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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, March 24, 1997
by Nat

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Tuesday, March 25, 1997
by Nat

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Wednesday, March 26, 1997
by Nat

Bo repeteadly tells King that he doesn't know where Billy went but King demands that he tell him. Since Bo can't say anything King almost shoots Bo but Billy walks in. (How did she get a way from witnesss protection program???) She saves him and tells him she's sorry she ran away but that she didn't know what else to do. King belives the story and unties Bo thinking they really love each other. Bo aks about the bomb and races to the Horton's to stop it from exploding.

Abby is sick and when Jack calls to talk gets disconnected. He makes some sort of deal with the authorities at the jail so that he can make a second phone call. When Jen asks how he was able to do this Jack told her not to worry that it was al ltaken care of. Meanwhile he gets disconnected the second time just when Jen is confessing her love for him. Abby is laying in bed with a fever.

Shawn D is asking about his father and wants them to be a family once again. (What's new he's always wanted this.) Hope is reminiscing about her good times with Bo. she talks to Alice Horton about everything.

Sami finds out that Austin and Carrie are together, having an "affair." She finds the lipstick when she was at Austin's place and had it with her in the hospital. When Carrie was visiting she sees it and claims it as hers. But she doesn't realize where Sami had originally found it. Sami breaks into tears as she understands what is going on. Outside in the hospital Austin rages because Sami knows what's happening. He asks Carrie how Sami found out but she says she doesn't know. But Austin can't believe this and Carrie thinks that Austin doesn't believe her. Meanwhile everyone is very confused that Sami knows this and Carrie feels frustration.

Thursday, March 27, 1997
by Diane Dix

Vivian chuckles with amusement as a disheveled Ivan emerges from the bedroom where Olga has been tormenting him. She reminds him that he is being punished for trying to fool her into thinking she had to make love to him in order to cure him from the anti-lactation injection. Olga emerges from the bedroom and yanks Ivan back into her lair. As Vivian prepares to go to bed, she gets a call from Kristen. Kristen, who was stuck at home eating a romantic dinner John ordered for them, tells Vivian to go to Susan's and get some of the breast milk to put in the nursery refrigerator so she can feed the baby. Vivian, tired of doing Kristen's dirty work, at first refuses. Kristen threatens to have her kicked out of Titan, and Vivian ungraciously agrees to get the milk. She calls Ivan out of the bedroom. He is only too relieved to leave Olga. Together, they go over to Susan's apartment, only to find Susan gone. Kristen had called Susan to tell her Vivian was coming over, and Susan had decided to put on her Kristen disguise and go feed the baby herself. Vivian notices the wig is gone and realizes that Kristen and Susan are going to be at the hospital at the same time. She tries to call Kristen, but Kristen had left her cellular phone behind. Meanwhile, Kristen and John head to the hospital to feed the baby, unaware that Susan is already there nursing him. A nurse overhears Susan call the baby "Elvis", but thinks she is joking. After Susan is done, she tells a nurse she is going to get a blanket. While she is in the hall, Vivian and Ivan yank her into a storage closet and force her to put on her normal clothes and take off her disguise. Just then, Kristen and John walk by, noticing a disturbance in the closet, but fortunately not bothering to investigate. When Kristen arrives at the nursery, the nurse asks her where the blanket is. Kristen looks confused, and the nurse tells her that she had said she was going to get a blanket, right after she finished nursing John Jr. Kristen plays it off, realizing Susan has been there. She tells John that the nurses already fed John Jr. from the stored breast milk, and tries to hustle him out before he can run into Susan. They run into Vivian and Ivan, and Vivian tells Kristen privately what happened. John Jr.'s doctor tells John and Kristen that the baby is well and can go home from the hospital tomorrow. John is a little suspicious of Vivian's spontaneous expression of relief, but assumes it's just Vivian being weird. Susan, meanwhile, has broken away from Vivian and Ivan and gone to Marlena's office. Marlena is out, but the door is unlocked, so Susan lies down on her couch to wait.

Meanwhile, Sami brokenheartedly accuses Austin of cheating on her with Carrie. She asks him if it's true, and he evades her by asking what would make her say such a thing. She asks him to bring Carrie into the room so she doesn't have to repeat the story, saying she has proof. When Carrie comes in, Sami asks how they could do such a thing to her. Carrie and Austin continue to be evasive, asking what proof she has. Sami says that when she came over, Austin didn't seem happy to see her. Austin says he was surprised. Then Sami says she noticed the wet floor and soap bubbles, as if someone had hastily exited from the shower while Austin was showing her around. Austin points out that he had been taking a shower, and probably got the floor wet when he came out to meet her. Sami still doesn't believe him, and asks about the negligee, whose purchase ticket was from just before Austin told her he was going out of town. Carrie tells Sami that Austin got the negligee for her as a surprise. Then Sami asks about the lipstick she found, which Carrie had admitted was hers. Carrie claims she was at the house taking care of Will, and probably misplaced the lipstick there. Sami finally believes them, and apologizes to both of them for accusing them, saying she should never have doubted Carrie's honor, and that she will never again doubt Austin's love. As Carrie leaves to get Sami some herbal tea, she updates Lucas on the developments. Lucas asks if she doubts Austin's love for her, and Carrie says she doesn't, but is obviously disturbed by the sight of Sami and Austin together. When she comes back, Austin emerges from Sami's room and says he thinks he better stay until she falls asleep. Carrie accepts it, but is not pleased. Lucas immediately offers to drive her home, and she accepts.

Meanwhile, at the Horton house, Shawn-D wakes up and comes downstairs, claiming his throat hurts and he can't sleep. Hope offers to make him some lemon tea, and he asks if he can sit with her. She says yes, both of them blissfully unaware of the bomb Max has planted on their gas meter, set to go off either by a timer or by anyone using the outside door. Shawn-D nearly opens the door because he's hot, but Hope tells him it's freezing outside and that he needs to stay warm to get well. Shawn-D wonders why Bo has not called that day. As they look at a family photo album, Shawn-D asks Hope whether she and Bo will ever get back together. Hope says she will never give up on Bo. Reassured, Shawn-D goes back to sleep. Outside, Bo and Billie arrive at the house to defuse the bomb. Bo tells Billie to stay out of the way, but she is too worried for him, and decides to help him. Bo has trouble figuring out the tricky wiring on the bomb, and clips a wire while Billie holds the flashlight. When it comes to the final wire, which could either disarm the bomb or set it off, Bo tells Billie to get out, but she refuses, saying that someone needs to hold the flashlight so he can focus on the job. Bo takes a chance and cuts the wire. The bomb is disarmed with only three seconds left on the timer. Weak with relief, Bo and Billie take the bomb and start to leave. Hope hears them outside and goes out to investigate, unaware that if she had opened the door just a few seconds earlier, the whole house would have gone up in an explosion. Bo and Billie run away, knowing that if Hope finds them there she will demand a complete explanation, including Bo's undercover work. They stop in a nearby alley to catch their breath, unaware that Hope is pursuing them. In the alley, Bo praises Billie for her love and courage and loyalty, and gives her an affectionate hug. Hope rounds the corner and sees them locked in what looks like a passionate embrace. Hope is crestfallen, thinking she was a fool to ever believe she had a chance with Bo again.

Friday, March 28, 1997
by Diane Dix

Carrie wakes up alone at Austin's apartment, wondering why he didn't come home, since the last thing he told her was that he would come home as soon as Sami fell asleep. While she is waiting, the doorbell rings, and Carrie rushes to the door, hoping it's Austin, but it turns out to be Lucas, bringing breakfast. Lucas is obviously impressed by the sight of Carrie in her negligee, but Carrie is so disappointed she doesn't notice. Lucas is ecstatic to find that Austin is not there, and tries to plant seeds of doubt in Carrie's mind. Carrie defends Austin, but also thanks Lucas for his concern. While they are chatting, Lucas proposes that Carrie take over a high-profile European project for CW. After a moment's thought, Carrie agrees enthusiastically, and Lucas and Carrie embrace. Just then, Austin walks through the door. Austin had fallen asleep at the hospital and woke up to find Sami twisting and turning in a guilty dream. Sami apologized to him again for accusing him of having an affair with Carrie. Then Marlena came in and asked if Austin had some business to take care of, so Austin had a chance to leave. Marlena reminded him that Carrie needed him as much as Sami did, and Austin went home. Seeing Carrie hugging Lucas, Austin experiences a flash of jealousy. Heated words pass between him and Lucas, but then Austin apologizes to Carrie for falling asleep at the hospital, and they start kissing. Lucas walks out in disgust, but as he is leaving, he hears Austin say that as long as Sami is in the hospital, he and Carrie can at least be together at the apartment. That gives him an idea. Lucas goes to the hospital, where Sami has just finished a pleasant visit with Will. Lucas tells Sami that there is no reason for her to stay in the hospital, and all she has to do is check herself out and continue therapy as an outpatient. Sami is reluctant at first, but Lucas tells her she is strong, her apartment is wheel-chair accessible, and she deserves to be with her husband and son. Sami can't wait to tell Austin. Meanwhile, back at Austin's apartment, workmen come in to prepare the place for the new furniture, and Austin seizes the opportunity to suggest a tropical getaway with Carrie. She agrees enthusiastically, and they go to the hospital to make up an excuse to Sami. Carrie tells Lucas that she can't take the European project any more, and Lucas pretends not to be bothered. Then Austin goes in to tell Sami he will be away, but before he can say anything, Sami tells him the great news - that she is checking out and going home with him that day.

Susan wakes up in Marlena's office, realizing she spent the night there. As she is getting up, her cellular phone rings. Kristen is calling to find her, wondering why she's not at her apartment. Susan doesn't tell Kristen she spent the night at the hospital, knowing Kristen would be angry. Kristen tells Susan to pump more breast milk for the baby, but Susan refuses, saying she would rather feed the baby naturally. Kristen is furious, but realizes that giving in to Susan one last time before she takes the baby home might be the best plan. She tells Susan she can feed John Jr. one last time as long as she gets out in time to avoid running into John. Susan asks when the baby is coming home, and Kristen lies and says he will be at the hospital a while longer. Susan gets dressed in her Kristen disguise in Marlena's office, unaware that Marlena is just outside the door. But Marlena's receptionist calls her away, averting disaster for Kristen. Susan goes to feed the baby, and Marlena and Caroline, passing by, think she is Kristen. They both notice there is something a little off about her, but also that she seems to really love the baby. John and Kristen arrive a few minutes later, and Kristen realizes with horror that Susan is still in the nursery feeding John Jr. Kristen does some fast talking and convinces John that they should talk to the doctor first before taking the baby home. Marlena walks up and starts remarking on how loving Kristen was toward the baby that morning, but Kristen cuts her off and tells her she should come with them to the doctor. John backs her up, and Marlena acquiesces, thinking the request is a little weird. A few minutes later, Susan emerges from the nursery, and Caroline, passing by, thinks she's Kristen and tries to talk to her. Susan is caught off guard and brushes her off, refusing to look at her. Caroline thinks her behavior is bizarre. Meanwhile, the doctor gives John and Kristen the go-ahead, and they take John Jr. home. Caroline catches up with Marlena to discuss Kristen's weird behavior, but Marlena decides she can't think about that any more, and they walk to Marlena's office. There Marlena finds Susan, out of disguise, and desperate to get her baby back. Marlena tells Susan that according to her research, if she didn't sign any legal papers giving the baby away, she should be entitled to keep the baby until a judge says otherwise. Susan exultantly goes to get her baby, and is stunned when a nurse tells her that the baby has gone home. Feeling betrayed, Susan rushes off to Kristen's house, just a few minutes behind John and Kristen. When John and Kristen get home, the maid takes a video of them coming through the door, and they prepare to take the baby upstairs. Just then the doorbell rings - Susan is standing outside, determined that this time nothing is going to stop her from taking her Elvis home.

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