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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, February 10, 1997

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Thursday, February 13, 1997

On the pier, the shady henchman who has been following Bo and Billie talks with his boss, a local businessman Abe is trying to bust for a drug operation. The boss tells the henchman that he needs a crooked cop at the Salem PD to pass him information, and after overhearing a conversation between Bo and Abe Carver, he thinks Bo might be the man. The henchman offers to test Bo, and says if Bo doesn't pass the test, he won't live to tell about it.

Billie convinces Bo to have dinner with her after he discovers that the Fancy Face has burned. As they enter the restaurant, Bo sees Franco and Hope dancing closely. Franco sees Bo and surprises Hope by kissing her. Hope tries to pull away, but Franco reminds her that a potential client is watching, and they are trying to appear romantic so that he will hire them for his campaign. Franco tells Hope that if she gets the lucrative modeling job, she can help Bo buy his boat back, so Hope acquiesces, unaware Bo is watching. Bo feels betrayed because Hope told him she was going to sleep early because of a modeling shoot the next day. Bo is unaware that the shoot was canceled and Franco and Hope were out together on business. Sickened, Bo walks down to the waterfront with Billie close behind. With Kate's encouragement, Franco and Hope get the modeling job, and walk down to the pier. Hope decides that instead of celebrating with Franco, she needs to find Bo and try to work things out, but as she passes the Fancy Face, she sees that it was burned and turns to Franco for comfort. Just then, Bo and Billie spy Hope embracing Franco. Bo tells Billie to go home and stays on the pier, tortured by images of Franco giving Hope expensive presents, and knowing that at a beat cop's salary, he can't even compete. Just then, Bo hears a sound. Hiding, he sees the shady henchman stuffing something into a folded newspaper. Leaping out of the shadows, Bo collars the henchman and demands to know what is going on.

John and Kristen emerge from the Penthouse Grill happily discussing their planned marriage. John tries to convince Kristen to invite Marlena, but Kristen insists they tell no one until the baby is born. As John goes to get the car, Kristen sees Stefano. Stefano tells her about Laura seeing him in Lynn's room and passing out. Stefano tells Kristen that Lynn has called him, and that Marlena is planning to hypnotize Laura, and she may remember everything. As John comes back, Stefano hides. John tells Kristen that he heard the bad news that Jack was sentenced to life in prison for Peter's murder. Kristen seizes the excuse to convince John they need to rush over to Jennifer's house.

At Jennifer's, Lynn tries to give Laura her pill, but Marlena prevents it, saying that Laura needs to be clear-headed for the hypnosis. As Laura goes under, she remembers seeing Peter in a wheelchair, very weak, and Stefano at the Blake house. She also sees a woman, but can't see her face. Marlena asks if the woman is Kristen, but Laura can't make her out. Just as the woman in Laura's memory starts to turn, the doorbell rings, disrupting the hypnosis. John and Kristen enter, much to Marlena's annoyance. Kristen tries to talk Laura out of the hypnosis, but she refuses to be swayed. Kristen insists on making peace with Jack before the hypnosis can proceed, saying that she forgives him for Peter's death. Jack and Jennifer are grateful for Kristen's generosity, and John embraces her fondly, to Marlena's disgust. As Marlena is about to resume the hypnosis, John asks to stay, and Marlena insists that he and Kristen both stay.

Susan, cooped up in her apartment, cradles her baby doll and talks to it. Stefano comes by and demands to see Susan in her Kristen disguise. Although the disguise is near perfect, Stefano is infuriated that Susan is wearing too much eyeliner. He forces her to go over the procedure for the delivery again. Susan asks if she can just hold her baby when it is born, but Stefano tells her it is best if she doesn't, and reminds her he will pay her all the money when she gives the baby up. After Stefano leaves, just as Susan begins talking to her doll again, she feels a sharp pain, and believes she is going into labor.

Friday, February 14, 1997

At Alice's house, Hope has serious misgivings about her decision to leave Bo to Billie. She tells Alice that she regrets it and wants to talk to Bo about getting back together. Alice is ecstatic. Hope calls the station, and the cop there promises to get a message to Bo.

On the pier, Bo collars the shady henchman and demands to know what he's doing with the big wad of money. The henchman tells Bo that he lost money in an illegal gambling game, and stole the pot to feed his wife and children. When Bo tells him he's a cop, the henchman offers to buy Bo's silence by letting him have the money. When Bo's phone rings, the henchman runs off, leaving Bo holding the money and remembering Franco's expensive gifts to Hope. The phone call is from a cop at the station, who asks Bo if he has seen any illegal activity relating to a card game on the pier. Bo says no, even when asked if he has seen any evidence, such as money. The cop tells Bo that Hope called and wants to see him. Bo puts the money in his jacket and goes to Mrs. Horton's to see Hope. To Bo's delight, Hope tells him that she wants to talk about getting back together. She explains about the canceled shoot and last-minute job interview at the Penthouse Grill with Franco. Bo realizes that the kiss he saw was just an act to impress Mr. Chasen, the client. Just as Bo and Hope are about to have a serious conversation, Bo receives a mysterious phone call telling him to get down to Pier 9 immediately. He leaves Hope and finds Mr. King, the shady henchman's boss, waiting for him. Mr. King says that he is in trouble with the law and wants Bo to help him out. When Bo laughs at him and asks why he should, Mr. King plays a videotape of Bo denying finding the evidence and stuffing the dirty money into his jacket.

At Jennifer's house, the attempt to hypnotize Laura continues. Kristen panics as Laura goes under and Marlena nears the truth. Just as Laura is about to name Kristen as the woman in her memory of Peter and Stefano, Kristen knocks over a vase and breaks the trance. Marlena is furious, but Kristen acts apologetic, blaming her pregnancy for her clumsiness. While Laura tries to recapture her equilibrium, Kristen and Lynn go to the kitchen to make tea for Laura. Kristen drops one of Laura's memory-inhibiting pills into the tea, and gets Jennifer to take it out and serve it, knowing that Marlena would not knowingly let Laura drink anything Kristen prepared. Laura drinks the tea and settles down to be hypnotized again, but her memory is suddenly blank. In frustration, she goes to bed, tearful that she was unable to remember anything to help Jack. As Jennifer prepares to go to bed, Jack asks her if she will do him one last favor before he goes to prison.

At the hospital, Carrie is disturbed to see Sami, Austin, and Will behaving like a family, even though she knows Austin is only cooperating to help Sami regain her memory. Lucas lends support, but reminds Carrie that Sami usually has a way of getting what she wants. Carrie is grateful when Lucas offers to see to her responsibilities at work. Austin takes Will home, and Sami calls Carrie in to her room. Sami confesses that she remembers nothing about her sex life with Austin, and asks Carrie if she ever confided in her. Carrie is upset by the question, but keeps it to herself. As Carrie waits for Austin outside of Sami's room, Austin shows up with a bouquet of roses for Carrie and promises of a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Sami is unable to hear them, and can't see the roses, but looks on in concern.

Susan, at her apartment, begins to panic as the labor pains increase. When her water breaks, she rushes out of the house without calling Kristen, and collapses in the hallway. A concerned neighbor calls 911, and despite Susan's insistence that they take her to a private hospital, the paramedics are under orders to take her to the nearest facility, University Hospital. Susan is horrified to wake up there, knowing that since so many people know Kristen at University Hospital, it is the worst place for her to be. She checks in as Kristen Blake, and then calls Kristen's cell phone number.

Marlena, entering her office at work, discovers that she is carrying Kristen's phone. When it rings, she hears a panicky voice saying only, "It's coming! It's coming!"

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