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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday and Tuesday, February 17th & 18, 1997
by Diane Dix

Marlena tried to tell John about Kristen, but a crisis with the baby interrupted her. The baby struggled to breathe, and was diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder which required surgery. Kristen was devastated. Dr. Robbins ran into John and Kristen and asked to examine Kristen to make sure she was healing correctly, but Kristen refused, knowing that if Dr. Robbins examined her, he would know she had not just given birth. John was baffled by her refusal, but Marlena was suspicious. Jack's first day in prison was difficult for him, Jennifer, and Abby. At prison, Jack was befriended by an inmate named Travis, who was actually a plant of Stefano DiMera's. Jack's cellmate, Mooney, was hostile and provoked a fight by tearing down Jack's pictures of Jennifer and Abby. Travis coerced a guard into setting Mooney up for solitary by planting a knife in his footlocker, so that Travis could become Jack's new cellmate. Mooney assumed Jack had set him up and swore vengeance when he got out. Jennifer and Abby took pictures and wrote letters for Jack, while Jennifer remembered Jack's last day of freedom. Hope stopped by to see Jennifer, and sympathized with her. Jennifer was heartbroken when Abby told her how much she missed Jack already. Bo continued to work undercover to expose J.L. King, inwardly frustrated that Abe wouldn't allow him to tell Hope why he couldn't be with her. Hope assumed that Bo was still thinking about Billie. Bo almost revealed the plot to Hope, but realized he was being watched by King's men, and was cold and hostile to Hope, knowing that if he showed he loved her, she would be vulnerable if Bo was exposed. Hope got increasingly frustrated with Bo's apathetic attitude, especially when Bo denied he was working to bust the kingpin behind the dealers at Shawn-Douglas' school. Hope declared that if Bo wasn't going to do anything, she was going to investigate the case herself. Carrie was aghast to find Austin in Sami's bed, and mortified to see him kiss her and tell her he loved her in his sleep. Kate came by and asked what was going on, and Carrie told her. Kate decided to verify for herself whether Sami was faking the amnesia. She sat with Sami while Carrie and Austin went out. Kate was eventually convinced by Sami's demeanor that the amnesia was real. Austin told Carrie that he had been dreaming about her, Carrie, when he kissed Sami. Carrie and Austin managed to spend a romantic evening together when Mike had to run extensive tests on Sami. But when Sami's tests caused her pain, she refused to be consoled unless Austin was by her side, and Mike called Austin. Carrie let him go, reassured by their romantic rendezvous.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997
by Natalie Ross

Susan acting as Kristen is in the hospital about to go into labor. Kristen fears that John will find out and attempts to try to switch her but has problems. Therefore she acts as the attending nurse and stays there to help Susan answer John's questions. Little does Kristen realize that John wants to marry Kristen tonight. It turns out that Vivian comes to help save Kristen and Kristen decides to leave while John and Susan exchange vows. What a storyline. Vivan tells John that Susan wants her to stay for a lending hand, and John does NOT believe this. He figures Kristen would choose Marlena but she begs for Vivan. This is only because Kristen and Vivian have a deal and this is Vivian's way of keeping Kristen's secret. Just at they are about to get married, Kristen leaves and Marlena finds out they are about to tie the knot. She hurries to interrupt the wedding so that she can reveal all of Kristen's secrets.

Meanwhile Sami needs extra care. She is having back problems and requests Austin's support. Carrie can not take this anymore but goes along with it. Sami is really glad that Carrie is there.

Vivian and Ivan had just come from a party, that is why they are dressed up. This episode is the first time that they see Kristen and her double.

Jack and Jen are saying their last goodbyes. He's due in to jail shortly and he is asking for Jen to take good care of Abby. In the meantime he asks her to give Abby special gifts along the way from him. Just as the show is interrupted, a policeman comes to arrest Jack...

Thursday, February 20, 1997
by Diane Dix

At Jennifer's house, a police officer shows up to take Jack into custody. Jack and Jennifer protest that he was given leave by the judge to spend his last night with his family. The officer points out that since it is after midnight, it is technically the day he is supposed to be taken in. Jack refuses to go, and Jennifer stands between him and the officer, stating that Jack will be taken over her dead body. Jack is deeply touched by her loyalty. Maggie enters and, after learning the situation, calls Mickey. Mickey arrives, but is unable to dissuade the officer. Suddenly, Abby appears, awakened by the noise, and asks why the mean man wants to take her Daddy away. The police officer is touched by Abby's display of affection, and agrees to give Jack a few more hours. Maggie asks Jennifer if she is still in love with Jack, and Jennifer says that even if she were, they can't be together. Jack reads Abby a bedtime story and they fall asleep together on the couch. Jennifer is touched by the sight of Jack and Abby asleep together, and covers them with a blanket, devastated that this is their last night together.

At the hospital, Marlena waits at the elevator in a panic, realizing that if she doesn't get to the delivery room soon, Kristen will marry John and her hopes of reuniting with John will be dashed. Although she ends up running up the stairs, Marlena arrives too late.

In the delivery room, Kristen, masked and disguised as a nurse, watches in anguish as her double, Susan, stands in for her to marry an unwitting John. John is swept up by the ceremony and never doubts for a second that Susan is Kristen. Although Susan balks at first, Vivian and Kristen encourage her to go through with the ceremony, and Susan gets caught up in the romance. John kisses Susan passionately, to Kristen's dismay. Just as the priest pronounces John and Kristen husband and wife, Marlena arrives, and sobs quietly in anguish from behind the other side of the door. Kristen and Vivian are startled and nervous to see Marlena watching at the doorway. Kristen is infuriated to see Susan enjoying John's kiss. Susan almost signs her own name on the marriage certificate, but Vivian guides her hand. When John leaves to file the papers, Kristen rips off her mask and cries that it should have been her day, and demands to wear the wedding ring for a minute. Susan reluctantly takes it off. While Kristen is admiring it, John comes in and demands to know what the nurse is doing with Kristen's wedding ring. Vivian assures him she was only holding it for Kristen while determining if it was safe for Kristen to leave it on during the delivery, and Kristen gives the ring back to Susan. John is ecstatic to be married, and Susan secretly glories in being "a married lady."

Sami's pain increases as Mike weans her off of the pain medication. She is restless and needy, and demands to have Austin by her side. Carrie is increasingly distressed as her romantic Valentine's evening with Austin is ruined. She feels guilty for being selfish, but can't bear to see Austin attending to Sami's every need. She leaves Sami's room in tears. As she wanders the halls, she runs into a stunned Marlena and tells her what happened. Then Marlena reveals that John and Kristen were married. The priest walks by and confirms that the marriage is legal. Carrie tells Marlena that regardless of the marriage, she must fight for John and tell him all the horrible things Kristen has done. Carrie then takes her own advice and returns to Sami's room, only to discover that Austin in Sami's bed. While Carrie was gone, Sami had awoken in pain and asked Austin to hold her in bed as Marlena used to do when Sami was sick as a child. Austin, feeling guilty about Sami's accident, could only agree. Carrie knows none of this - only that the man she loves is in bed with her sister.

As Kristen's contractions increase, John rushes out to get her some water. On the way back, he runs into Marlena and tells her he is married. He is surprised at Marlena's lack of enthusiasm. Just as Marlena is about to tell John about Kristen, the nurse tells him the baby is coming and John leaves in a rush. Marlena vows to tell John everything as soon as the baby is born.

Thursday, February 21, 1997

by Diane Dix

J.L. King and his henchman Max discuss whether or not Bo's conversion to a bad cop is sincere. King suspects that Bo might be setting him up, and that Hope, a former cop, might even be in on it, and her modeling career just a cover. He assigns Max to find out everything he can about Hope, and to watch her night and day.

Hope dreams that she and Bo are back together, and making love. Mrs. Horton wakes her up, and Hope is disappointed to realize it was only a dream. She tells Alice about Bo's strange behavior the night before. Alice insists there is a logical explanation. Hope goes out to find Bo and ask him what is going on. At the station, Bo is harassed by some beat cops who were happy to see him lose his detective position. Bo pretends to be touchy and a fight nearly breaks out before Abe comes out to stop it. Bo tells Abe that he was only acting the part of a cop going bad. He also tells Abe that since Hope was a cop, she could handle it if he told her about the drug operation and would not blow his cover. Abe says he can't stop Bo, but advises him not to tell, for Hope's sake. Bo goes to the pier to walk his beat. Hope runs into him there and he tells her that Abe has posted a couple of cops near Shawn-D's school to watch for drug dealers. Hope asks Bo why he behaved so strangely the night before.

At Jenn's house, Jennifer and Laura discuss Jack's predicament and the possibility of a reduced sentence on appeal. Jack wakes up and tells them that he needs them both to be strong for Abby. When Abby wakes up, Jack spends as much of the morning as he can with her. Laura leaves without saying goodbye to Jack, telling Jennifer to tell Jack that she, Laura, will miss him. Jennifer tells Jack that she can't bring Abby to visit him in prison, because it would be too hard on Abby, but promises to visit often and bring pictures of Abby. Just then, Jennifer gets a call from the police man, saying he is on his way to collect Jack. Jack and Jennifer realize they can't hide the truth from Abby any more. Just as the policeman enters the house, Abby comes downstairs and demands to know why the policeman is there again. Jack tells her he has to go away with the policeman to a place where people go to think. Abby asks if she can go with him, and Jack tearfully tells her no. Abby asks him not to go, and Jack cries as he tells Abby to take care of Jenn and Laura. Then Jack sends Abby upstairs to get ready for school, as the policeman leads him away in handcuffs.

Asleep on her office couch, Marlena dreams of John and a gloating Kristen telling her she's lost the fight because Kristen and John are married. She awakens and realizes that the dream is true - John and Kristen were married. Laura comes in to her office and Marlena asks about Jack. Laura says that she couldn't bear to say goodbye to Jack, so she came in to work. Marlena tells Laura about the wedding. Laura is furious and tells Marlena she is no longer under any obligation to protect Kristen, and must go to John right away. Marlena says she can't until the baby is born. Then Marlena gets a call, telling her the baby is about to be delivered. She rushes to the delivery room to await the news.

Kristen waits in an agony of envy as John and Susan, in her Kristen disguise, prepare for the baby. At first the baby is turned sideways, and Kristen overhears Dr. Robbins telling John a Caesarian may be necessary. Kristen panics, knowing that if Susan has a C-section and Kristen has no scar, John might guess at the deception. Kristen seeks Vivian's advice, but Vivian has none to offer. Then they learn that the birth is going to proceed naturally, and wait outside the delivery room. John is loving and supportive as Susan struggles to deliver the baby. The baby, a healthy boy, is born, to John and Susan's joy. Kristen cries in grief that she was unable to give John the baby he wanted, while Vivian consoles her. John is very loving toward Susan and the baby. When he slips out to phone Abe, Kristen enters Susan's room and tells her it is time to make the switch. She rudely rips Susan's blonde wig off of her head and tells her to disappear. John calls Abe and tells him about the baby and the last minute wedding. As he is about to return, he runs into Marlena and asks her to come see the baby. Marlena, to his surprise, refuses, and tells John she wants to speak to him privately.

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