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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, February 3, 1997
by Carrie Snyder

As Sami is sleeping Marlena tells Caroline that Sami is paralyzed from the waist down. Sami awakes and the nurse brings her breakfast and a magazine. Sami starts to look at the magazine and starts screaming. Marlena keeps asking her what is wrong but Sami just keeps saying that this can't be happening to her.

When Susan gets home she puts the chain on the door. Vivian and Ivan arrive. She opens the door a crack and Vivian says that she is taking a census for the government. Vivian tells her that she needs to know how many people are living with her and how many rooms there are. Susan tells her that therre is only one person living in the apartment. Vivan asks how many rooms there are and Susan says that it decides on what you call a room. Vivian then says that she did not catch her name and Susan says that she did not throw it. Susan then asks for some ID. Ivan says that he can not find it. Susan says that she is not supposed to talk to anyone. Vivian and Ivan hide and Susan leaves to go to the store. Vivian and Ivan break into Susan's apartment after she is gone.

Kate, John, and Kristen are talking at the Salem Place. Kate tells them that Vivian is desperate and will do anything. Kate says that Vivian will dig up all of their secrets. John says that he hopes that Vivian does not find out his secret that he loves chocolate covered ants. Kate leaves and Kristen asks for more hot chocolate. As John leaves Kristen call Susan and gets the answering machine. She does not leave a message. What she does not know is that Vivian and Ivan are listening in.

Sami tells Marlena to look on the date on the magazine and asks if it is a joke.

Carrie wakes up and finds that Austin has left. She hears voices in Austin's apartment and goes into room. Austin is telling Sami how much he loves her. Carrie screams and realizes that it is just a dream. They talk about the annulment and what will happen if Sami does not remember. They decide to go back to the hospital.

Marlena tells Sami that she has amnesia. Austin says that he wants to explain to her what happened. He told her that she was walking and he hit her with the car. Carrie says that it was an accident because something was wrong with the car and Sami told him that something was wrong. Sami asked him why he did not listen to her. She starts to get upset and Mike asks everyone to leave. Austin says that he may know of something that will happened.

As John and Kristen leaveSalem Place her phone rings. Susan asks Kristen to come and see her. Kristen tells John that she needs to see a friend and will meet up with him later.

Austin returns to the hospital with Will. Marlena says no but then Austin tells her that he checked with her specialist. Then the discuss the fact of Will getting upset if Sami does not recognize him. Kate then asks if it is possible that Sami is faking it. Carrie agrees with Kate and wants to know if it is possible. Marlena says that they will find out when Austin takes Will in because. If Sami recognizes him they will see it in her eyes. They take Will in the room and she smiles. Will says mama and and Sami tells them that they should take him back to his mother. He says mama again and Sami starts to get upset. She asks if she should know the baby. She tells Austin to take him back to his mother. Then she asks Carrie if the baby is hers. Carrie says no and Austin takes Will out of the room. Marlena tells Sami that she needs to rest and they leave. Marlena tells Kate that she was the on closest to Sami's eyes and asks her what she saw. Kate says that Sami truely did not recognize Will.

John asks what is wrong with Marlena and she tells him the incident with Will and Sami. He tells her that it is time for her to quit being so strong. He hugs her and tells her that he wants to be there for her. She tells him that it is terrible that Carrie and Austin are being kept apart. Marlena starts having flashback of find John's letter and talking to Kristen. John tells her that she is not talking abot Carrie and Austin and that he knows what she is talking about. Marlena asks if she is really showing that much.

Austin and Carrie are back in Sami's room and Carrie decides to leave the song on of the wedding. They hope that the song will help calm her down. Mickey asks to talk to Austin and Carrie. Austin asks if there is another way to get the annulment. He tells them that there is no other way. Sami starts to remember giving birth to Will, talking to Will about Austin, and their wedding. She starts screaming the she remembers.

Kristen goes into Susan's apartment and asks her what is wrong. She has her back to Kristen with the wig on and does not answer her. Kristen begins to take her coat off and asks her if she is in labor. Susan does not answer again but puts a glass down. Susan slowly turns around and it is Vivian and she tells Kristen that she knows what she is up to.

Tuesday, February 4, 1997
by Carrie Snyder

Jack tells Jennifer that he wants to be around for Abby's life. Jennifer asks Jack if he had changed his mind about pleading guilty. He says that he has.

Carrie and Austin hear Sami yell that she remembers and they rush into her room. Sami says that she remembers everything.

John asks Marlena to share her feelings with him. He says that it is about time that they both start sharing their feelings.

Kristen acts like she has no idea what Vivian is doing. Vivian tells Kristen that she needs to talk to her. Kristen tries to leave but Ivan says that Vivian has some questions for her.

Sami says that she is glad that she remembered and what would of happened if she did not remember those four years at all. Mike comes in and asks how she is feeling. She says that she remembers but still can not feel her legs.

Marlena says that she has been thinking of this moment for a long time. And that she does not know what to say. John says that he knows that it is hard to forget how they both hurt Roman. He continues to say that the accident with Sami has brought back a lot of memories. A nurse comes to tell Marlena that Sami remembers.

Kristen tells Vivian that she was just checking on a friend. Vivian asks if her friend called. Kristen says no. Vivian continues to tell her that she called a number on a paper that has K on it. And asks K to come over. Vivian decides to call the number again. Kristen's cell phone starts ringing. Kristen answers it and Vivian uses Susan's voice to ask Kristen to come over.

Mickey goes by Jennifer's. He tells them that Sami has part memory back. Then he shows her an article that says that Jack and Jennifer are getting married. Jennifer wants to sue but there is no proof that they are not getting married. Jennifer tells him that Jack has changed his mind. Jack tells Mickey that he has changed his mind. Then he sees the tabloid on the table. When he sees the article he changes his mind again.

Carrie and Austin are happy that Sami remembers now they can get the annulment. Carrie tells Austin that she wants to be married by the same judge - she doesn't even want to take the time to go to the church for fear Sami may pull something else. Marlena and John arrive. They ask what Sami remembers. Carrie says that right now Sami is just overwhelmed by everything. Mike comes out and says that all Sami is talking about is Will and that she wants to see him. John leaves to go get Will.

Vivian shows Kristen the wig, teeth, clothing, and picture that Susan has that would make her look just like Kristen. Vivian says that the blood types were differen. She wonders why Kristen needs someone to look like her. She says that maybe Kristen lost the baby in Paris and did not tell John.

Jack says that he does not want to put the family through anymore trouble. Mickey calls to get a judge and a date for the hearing. Jack says that there is no turning back now.

Everyone goes in to see Sami. She is so happy that she remembers everything. John arrives with Wil. Sami apologizes to Will and says that she is so happy to see him. She remembers that she and Austin have a beautiful son together and that they got married. Austin asks if she remembers why they got married. She says that they got married because they love each other.

Vivian figures out that Kristen was using the baby to keep John. That John and Marlena are still in love. Kristen tries to leave. Vivian grabs her and Ivan her to watch out for the baby. Then Kristen baby pillow pops out.

Mickey says that the judge that Jack has is known to be fair and tough.

Sami remembers that everyone was there. And that Carrie was her bridesmaid. She says that the wedding was so wonderful. Sami does not remember all of the terrible things that she has done to Austin and Carrie. Sami asks Austin how long they were dating. Marlena says Sami needs to rest. Everyone leaves. Sami asks Austin if he was going to tell her bye. She then asks for a kiss. Austin gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Kristen does not know what to do. Then she says that John already knows her vote and she can not go against him at the board meeting. Vivian says she better help her or she will tell John everything.

After Mickey leaves Jack starts going through some papers. Jennifer comes downstairs and he tells her that he has a mutual fund for Abby's college and that the plumber, roofer and heating people are coming by to see if anything needs fixed before he goes to jail. Abby comes downstairs and wants Jack to read to her.

Austin tells Carrie that Sami will get better.

Kristen tells Vivian that Stefano would not like what she is doing. Vivian tells Ivan not to worry because he is dead. Kristen asks her how she knows that he is dead. She also asks if she is going to take the chance that he is dead

Marlena and Mike tell Carrie and Austin that they think they have a way to help Sami remember things. They say that she can not be told everything at once because it may make her forget everything.

Ivan gets scared Vivian tells him to leave.

Jack comes back downstairs after reading to Abby. He says that he will have memories of Abby to get him through in jail. Jennifer asks is there is something else he wants toremember. He says yes and leans over to kiss Jenn.

Mike and Marlena ask Austin to act like he loves Sami. And to act like her husband. Carrie says that she will not go along with it.

Vivian tells Kristen that she has until tomorrow to change her mind. Or she will tell John everything.

John calls Kate and tells her not to worry Kristen will vote against Vivian just like he will.

Wednesday, February 4, 1997
by Carrie Snyder

Thursday, February 6, 1997
by Diane Dix

On the pier, Marlena reflects on her conversation with Bo about true love. As she looks forward to being together with John, Kate sees her and stops to talk. Kate tells Marlena she hopes that she can find true love with John, and talks about her problems with Vivian. As the conversation turns to Sami, Kate again mentions that she suspects Sami is faking the amnesia. Marlena is angry at the suggestion, but Kate smooths it over. Together, they head over to John and Kristen's, where they are surprised to encounter Vivian. Kate and Vivian exchange angry words about the board meeting, and John and Kristen assure Kate that their votes will go against Vivian, but Marlena notices that Kristen looks uncomfortable. To everyone's surprise, Kristen and Vivian go out to the patio together, where Vivian once again puts pressure on Kristen to support her, telling her she must decide by tomorrow or Vivian will tell John and Marlena about the faked pregnancy and the double.

At Carrie's apartment, Carrie decides she can no longer put her feelings aside to help Sami, and tells Austin that she will not agree to let him pretend to be in love with Sami, as Marlena suggested. Austin agrees, but obviously feels guilty that he can't help Sami, since he feels responsible for the accident. Later, Carrie sees Austin and Will bonding, and decides she is being too selfish. Austin finds her standing on the fire escape in the rain. He asks her what is wrong, and she tells him she has decided once and for all to allow Austin to participate in the ruse to help Sami. Austin assures her that he will always love her, no matter what.

At the hospital, Sami continues to have warm memories of Austin and Will, but can't remember anything else about the last four years. Lucas bursts into her room, having just returned from a business trip. He knows that Sami is awake, but does not know about the amnesia. Sami doesn't recognize him at first, but Lucas tries to remind her of their plots and schemes together. Just as he is about to tell her the whole truth about her marriage to Austin, Dr. Mike Horton enters and asks to speak to Lucas. Outside Sami's room, Mike tells Lucas about her amnesia and delicate condition. Mike tells Lucas that due to Sami's fragile mental condition, they have asked Austin and Carrie not to disillusion Sami about the marriage. Lucas is ecstatic, but Mike warns him not to take advantage of the situation. Lucas enters Sami's room again and begins to make up stories about how much Austin loves her. He also tells Sami that he likes Carrie, and Sami innocently agrees to help Lucas win Carrie any way she can.

Friday, February 7, 1997

As John and Kristen prepare for the Titan board meeting at Kate's house, Kristen becomes increasingly nervous, and waits desperately for Stefano to return her call and tell her how to neutralize Vivian. She tells John to go ahead of her while she changes clothes. She tries to contact Stefano again, but his henchman says he cannot be reached. Kristen considers not attending the meeting at all, so that Kate would be unable to hold a vote, but discovers that John has taken her proxy anyway and the vote could still be held, and her secret revealed. At Kate's, Victor sits up in a chair at the meeting. Although he is still unable to move or speak, he is fully aware of everything that is going on. He wishes he could help Kate with Titan, and is suspicious that Vivian has something up her sleeve. As Vivian and the board members enter, Victor glares menacingly at Vivian. Kate calls the board meeting to order, but everyone wonders where Kristen is. The other board members hand in their votes for Kate. Just as Vivian prepares to tell John about Kristen, Kristen enters. Kate calls for the vote, and, as expected, everyone votes with Kate. But when the time comes for Kristen to vote, she haltingly casts her votes for Vivian, to the shock of Victor, Kate, and especially John.

At the hospital, Austin tells Marlena that he is ready to proceed with the plan to pretend he is Sami's loving husband. With Lucas, Marlena, and Carrie looking on, Austin enters Sami's room. Although she assured Austin she would be fine, Carrie collapses into sobs. Austin and Sami watch the wedding video again, and Sami tells Austin it was all that kept her going. She asks for her wedding ring, which Carrie had been holding for her. Carrie watches in despair as Austin places it on Sami's finger. Sami remarks that she wishes she could remember everything about the wedding, and asks Austin if it would be possible to recreate it. Austin tells Carrie, Lucas, and Marlena about the suggestion, but thinks it would be too horrible to actually put Carrie through that ordeal.

The hearing for Jack's sentencing in Peter's death begins. Although the state presents a strong case, Mickey's argument is compelling and heartfelt. He asks that Jack be sentenced for involuntary manslaughter and given three years' probation. Jack speaks in his own defense, and states that he shot Peter accidentally, and went to Jennifer's house that night only to prevent Peter from kidnapping Jennifer and Abby. Maggie and Alice tell Jack that his plea was very effective, and Mickey tells them he is sure the judge is on their side. The judge retires to his chambers to consider the sentence. As he enters, he notices there is someone sitting in his chair, with his back turned. As he asks that the person leave, the chair turns slowly around to reveal Stefano DiMera. The judge does not recognize him and demands to know who he is. Stefano replies, "Your conscience."

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