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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, January 27, 1997

Jack and Abby are playing hide and go seek. When Abby finds Jack he promises to never leave again. Abby goes into the kitchen for milk and cookies as Jennifer comes down the stairs. She tries to get Jack to change his mind about pleading guilty. Laura overhears and agrees with Jennifer. Jack leaves and Laura tells Jennifer that she could change Jack's mind. Jennifer says that she can't because of Peter. Jack is at the park and has flashbacks of bringing Abby home from the hosptial. Jennifer arrives and tells Jack that they need to talk. She tells him that there are alot of reasons for him not to go to jail. Then a couple comes up with a tabloid and stares at them. There is a picture of Jack and Jennifer hugging on the front. Jack is mad and says that if he pleads guilt than the tabloids will stop.

Everyone is trying to get Sami to talk but her troat is sore. Vivian tells Kate that it is a matter of time before Sami tells everything she knows about Kate. Sami knows who Mike is and starts coughing. Carrie and Austin leave and say that now the annulment can take place. Vivian asks Austin about Sami. Mike comes out and says that Sami can talk now. Sami knows Mike and Carrie. She tells Carrie that she loves her and Carrie says loves her too. She asks for mom and as Carrie leaves she asks for dad too. She says that he is probably at the station.

John and Marlena are with Kristen as she gets her blood drawn. She talks John and Marlena to go see Sami. As the leave Dr. Robbins arrives and tells them that the blood samples do not match. He says that they must of had a bad test kit. Kristen says that she is not going to give more blood and leaves. Kristen tries to call Susan adn gets the answering machine. John convinces her to do it again. She agrees and Dr. Robbins gets a call that a patient is in labor. Marlena says that she can take Kristen's blood because she is a doctor. Then a nurse comes in and says that Carrie is looking for them. They leave and Kristen calls Susan again and leaves a message. Susan calls her back and asks if she has to put that make up on. Kristen tells her what outfit to wear and to bring some of her own clothes. When the hangs up Susan tells her doll that Kristen is mean and accuse it of taking the mascara.

John and Marlena go into Sami's room and she asks for her dad again. They don't understand and outside the room Mike says that she could just be confused. Mike goes back in to examine her. He comes back out and says that Sami remembers something. Everyone comes into her room and she begins to tell what she remembers. Before the accident her and Roman were getting ready to make dinner and she showed him her report card. She had the highest grade point average in her junior class and he wanted to take her out for ice cream. He stills thinks of her as a little girl even though she is 16 and a junior in high school. Carrie tells Austin that she thinks that it is four years ago. Sami then asks Mike if she will be well in time to go to the junior prom. He says that they will have to wait and see. Sami asks Austin why he is there and how he found out she was in the hospital because they just met. He says that Carrie told him and she says that she didn't know that they knew each other. Sami says that she is so happy that John, Marlena, and Carrie are they because she loves them so much. Mike says that it is just temporary amnesia. John leaves to go be with Kristen. Sami asks Marlena where Roman is. And Carrie wonders how the annulment will go now.

The nurse tells Kristen that she is almost ready. Susan arrives with too much blush. Kristen freaks. After the nurse draws the blood she notices that 'Kristen' has a different shirt on. Susan tells Kristen that she spilled something on the other one because she was in a hurry. They hear John asking the nurse if they are finished and she tells him that he can go in.

Tuesday, January 28, 1997

Hope and Franco are in Santa Rosa for a photo shoot. Carmen asked Hope where Bo is at and she tell her that he is with Billie and proceeds to tell her what happened between them. Carmen gives Hope the Room of Eternal Love. Hope tries to call Shawn D at the boat but there was no answer. She then calls the Brady's and finds out that he is staying there because Bo had to go out. Franco tells her that Bo is probably with Hope. They have dinner and Franco leaves the room.

Sami keeps asking for Roman and everyone makes up reasons why he can't come. Sami notices that something is wrong and asks everyone. Kate comes into the room and Sami does not know who she is. Mike then asks everyone to leave so he can examine Sami. Austin talks about showing Sami pictures of Will but Marlena says that they need to take their time. Vivian goes into Sami's room because she thinks that she is faking. She does not know who Vivian and Ivan are. Kate comes in and says that if Sami did have something on her no one will ever know.

John knocks on the door of the exam room. Susan goes into the closet and John and Kristen leave together. Susan (still Kristen) hears the nurses talking about restocking that room. Susan (still Kristen) leaves the hospital and her car breaks down.

Kristen tells Marlena that the blood test when fine. Marlena still does not understand how the tests got screwed up. Vivian asks John if he will help her stay in Titan. John says no because he disagrees with what she has done. She then asks Kristen but she agrees with John.

John takes Kristen to look at the newborns in the nursery. John talks about how he can't wait because the baby will be perfect. John tells Kristen that they will be married before the baby is born. John leaves to check on Kristen pre-registration and Kristen runs into Father Jansen.

Sami's test results show that most of the damage is done in the part the holds memories. Mike says thathe does not know how long the amnesia could last. Mickey says that it will cause a problem for the annulment.

Lexie and Abe are eating and Bo is drinking at the Salem Club. Abe sees Bo and asks him to join them. Abe tells Bo that he did a good job on the case. Abe asks Bo what is wrong and Bo tells him about Hope going to Santa Rosa with Franco. Abe tells him to go home and Bo says no. Bo wants him to leave him alone but Abe just won't. Bo doesn't listen so Abe goes back to Lexie. Billie sees bo through the window drinking. She decides to check on him. Billie tells him that if he is not going to think about himself he should think about Shawn D. Bo tells Billie that it is his business and to leave him alone. Kate arrives and Billie goes to her. Kate tells Billie that this is a perfect opportunity to talk to Bo. Billie tells her what is going on and how she can't. Vivan and Ivan arrive. Ivan tries to convince her to just leave Kate alone. Vivian says that she can't and that she has to get through to Kristen some how. Susan (still Kristen) decides that she can go into this club because it is not fancy and Kristen and any of her friends would not be there.

Father Jansen is trying to convince Kristen to tell John. She says that she will get pregnant again and they will have their own child. Father Jansen leaves and Kristen asks John if he wants to go to the Salem Club.

Susan walks into the club and Vivian sees her. Susan heads to the bathroom to change clothes and Vivian follows.

Abe tries to talk to Bo again. Bo gets upset and begins to argue with Abe. Bo then hits Abe.

Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Kristen begins her confession to Father Jansen. Kristen tells him that she lost the baby and she wants to keep it a secret becuase Marlena and John love each other. She tells him everything about Stefano and Peter and them kidnapping Laura. She eventually tells him about Susan. Father Jansen is very upset about what Kristen has told him and tells her that he has to tell John. She asks for forgiveness but he says that he won't until she tells John. He also says that he will not marry them.

John and Marlena are going to the hospital because 'Kristen' is in labor. Marlena says that she has noticed that Kristen has been acting strange since Paris. John just says that everyone should understand becuase of the things that she has gone through.

Susan tries to leave but the fetal monitor begins to beep when she takes it off. Dr. Robbins comes back in and says that everything is okay and it was just false labor. He says that she can go home but should wait for John. John and Marlena arrive and the notice that 'Kristen' is gone. When John and Marlena go home Kristne is already there. They wonder how she got home so fast. She does not understand what they are talking about. They ask her what went on at the hosptial. Her cell phone rings and it is Susan and she hangs up on her. Kristen says that is wasn't a big deal.

Bo is drinking at the Cheatin' Heart and he tells Abe everything. Abe tells him to do what Hope asks and maybe it will show her that he loves her and not Billie. Abe also says that he will think about putting him on the drug case. Franco is sitting behind them listening to what they have to say. Bo leaves to go the the gym and is boxing with another officer. The other officer starts making wise cracks about Hope. Abe breaks up the fight to tell Bo that he is not going to put him on the drug case. Bo changes his mind. Bo leaves to call Hope.

Hope is at the docks and Kate arrives. Hope tells her what she did. Kate tells her that Billie's plane has already left. Kate begins to get upset because Hope says that she still is not going to be with Bo. Kate goes home and finds Billie. Franco arrives on the docks to talk to Hope. Hope cries and Franco comforts her. They talk about Franco's love Angela. Hope gets a call from Billie saying that she stayed in Salem. Hope leaves and Franco calls his boss to tell them that everyone thing is going okay.

Thursday, January 30, 1997

Sami continues to improve physically, but her memory remains locked at age 16, four years ago. Mickey tells Carrie that until Sami remembers being married to Austin, the annulment cannot go through. Austin is determined to talk to Sami and make her remember, but Mike tells him it's too soon and Sami is too fragile. Sami continues to be loving and sweet toward Carrie.

Billie begs Abe to help her look for Bo, but Abe tells her it is best to leave him alone. At the Cheatin' Heart, Bo continues to drink heavily. An ex-convict named Kevin who was busted by Bo for armed robbery asks him to play in a high-stakes pool game. Bo, who has just turned in his badge to Abe and is no longer a police officer, agrees. He wins at first, but begins to lose heavily as his drinking affects his coordination. Billie comes in and overhears Kevin telling his friend that he is hustling Bo to get revenge for being busted. She tries to talk Bo out of playing, but he refuses to listen to her. When all his money is gone, he bets his boat, The Fancy Face, on a game, and loses. Austin and Carrie come in and try to help, but Bo ignores everyone and returns to the boat to pack his things. Billie tries to talk him out of giving up the boat again, but he says he has no choice. As he leaves, Abe comes up and Billie tells him what is going on.

A mysterious man shadowed Bo all night, and talked to an anonymous employer on a cell phone.

On Santa Rosa, Franco dreams of telling Hope he loves her, but doesn't have the courage. Hope can't sleep because she senses Bo is in trouble, so she goes skinny dipping on the beach as she used to with Bo. Franco secretly watches. When she returns to her room, unable to shake the feeling Bo is in trouble, the phone rings. It's Carrie telling her what happened at the Cheatin' Heart. Hope packs her bags and is about to leave for Salem, but Franco convinces her that nothing has changed and if she goes back, she will never know if Bo has feelings for Billie.

Friday, January 31, 1997
font face="arial" color="#804080" size="-1">by Diane Dix

Vivian wakes up from her night of drinking with a hangover. Ivan gives her an old country cure. Then she remembers Kristen's odd behavior at the Salem Club, and decides to investigate her medical records to see if she can get any leverage to use on Kristen in order to get her Titan board votes. Vivian and Ivan sneak into the hospital records room, and discover the discrepancy in Kristen's blood tests. They're nearly caught by a hospital employee, but manage to escape in time.

John and Kristen go shopping for baby care items. John is surprised to learn that Kristen is no longer willing to be married by a JP, but insists on a religious ceremony. Kristen also asks John to ask Marlena to move out of the house, insisting that Sami needs Marlena more than they do. As they sit at Johnny Angel's, Kristen notices Susan sitting nearby and asks John to run an errand for her. While John is gone, Kristen berates Susan for being out and tells her to finish quickly and stay hidden until John and Kristen are married. After John returns, he and Kristen are about to leave when Vivian and Ivan spy them and try once more to solicit their votes at the Titan board meeting. John tells Vivian that what she did to Victor - deceiving him for love - was despicable, and Vivian notices that Kristen looks uncomfortable at that statement. Then, after John and Kristen leave, Vivian spies Susan leaving Johnny Angel's and remembers her from the Salem Club. On a whim, she decides to follow her.

Bo dreams that Hope has returned to him on the boat. Billie comes in, and Bo embraces her in his sleep. When Billie wakes him up, he is disappointed that Hope wasn't there. Bo tells her to go back to Paris, but she refuses to leave him in his time of need. She begs him to try to get the boat back, but he tells her it's no use. After Billie leaves, Shawn-Douglas visits and is angry when Bo tells him that he lost the boat gambling. Shawn-Douglas calls Hope in Santa Rosa and begs her to return so they can be a family and so that Bo will stop behaving destructively.

Billie goes to the Cheatin' Heart and offers Kevin a large sum of money for the Fancy Face. The mysterious stranger who has been following Bo and Billie looks on. Kevin makes a lewd proposition and attacks Billie physically, just as Bo enters. Bo and Kevin fight. Neither is seriously hurt, but Kevin still refuses to return the boat. Bo is furious with Billie for risking herself. Just then, Bo's cell phone rings and Billie picks it up.

Franco can't find Hope in her room and worries that she has returned to Salem. He is relieved to find her in Santa Rosa, and reminds her again that it would be a bad idea to return to Bo before his feelings for Billie are resolved. They begin the photo shoot, but Hope is ill at ease and distracted. Just as she begins to relax, she gets the call from Shawn-Douglas, and is heartbroken that he is hurting. Hope calls Bo's cell phone number, but when she hears Billie's voice, she doesn't say anything. She overhears Bo and Kevin fighting and making references to Billie. Hope assumes the worst and goes off to lunch with Franco.

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