will never wake up before the board meeting, but just then, Ivan reports that Sami is regaining consciousness.

Carrie dreams that Sami has regained consciousness and is more determined to hold on to Austin than ever. When she awakens, Austin reassures her that no matter what Sami's attitude is after her near-death experience, nothing will stand in the way of finalizing the annulment. Austin calls Mickey to make sure Sami cannot stand in the way of his marriage to Carrie once she wakes up, and Mickey is reassuring. Carrie and Austin go to the hospital to discover that Sami is opening her eyes and regaining consciousness. Mike warns them that Sami may say or do unusual things when she wakes up. Austin and Carrie stand at Sami's bedside as Sami opens her eyes.

Marlena's suspicions are aroused when she hears Kristen tell John she doesn't know the baby's sex. Marlena, who heard the baby was a boy from the nurse, points out that the doctor and nurse told Kristen what sex the baby was and challenges Kristen to tell John. Kristen is completely clueless because Susan, who had been disguised as Kristen during the false labor incident, never told Kristen that she knew the baby's sex. Just then, gifts Marlena ordered for the baby are delivered early, and their blue wrapping clues Kristen in on the baby's gender. John is overjoyed to learn he is having a son, but Kristen, shaken by her close call, claims she is upset that Marlena spoiled her surprise by revealing the baby's sex to John. Kristen, saying she is going out for some air, goes to Susan's house. Kristen is furious with Susan for forgetting to tell her about knowing the baby's sex, and makes Susan write down details for the labor and delivery. She tells Susan to go to a private hospital where she is not known, and not to call John and Marlena until the baby is delivered and Kristen has taken Susan's place. Kristen frets that she and Susan are not the same blood type, but Susan reminds her that since Dr. Robbins has only taken blood from Susan, it won't be a problem. When Kristen leaves, Susan shows signs of instability. She talks to herself and sings to a baby doll, calling it her little girl.

Kristen returns home to find John and Marlena discussing her odd behavior about learning the baby's gender. Kristen apologizes to Marlena for overreacting when Marlena spoiled her surprise, and they all go to the hospital to check on Sami. On the way up, they run into Dr. Robbins, who asks how Kristen is feeling. John points out that Kristen did not want to know the baby's sex in advance. Dr. Robbins is flabbergasted, since Susan, disguised as Kristen in the labor room, seemed very eager to know the baby's sex. Kristen explains it away as waffling, but Marlena is suspicious. Dr. Robbins then remembers that he never took Kristen's blood while she was at the hospital the previous day, and asks her to go to the lab to have blood drawn. Kristen panics, remembering that Susan's blood type is on record as hers, and the doctor will certainly notice the difference. Kristen claims she is too queasy to have blood drawn, but Dr. Robbins and John insist, while Marlena looks on with increasing suspicion.

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