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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, March 17, 1997
by Nat

Kristen pays a visit to Susan! Why? To tell her to get the heck out of town before she screws things up for the "icing on the cake." Poor poor Kristin, she might lose John! Susan is skeptical. "But you told me I could see ma baby any time I want, Kristen," Susan exclaims in shock when Kristin tells her she's to go far far away. "John would let me if he knew I was the mother. John's a good man," Susan says sadly. "Yes but John will not find out about you, now will he.. have a nice trip (oh and a nice life by the way)"

Marlena and Laura are talking and Laura thinks that Marlena and John are back together. She is telling Marlena how wonderful their relationship will be now that John knows. Meanwhile Marlena is standing there in disbelief of what she, herself did at Kristin and John's. "Laura..." She tries to interrupt. But Laura keeps praising Marlena for what she did. AT the end she tells Laura her dreams didn't come true after all.

Sami demands that Austin be there for her first physical therapy treatment. "I want to call Austin and tell him to come." Afterall her husband should be there right?

Austin and Carrie are making love at home and are reluctant to answer the phone. Who wouldn't be? Finally on the one millionth ring, Austin decides it might be a good idea to pick up the phone since he hears Sami on the answering machine demanding he come to the hospital. Austin picks it up and Sami requests his presence. The lovemaking can wait, he figures, he really should be there.

After Sami attempts to walk, she decides a hot tub "treatment" may be just what she needs. And who should join her? Austin of course; why? Well guys it is her husband. But yet Austin has no suit. "Please Austin, we should share this experience together!" Oh yeah Austin has to share just about everything with Sami, why not the hot tub, (while Carrie is awaiting in bed!) Will Austin end up finding that suit? Or will he be skinny dipping?? Hm,hm... what will Days do?

Tuesday, March 18, 1997
by Nat

Well Kristen demands that Vivan and Ivan find a way to prohibit Susan from lactating so that no one will ever know the truth. Vivian and Ivan go to see that same Doctor they've visited in the past to get the drug. At first he was skeptical but Vivian reminded him that she had power over him. With that in mind he gave her the drug. She took it over to Susan's and at the end of the episode as Susan walks in to her apt, Vivian and Ivan are awaiting her appearance.

Susan also sees Marlena but doesn't say much. She basically cries and complains to Marlena that she doesn't know where to start or what to really say. All she really says is "she took her away from me." Marlena, looking confused, requests another visit. But Susan tells her she must go for good and that she'll be alright. Meanwhile Marlena gets a call to go downstairs and greet John and Kristen. She tells Susan, who has no idea that they are there also, that she will be right back. Meanwhile Susan decides to phone Kristen to tell her she's not leaving until she can see her baby. kristen who is in the hallway talks to Susan outside the room while Marlena and John ooh and ahh over the baby picture that Kristen and John were there to give her.

Bo and Billy must continue with their charade of being boyfriend and girlfriend. Franco calls Billie's place to talk with her and realizes that Bo is there. Bo now believes that Hope thinks he and Billie slept together. They did not but he is right, Hope thinks that is true. Franco makes a request to Bo. Meanwhile Hope is very upset and thinks she has lost Bo forever. Little does she know.

Billy comes to the photo shoot and sees Franco. Franco congratulates her for being able to get back together with Bo. She doesn't need to hear this though since it is all just fake. She tells Franco she does not want to discuss it because she is too concerned with how Hope feels. Instead she tells him she must go and sees Hope soon after. They talk and HOpe admits her feelings are hurt but tells Billie she still is friends with her. They then talk for a second and Billies tells her she's so sorry it had to be this way. Hope explains that she needs to get going and doesn't want to talk about it. Billie feels horrible that this is happening and decides to tell Hope at the end. Although she has yet to say anything and Bo has given her specific orders not to, she decides it is only right if Hope knows the whole truth.

Caroline Brady and Alice Horton discuss Bo and Hope's breakup. Neither one can believe it. Caroline can not even fathom Bo doing that to Hope.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997
by Nat

Today Kristen came over to stop Vivian from injecting Susan with the drug. Kristen decided she is going to have Susan step in for her once again so that she can nurse her son. Yet Vivian accidentally injects Ivan who now thinks he's developing female characteristics. Yikes!

Susan goes to the hospital dressed like Kristen to nurse her Elvis. Yet she decides she is going to try to take him. Will she succeed?

Marlena evidently confesses to John that she no longer has feelings for him and that it is time he gets on with his life without her in their way. Yet Marlena really does have feelings for him; she just thinks this is the best thing to do.

Billy is put on the witness protection program. She tells Bo she feels horrible about HOpe and wants to tell her. Bo demands that she does not.

Thursday, March 20, 1997
by Diane Dix

Dr. Paulsen says that Sami's physical therapy session went well, and that she has never seen anyone as determined as Sami to get better. Sami says her motivation is Austin and Will. Privately, the therapist tells Austin that Sami is still in a lot of pain, but has learned to cover it. Carrie becomes increasingly depressed by the amount of time and energy Austin has to devote to Sami. She remembers seeing Austin kiss Sami in the whirlpool. Carrie goes to talk to Marlena, who tells her not to give up, and to trust that both of them will be with the men they love soon. Marlena tells Carrie she has arranged a surprise for her. To Carrie and Austin's delight, Marlena booked a room at the Green Mountain Lodge for them, and arranged to take care of Will while they were gone. Austin tries to think of what to tell Sami so he can get away. Kate comes by to visit Sami, outwardly supportive but privately nervous that Sami will someday remember the information she can use to blackmail Kate. Just as Austin goes to tell Sami he needs to take a few days off, a nurse comes in and tells Sami everything is arranged. Austin asks her what is happening, and Sami tells him she has arranged for a special, intimate dinner for the two of them that night, and a cot for Austin to sleep in her room. Austin and Carrie realize that this will interfere with their plans to escape to the lodge.

Marlena asks Kristen why she does not seem anxious to nurse the baby. Kristen, privately fretting about Marlena seeing both her and Susan in her disguise at the same time, explodes and tells Marlena to get a life and get out of hers. While they are arguing, Carrie comes to Marlena and Kristen gets away. She sneaks up to the room where Susan and John have the baby and witnesses Susan nursing John Junior, while John looks on lovingly. Susan is "in heaven" to be with John and the baby, not realizing that Kristen is looking on jealously. Kristen hides out in the bathroom to watch. When John takes the baby back to the nursery, Kristen comes out and tells Susan to leave immediately and take off her Kristen disguise. Susan is slow and reluctant, and John comes in, nearly catching the two of them together. But Susan manages to hide in the bathroom and take off her disguise. John, who had noticed something odd about "Kristen's" behavior while she was nursing, comes back into the room and talks sweetly to the real Kristen. He notices, however, that she is not wearing her wedding rings, although she was while nursing. Kristen says she left them in the bathroom, and to her horror, John goes in to get them. Susan hides behind the shower curtain and leaves the rings on the sink. Kristen is relieved to have the rings back without John discovering Susan. She tells him that her fingers were swollen, but they're better now. Susan, meanwhile, goes up and looks at her "Elvis." John sees her up there and they have a brief conversation which makes John think that perhaps the strange woman has lost a baby. Marlena comes up to the nursery and John and Marlena share an intimate memory of when Belle was born. Kristen interrupts their reverie, and Marlena notices Kristen is wearing her rings again. Kristen says her finger swelling comes and goes, which Marlena thinks is odd, because her fingers stayed swollen for months after the birth of her children.

Meanwhile, the wackiness continues with Vivian and Ivan. Ivan, still paranoid after being accidentally injected with the anti-lactation drug, goes to Dr. Wu for the antidote. Meanwhile, Vivian hears from one of her employees that Kate has destroyed a proposal and fired the girl. Furious, Vivan confronts Kate and forces her to back down, vowing that someday, when Sami remembers her damaging information, she will bury Kate for good. Kate privately seethes, and wonders how to get her hands on the papers. Finally, she hires Pierre, a decorator, to redo Austin and Sami's entire apartment, telling him to search for the gray envelope with her photographs in it. Vivian meets up with Ivan again and asks him how the visit with Dr. Wu went. Ivan tells her that he has to drink a foul tasting tea three times a day, but that there is another twist: in order to fully recover, Ivan says, Dr. Wu has ordered him to make passionate love to a woman. Ivan plays on Vivian's guilt about sticking him with the needle, and his years of sacrifice and loyalty, and eventually Vivian consents to let him make love to her. Ivan is ecstatic, and goes to get champagne. Vivian, nervous but willing to do one unselfish thing for her loyal servant, prepares her bedroom. Just as she is about to let Ivan in, Vivian gets a call from Dr. Wu. When she asks about the order to make love, Dr. Wu protests that he never told Ivan any such thing. Vivian, realizing Ivan nearly tricked her, decides to get revenge. When she finally invites Ivan in, he sees a romantically bedecked room, with a woman's form under the sheets. Ivan leaps into bed and moves the sheet to discover - Olga, the frightening Slavic physical therapist who has carried a torch for him ever since she treated Vivian. As Vivian calls out gaily, "It isn't nice to fool your Auntie Viv", Olga descends upon a protesting Ivan.

Friday, March 21, 1997
by Diane Dix

Carrie is upset that Sami unintentionally ruined her plans to go to the lodge with Austin by arranging their special dinner. Austin tells Carrie that he feels guilty about Sami being in the hospital, but Carrie says that it's up to Austin to decide whether he wants to stay with Sami for the night, and that she is sure he will make the right decision. Austin tells Sami that he has to go out of town on business for a few days. Sami is upset, but tries to hide it. Carrie is delighted that Austin chose to be with her, and they return to the apartment to pack. They find Kate there with a picnic basket and workmen preparing the apartment for remodeling. After Kate and the workmen leave, Austin prepares a romantic setting and gives Carrie a sexy nightgown to wear. She puts it on and they begin to make love.

Kate is still terrified that Sami will regain her memory of the blackmail information, and resolves to find it before Sami can remember. At Austin's apartment, Kate pays a workman to find the gray envelope with the damaging information. Lucas sees the exchange and realizes Kate is up to something. Lucas makes a shrewd guess that Sami had been blackmailing Kate, and that Kate is now searching for the evidence. Lucas begs Kate to tell him what's going on so he can help her, so they can work together as a team the way they did before Austin and Billie came back into Kate's life. Although she wants to tell him, Kate thinks the risk to herself is too great. Lucas accuses her of favoring Austin over her again and leaves in a huff. Kate returns to Titan and Lucas goes to the hospital to visit Sami. Sami tells him how sad she is that she can't remember anything about her life with Austin. Lucas asks her if she can remember where she might have hidden something. Sami says it's a funny question, because Kate had asked her the same thing. Lucas stores that information away. Sami suggests that Lucas take her back to Austin's apartment so she can try to remember something. Lucas is reluctant at first, but finally agrees, telling Sami what a great team they used to be. Sami doesn't know what he means, but he promises her she will remember someday. Neither of them is aware that Austin and Carrie are at the apartment making love.

Bo tells Billie that she has to go into the witness protection program for her own safety, and that Abe has arranged for her to leave tonight. Billie protests that it's too dangerous, that King expects her to show up at the club. Bo tells her he will think of something, and that there is no good reason for her to stay. Billie says that there is; she tells Bo she loves him. Bo says he doesn't want to hurt her, but he loves only Hope. Billie finally agrees to leave after running a couple of errands.

Jennifer decorates her house for a combination wedding/baby shower for Kristen. Hope stops by to help her, obviously depressed. Hope notices Jenn has removed her wedding rings and asks whether she is getting back together with Jack if Mickey's appeal is successful. Jennifer tells Hope she is still unsure and tries not to think too much about the future. Laura arrives and asks what all the fuss is about, and Jennifer tells her about the shower for Kristen. Laura, who knows that Kristen is dishonest and still has suspicions about Kristen's role in her captivity, is less than enthusiastic. When Kristen arrives, Laura warns her that someday her lies will be exposed. Kristen notices that Hope is depressed, and asks her what's wrong. Hope tells Kristen and Jennifer that Bo has returned to Billie. Jennifer looks mortified and says that she wishes she had known, because it was going to be awkward; as Hope asks her what is going to be awkward, Billie enters. Hope and Billie are obviously uncomfortable with each other, but try to make the best of it. Billie goes upstairs to visit Abby, and while she is upstairs, her cellular phone rings. Hope answers it; it's Bo, needing to talk to Billie. When Billie comes down again, Hope hands her the phone. Bo tells Billie to get down to the meeting place with Abe. Billie leaves, hugging Kristen and Jenn sorrowfully, but not telling them she is going away. Billie tells Hope not to worry, and that things will work out for the best. Before Hope can question her, she leaves, stopping by Kate's office on the way to tell her mother she is going, and not to worry. Billie meets Abe and leaves without incident, petrified for Bo. Back at Jenn's, Hope and Jennifer notice that Billie left her scarf behind and call Kate at Titan, hoping Billie might be there. Kate tells Jennifer that Billie has left town, and speculates that she had a fight with Bo. Jennifer passes the information on to Hope, but Hope refuses to go after Bo any more, and tells Jennifer she is going after the drug kingpin on her own. Jennifer tells her that's crazy, but Hope is determined to go through with it.

Bo goes up to King's office alone. King immediately demands to know where Billie is, and Bo stalls. King tells him he has exactly a minute to produce Billie, or things will get ugly. Bo says she went out of town. King tells him that's too bad, and pulls out his gun, pointing it right at Bo.

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