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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, March 10, 1997
by Nat

Susan decided she wants to keep her baby. So she and Kristen had a little discussion about that. Kristen is very upset and is trying to think of every way to keep the baby.

Marlena is trying to tell John her feelings but John keeps trying to guess what she will tell him. She gets anxious because she can not seem to express her feelings without John stepping in to interrupt her. Finally when she is about to tell him about Kristen, there's a scream outside the door and you can tell that Marlena is very frustrated with Kristen. She knows that Kristen was attempting to stop Marlena from telling John.

Marlena sees Kristen on the floor and Vivian and Ivan standing to the side. She only then figures out that Kristen is faking. But John once again steps in, forgetting about his conversation with Marlena and get's Kristen to the hospital where she is to get rechecked. Kristen tells the doc she is fine and that it was merely the excitement of having her baby but the good old doc doesn't seem to care. He's going to check her out. Kristen tells him she's feeling very tired, that she wants to go home and can she be checked tomorrow instead. For some reason the doc decides this is ok and this leaves Kristen just enough time to get Susan in there. Will she be able to pull this off as well? John will go for it but will Susan?

Bo needs to pretend that Billy is his girlfriend because the thugs question why she is there with him. He explains to Billy what is going on while they are dancing, but Billy still seems confused. Then Hope shows up and Bo can not let anything on. They get into a huge fight and Hope ends up storming out thinking it 's over and not realizing why Bo did what he did. He can not let on that Hope is the woman of his dreams, the woman he loves. Although Billy understands that she is being used as a decoy, Hope thinks Bo is a complete jerk and believes it is over for good. Poor Bo doesn't know what to do.

Sami gets all excited thinking she and Austin will be taking their real honeymoon. To her dismay Austin and Carry decide it's unfair to them for Sami and Austin to do this. Therefore Austin tells Sami that the honeymoon is off, leaving Sami hurt and confused. Austin and Carry are very anxious about this entire dilemma being over; they are sick of having to pretend.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997
by Nat

Well today on Days, Kristen realizes it is her last chance to get Marlena away from John. Since Marlena is planning on visiting John to tell him EVERYTHING, Kristen turns to her last chance, her very last option. She phones Marlena to basically plead with her not to talk to John for ONE MORE day. Of course Marlena, who is becoming smarter by the day it seems, turns Kristen's plea down. "Of course not Kristen. I've waited long enough." However Kristen and her have an argument about how Kristen feels that Marlena always gets what she wants and Marlena tells her that is not true that Kristen is a liar and is evil. With that Kristen is fuming and hangs up the phone not sure what to do. Well down stairs Vivan has come over to see Kristen. When John questions Vivan's presence, Vivan simply tells John she's worried about Kristen. She goes up to talk to Kristen leaving Ivan downstairs to chat with John. Meanwhile upstairs Kristen tells Vivian that there's only one thing left to do, as she holds up a gun.

Kristen and Vivian decided that shooting Marlena would not be the best thing. Therefore vivian decides she will pitch in once again and convince John that he needs to make it clear to Kristen which woman, she or Marlena, he is committed to. But John demands that Kristen knows it's her that he loves, and belives that Marlena does not have any feelings for him so therefore Kristin should not be worried. "Oh?" Vivian asks? You better go find that one out for sure. So John is left very confused and decides it's time to have a talk with Marlena. Well these were not Vivian's intentions, so once again she returns to Kristen only to tell her the plan did not work; that John is going over to Marlena's. Now Kristen is fuming, what will she do? The plan failed.

Marlena is preparing to go over to John's. Will she tell the truth? At this point she is ready and not the least bit nervous. So she tells Laura who is standing by her side. Marlena tells Abe about her feelings for John and that Kristen is evil.

Susan is going crazy. She hears her baby crying in the distance as she carries around a fake baby. She also has flash backs.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997
by Nat

Marlena, who moves very slow, is talking to Laura about how it is going to be such a perfect night. If she ever gets movin' it might be! The entire episode she is thinking about how this night will be so wonderful and that she and John will be back together? Ya think?? Throughout half of it, more towards the end, Marlena goes to the church to say some last minute words to God, hoping God will hear her requests. She hopes that once she says this stuff that some force will be with her and she will have John all to herself. As she leaves and the episode ends John is there praying to, only, of course, they don't face each other. She sees him but he does not see her. Nothing yet, but maybe tomorrow she will tell him. This is dragging!

Susan comes over to Kristen's and John's to get Elvis back. she calls for John but realizes he is not there. At first Kristen almost gets her to leaves, but Susan, this time, does not let Kristen take advantage of her. She tells Kristen, Vivian and Ivan that this is it; she will tell John the truth and he will understand and give her baby back. Before Vivian and Ivan can get her out, she demands to stay until John returns.

Meanwhile Kristen is totally cracking. she does not know what she is going to do. Just when she thinks the worst has hit, that is when Susan arrives.

Abe lets on to John that Vivian may be right about Marlena's feelings for him and that he should listen to her. John takes offense to this, for some odd reason and Abe apologizes explaining that he doesn't want to meddle in John's romances, but at the same time he cares about his best friend, and can see John's confusion. Abe tells him to have a talk with Marlena to figure this all out.

Jack calls Jennifer but Abby answers it. She questions whether he'll be picking her up the next day but he tells her to realize that he will not be around for a long time. Jennifer talks to him long enough to start crying and gives the phone back to Abby. she removes her wedding ring as Abby says to Jack on the phone, "Mommy is putting the ring in the drawer." Jack then knows how Jennifer is feeling and tells Abby to tell her mom that he loves them both. Abby hangs up and does just that.

Jack, in jail, is telling another inmate about Jennifer and Abby and how much he misses them.

Thursday, March 13, 1997
by Diane Dix

While Franco is trying to console Hope on the pier, Abe runs into them. Abe asks Hope what is wrong, and is shocked when she tells him that Bo has gone back to Billie. Knowing that Bo is working undercover and doesn't want either Hope or Billie involved, Abe realizes something has gone wrong. He tells Hope to keep her faith in Bo, which gives her renewed hope. Franco tells her to give up, but Hope has the nagging feeling that Bo is not telling her something, and is more determined than ever to find out what it is. Sitting alone on a swing in the park, Hope's memories of a lifetime with Bo come flooding back to her, from the first time they made love in New Orleans, to their wedding, to Shawn-D's birth, to their romantic days in Santa Rosa, and Hope knows she can't give up.

Back at the Snake Pit, Billie apologizes to Bo for getting caught in King's office and messing up his life again. Bo tells her that her heart was in the right place, but she is now in a lot of danger. Keeping up the pretense of being in love, Bo and Billie leave the Snake Pit. King orders Max to follow them and look for any sign that they are lying to him. In the park, Billie and Bo manage to lose Max and rendezvous with Abe. Bo tells Abe how Billie got caught in King's office, and the only way to save her life was to pretend they were together. Then, to Billie's chagrin, Bo asks Abe to put her in the witness protection program until the case is over. Billie protests, but Abe agrees it is the only way. After Abe leaves, Max finds them again, and Bo and Billie resume their charade of being lovers.

At the church, Marlena listens quietly as John prays aloud. At first, she is thrilled to hear John confirm that he loves her, Marlena, more than ever. Just as she is about to go forward and reveal herself, John begs God to tell him that Marlena only loves him as a friend, because every time they have gotten together, Marlena has suffered. John says he is committed to Kristen, and if Marlena loves him he can either live a life of misery with Kristen while keeping his vows, or marry Marlena and live a life of guilt for abandoning Kristen. As Marlena turns away in confusion, John quietly leaves. Marlena, after realizing he left, prays for guidance. A new priest comes to talk to her. Marlena asks him if John could get an annulment because Kristen deceived him into marriage, but the priest tells her that if the marriage was entered willingly, the church will not grant an annulment unless the wedding itself was a lie. Marlena is reluctant to put John in turmoil, but as she sits there, she remembers all of her good times with John/Roman - his proposal, their marriage, and the touching moment on the pier when they were reunited, after John thought she was dead for five years. Marlena decides that the only way she can resolve her doubts is to talk to John.

At the DiMera house, Susan stubbornly refuses to leave without talking to John. Kristen, furious and anxious, tries to run upstairs to get her gun to threaten Susan, but Vivian stops her and tells her that won't work. Meanwhile, Ivan plies Susan with liquor in an attempt to confuse her. Susan becomes agitated and threatens Vivian and Kristen with scissors. Kristen tells Susan that she will buy her a nice condo in the Carribean and bring "Elvis" down to visit her every month if she will keep silent to John. As Susan is on the verge of agreeing, John comes in. Kristen distracts him while Ivan hustles Susan out into the garden. John enters the parlor and sees Vivian. Upset with her for stirring up trouble, he tells her to leave. Vivian says she is going to the garden for fresh air, leaving John alone with Kristen. John reassures Kristen that he is totally committed to her and will do anything to prove it. Kristen convinces him that they should go to bed, but that she wants some hot cocoa first. As John leaves to get it, Kristen runs out to the garden. She finds Vivian, who tells her Ivan managed to get Susan to go home. Talking to Vivian, Kristen realizes that the game is up as soon as Marlena talks to John, and becomes convinced that she must get John out of town immediately. Kristen goes back inside and tells John that since they are newlyweds, they should go out of town and be spontaneous. John asks about the baby, but Kristen tells him she has it all figured out. Just as they are packing to leave, Marlena approaches the front door.

Friday, March 14, 1997
by Diane Dix

While Bo and Billie are putting on their act for Max, Hope sees them kissing on the pier. She is devastated to think that Bo has been lying to her all along. Hope hears Bo tell Billie that he has always loved her and only her. In tears, Hope leaves to take a walk in the park. Bo, realizing that Max is gone, reminds Billie of how important it is to keep up the charade of being in love. Billie was swept away by Bo's kisses, and asks him if it was all just acting. Bo says of course it was, and that he loves Hope more than anything, and that although he and Billie shared a wonderful love, the bond he has with Hope is beyond love or marriage. Billie asks Bo what would happen if he can't get Hope back after the assignment. Bo says that's not going to happen, but Billie continues to cling to the possibility that Bo will alienate Hope too much, and end up with her, Billie. After she goes home, Billie dreams that she and Bo are married again.

John continues to reassure Kristen that he will always be with her. He tells her it's a bad idea for them to go out of town because the baby is still in danger. Kristen asks him to come up to bed with her. Just as they are heading up the stairs, Marlena comes in. John notices Kristen shaking as Marlena stares at them. Marlena asks to speak to John privately. John says he is reluctant to leave Kristen alone; Marlena says that maybe Kristen should be there anyway. As Marlena begins to speak, the phone rings. John picks it up and speaks to the baby's doctor, who tells him that John Jr. will make a full recovery. Kristen and John are ecstatic, and while they are embracing, John tells Kristen that now they can begin their normal life as a family. Marlena, looking at them, remembers the words of the priest at the church - that if she tells John the truth about Kristen, his choice is to break his vows and live a life of guilt, or to keep them and live in a loveless marriage. Making the hardest decision of her life, Marlena decides to keep silent. John asks her what she wanted to tell them, and to Kristen's utter amazement, Marlena says she only came to say she would move out of their house and into her penthouse that night. John asks if she is sure, and Marlena says she thinks it is best. As she goes upstairs to pack, Kristen hugs John, wildly happy and relieved. When Marlena comes back down the stairs, John takes her bag to the car, and Kristen tries to thank Marlena for sparing her. Marlena tells Kristen how much she despises her, and that she isn't doing this for Kristen. Marlena explains that she is only doing it to spare John the pain of being either in a loveless marriage, or of breaking his vows. Marlena lets Kristen know that if she finds even one excuse to get John off the hook with the marriage, she won't hesitate to tell. As they are talking, the phone rings. Susan, who had been sitting home miserable, had remembered that she left her gloves at John's, and had also wanted to share the good news about the baby. Kristen tells her she can't talk now and not to come over. Marlena is suspicious about the phone call, but John comes back in to see her out. After Marlena leaves, John notices Kristen is more relaxed than she has been in weeks. They go happily up to bed together, although John reminds her that they can't make love for a couple of weeks.

Sitting in the park after trying to call Kristen, Susan thinks about her little "Elvis" and cries. Hope, who is mourning her own loss of Bo, sees Susan and compassionately asks her what is wrong. Susan tells her that she gave up her child to some people and that she isn't allowed to see him any more. Hope says she understands about loss, and suggests Susan talk to someone to help her deal with the grief. Susan says she doesn't have any real friends, so Hope gives her Marlena's card, telling her that Marlena can help her with anything. Meanwhile, Marlena had returned to St. Luke's to pray to God to help her get John back, to find a way for John to get out of his marriage honorably. Just as she is about to leave, her cellular phone rings. Marlena picks it up and hears Susan's voice at the other end, begging for help. Marlena tells her she can't take any new patients. Susan begs and says that Marlena's friend saw her crying in the park and told her that Marlena could help. Marlena asks who the friend was, and Susan says she doesn't know her name, but she was like an angel. Marlena looks around the church and wonders if this is God's way of answering her prayer. She agrees to help Susan and tells her to come to the office at University Hospital tomorrow morning. Before she can get Susan's name, Susan hangs up.

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