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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, March 31, 1997
by Nat

Susan thinks that she's getting baby Elvis back very soon. She spends all day purchasing gifts for him, and at the end of the show is walking out to the parking lot with tons of shopping bags. All for little Elvis. She runs into Carrie today; hmmm, anything there? They really didn't say much, except for when Carrie made a comment about the baby toys, and Susan said "yeah I am goin' to see ma baby." Later she ends up at Kristen and John's mansion to get Elvis. She demands that she's not leaving without him.

Meanwhile John and Kristen are interviewing nanny's for baby "Elvis." They talk to about 4 of them but have yet to make a decision. Just when Susan knocks on the door, Kristen has a suspicion that she knows exactly who it is and sends John to check on John Junior. He agrees and Kristen and Vivian (there for moral support once again!) send Ivan to go greet Susan. (they believe it's her) Ivan lets her in but tells her to basically get lost. No, she demands, she's going to get her baby back. She lightly punches Ivan in the stomach and heads for the living room.Kristen and Vivian are stunned. What now?

Sami is ready to leave but Mike tells her he thinks she should stay until she's fully recovered. Since Austin wants to go away with Carrie he coerces Mike into telling Sami to stay. And since Mike has the right to keep her there because she's not 100% better, he decides to help out. So Sami becomes very upset when she hears Mike's request. But after another discussion with a different Doc. , Sami just might get out. Meanwhile Austin and Carrie decided to get away and now is as good as time as ever.

Sami is having a recurring dream about a doll and being trapped in a fire. Since her dreams continue to focus on this doll, is there a possibility that it might play a vital role in this entire scheme that Kate is involved with??

Lucas and Kate talk today but once again he is upset with her. He can't quite figure out what Kate is holding back but he's suspicious because he knows she's covering for Sami. But why???

Tuesday, April 1, 1997
by Nat

Susan shows up at John and Kristen's and demands to bring her baby home . she's not leaving until she sees John either. So she takes a seat and waits and waits... At one point during a scene she's catfighting with Vivian and trying to get away since they are telling her to leave and grabbing her arm. She yells, loud! John is upstairs with John Junior and hears the scream. "That sounds just like Kristen," he says as he races downstairs.

Meanwhile Kristen runs into John since she assumes he'll be racing downstairs to question the scream. Literally they run into each other and she tells him that Ivan had a fake snake there for A.Fool's day and it scared her. John gets annoyed and upset and tells her it's not fair that Ivan and Vivian keep coming over and that it upsets Kristen. He tells her to tell them to leave so they don't bother them anymore. She says ok, but will she really? AFterall Vivian is helping her.

Meanwhile John at another point in the episode sees Susan. He is coming around the side of the house and passes someone sitting in the living room. Realizing he's passing someone he doesn't know, he questions her. Susan looks happy and confused that finally she has John to herself. Will she be able to say anything though?

Carrie and Austin argue because Carrie is fed up with the whole Sami situation. All she wants is to go away with Austin but now Sami is determined to go home. That is all she wants to do. And MIke Horton says that he has absolutely no medical reason to hold her at the hospital. HOwever after Austin and Carrie have their heart to heart chat about trying to get Sami to stay at the hospital, they go in to talk to her. It is at that time that Sami explains how she realizes it is going to take time, but although she appreciates everyone's concern and having Will there with her she wants to go home, STILL. So Austin and Carrie do not know what to do.

Hope pays Billy a short and sweet visit. "What's going on Billy, I am getting mixed singles. Are you with Bo or not?" What wil lBilly say as Bo comes to the apartment. "I'm moving in Billy," Bo says. Hope, in the background, looks upset.

Kate and Billy have a talk. "So your back with Bo, you spent the night with him. Congrats." KAte assumes way too much. But Billy looks hurt. "No Mom, that's not how it is at all." "Oh, why is that?" Find out tomorrow on Days!

Wednesday, April 2, 1997
by Nat

Hope approaches Billy and inquires about her and Bo's relationship. Hope tells her to tell the truth. She explains that she can't keep guessing what is happening and needs the truth. Billy feels terrible and decides that maybe it is time to confide in Hope. But just as she is about to do that Bo shows up. He tells Billy that he needs help with something and that forces Hope to leave very upset. she's very confused. But Billy and Bo can not say anything. Bo then tells Billy she still can't say anything, not yet anyway.

HOpe goes to talk to Alice and starts to wonder why Billy told her she couldn't say anything yet. HOpe begins to ponder what is going on. When she talks to Alice, Alice woders the same thing. There's something up and they know.

Sami is taken to Kates to see if she can remember anything before the accident. But Kate has cleaned it up. She apologizes that she cleaned it because there's nothing around that Sami could remember. As Sami clutches her doll, Kate cringes. Sami says "I remember when I was younger and used to hide so many secrets in this doll, but that was a long time ago. I don't hide secrets anymore." And with that she laughed a little. But she really has so no idea that what she just said holds a lot of meaning. And Kate knows just that, a big secret is hidden. Could it have to do with the doll?

Susan and John are talking with KRisten present. Susan tells John that she has to tell him something about the baby. But there are two interruptions before susan can even get a word in. Then Kristen interrupts Susan when she's finally attempting to confide to John. Kristen decides at the last minute to explain to John that Susan is going to be there nanny, and at the same time makes sure it is ok with Susan, who had no idea this was coming. when Susan finds out that she can see John Junior everyday and can sleep there, she is ecstatice, yet John does not realize this. so Susan accepts proudly. At first John is skeptical but after talking with Kristen outside the room, he agrees; but he decides he's going to talk to Marlena b/c he can not figure out why Kristen would want to hire someone like Susan with no experience.

When Kate mentions to everyone, but especially Austin, that he and carrie need to go to a titan meeting, Sami looks upset. Since Kate's real reason for saying this was to get Austin and Carrie together, everyone hopes Sami understands. But Sami protests claiming that since it is her and Austin's first night together away from the hospital, that it is only fair if they spend it together. Everyone believes Austin will still go and tell Sami that it is just for one night, but instead he is taken by her plead and decides to stay with her. Kate reminds them how important this is and Sami reconsiders. Austin isn't so sure it's right. Then Sami requests that lucas go with Carrie instead. Carrie says ok, she's upset that Austin would say that. So she figures she's just go with Lucas. Everyone is shocked.

Days finally did a turnaround and shocked us all. That's what we need guys, some twists and turns!!

Thursday, April 3, 1997
by Diane Dix

Austin is stunned that Carrie agreed to go to the Titan charity ball with Lucas, but Lucas is overjoyed. Carrie leaves to change clothes. She goes out on the rooftop for air, and Marlena comes after her. Carrie vents to Marlena that she is sick and tired of making sacrifices for Sami, and is tempted to just tell her the truth about her marriage to Austin. Marlena convinces her not to, but Carrie's patience is obviously wearing thin. Carrie despairs that she will never be with Austin. Marlena tells her to keep the faith. She tells Carrie that John called and asked her (Marlena) to come over. Carrie asks if Marlena thinks Kristen was exposed, but Marlena says no, assuming it's about the baby. Marlena leaves. Austin, still at the apartment, wants to go after Carrie, but Sami needs his help. Sami remarks on what a cute couple Carrie and Lucas make, and Austin has to bite his tongue. As Austin is about to go after Carrie, Shawn arrives with Will. Sami is ecstatic that Will is home, and they can be "a real family" again. Kate puts on a smiling face, but privately is disgusted that Sami is taking Austin away from Carrie. After helping Sami bathe Will, Austin and Kate talk alone in the living room of the apartment. Kate tries to convince Austin to spend more time with Carrie, but Austin points out that since he caused Sami's accident, it is his responsibility to stay with her until she recovers. Unbeknownst to both of them, Lucas is just outside the door listening. Kate talks about her troubles with Vivian, and Austin assures her that when Victor recovers, he will throw Vivian out on her ear. Austin adds that he wishes Victor would get rid of Lucas, too, calling him a "weasel." Kate doesn't exactly defend Lucas, but asks Austin to try to get along with him. Sami calls Austin for help finding her lipstick, and Lucas confronts Kate. Overhearing Austin's nobility toward Sami and his contempt toward Lucas made Lucas hate him more than ever, and Lucas also resents the fact that Kate didn't really defend him against Austin. Lucas also resents Kate for not confiding in him about the blackmail secret Sami had on her, but he tells her he hopes she finds what she's looking for. Lucas tells Kate he's ordering up a limo for Carrie, and Kate replies that a limo won't make her love Lucas instead of Austin. Lucas retorts that he doesn't care, because Carrie deserves only the best, and leaves. After Kate leaves, Sami notices that Austin is a million miles away while listening to a romantic song. He tells her it reminds him of dancing under the stars, but not that it is Carrie he is remembering. Sami assumes it's their song and is touched. Carrie, getting ready for her date with Lucas in her apartment, hears the same song and has the same memory of a lovely evening on the rooftop with Austin. Sami tries to set a romantic table for her and Austin, but doesn't have any candles. Austin seizes the opportunity to go out for candles, and stops by Carrie's apartment. Carrie opens the door wearing a sexy evening gown. Austin tells her she looks beautiful, and then begs her not to go out with Lucas.

At the DiMera house, John is still in shock that Kristen would hire someone as obviously unbalanced as Susan to care for their child. He hopes that when Doc arrives, she can do something about the situation. Susan continues to behave in her weird fashion, asking John and Kristen if there is a cassette player in the baby's room, so she can play Elvis tapes to the baby. Kristen takes Susan up to see the baby while John answers the door, hoping it's Marlena. It turns out to be Abe Carver, resplendent in his full dress uniform. Abe tells John that a reliable contact has come up with a lead on Roman's whereabouts, and will be calling shortly. John tells Abe that Marlena is on her way, and they discuss whether Marlena and Roman are likely to get back together. Abe, remembering that Marlena told him that she loved John, thinks it's unlikely, but John thinks Roman is the love of Marlena's life, and that Marlena thinks of him, John, as only a friend. Upstairs, Susan tries to nurse John Jr. Kristen tells her she's insane, and that John could walk in any minute. Susan insists that's the way "Elvis" likes to be fed. While they are arguing, John brings Abe up to see the baby. They introduce Abe to Susan, who asks if he is going to a costume party as Col. Parker (Elvis' manager). Abe, obviously thinking Susan's a wacko but being polite, says that he is wearing his dress uniform because he is a commander in the police force, and is going to the Titan charity ball. Susan remarks that it's nice to know a policeman, looking meaningfully at Kristen, and asks if "Officer Carver" is on the Salem PD. John reminds her that it's Commander Carver. Susan leaves to pack her things, saying, "It was nice to meet you, Colonel Carver." Abe leaves, obviously confused about why Kristen would hire a nut case like Susan. John tries once again to talk Kristen out of hiring Susan, but she is immovable, saying Susan is "sweet", and trying to chalk her behavior up to awe at the luxurious surroundings. Vivian and Ivan drop by, and John tries to get rid of them, but Kristen takes them up to "see the baby", but really, to get their advice. Vivian tells Kristen that Susan as a baby nurse is a disaster, and that she has to fire her and trust Stefano to take care of her. Kristen agrees, and Vivian provides her with an excuse to leave the house - helping with the seating arrangements for the charity ball. Kristen grudgingly expresses respect and gratitude for Vivian, who tells her not to forget it. Meanwhile, Susan goes home to pack, ecstatic that she will be with her little Elvis. Marlena drops by, and Susan tells her that she is going to live with her husband and her husband's mistress, but does not mention she will be the baby's nanny. Marlena is obviously concerned about the situation, and tries to convince Susan to seek legal advice, but Susan refuses. After Marlena leave, Kristen arrives. Kristen tells Susan never to come to her house again. She shows Susan an article about Stefano, implying that if Susan crosses her, she just might disappear as so many others who crossed the DiMeras have. Kristen leaves, hoping she's convinced Susan to stay away, but Susan remains determined to get her Elvis back. Doc finally arrives at the DiMera house, and John tells her about Susan, but not by name. He then tells her that he may have news about Roman.

Friday, April 4, 1997
by Diane Dix

Austin tries to talk Carrie out of going to the Titan charity ball with Lucas, but Carrie insists that it's business, and since Austin doesn't want to go, she has to go with Lucas. Austin tells her that of course he wants to go, but Sami needs him. Carrie says that's fine, but she's not going to sit around moping while the man she loves has a romantic dinner with her sister down the hall. As they're arguing, Sami shows up and asks Austin why he's not out getting candles. Austin says he's talking business with Carrie. Just then, Lucas shows up in his tuxedo. He offers to take Sami back to her apartment. When they are alone, he thanks Sami for helping him get together with Carrie. Lucas goes back to Carrie's, and Billie shows up to change for the ball. Billie had met with Abe and Bo, and learned that King expected her to go to the ball with Bo to schmooze with the higher officers. Bo, knowing Hope would be there, was upset at having to cause her more pain, but Billie was elated to have a chance to go out with Bo. When Billie shows up at the apartment, Carrie takes her aside and tells her what's going on with Austin and Lucas. Lucas taunts Austin by saying, "Isn't your wife waiting for you?" Austin nearly punches him, but Lucas tells him to back off and remember that none of this was Lucas' fault. Lucas and Carrie leave together, and Billie tries to comfort Austin. Austin goes back to the apartment to have dinner with Sami. After changing, Billie shows up in her ball gown, and Sami and Austin tell her she looks beautiful. When Sami hears she forgot her earrings, Sami offers to lend her a pair that Marlena gave her which would go perfectly with Billie's dress. Billie is taken aback, unaccustomed to the sweet amnesiac Sami. She borrows the earrings and then leaves. Sami and Austin have dinner, and Sami remarks how lucky she is to have a husband like Austin and a sister-in-law like Billie. She says she thinks it's great that Billie is dating her Uncle Bo, and that Lucas is with Carrie. Austin has a hard time biting his tongue. Sami looks in the TV listings and learns that a cable channel is broadcasting the Titan ball. She turns on the TV and they see Carrie and Lucas dancing and laughing together. Sami insists on having Austin tape the whole thing.

At the DiMera house, John tells Marlena there is bad news about Roman. He had taken a dangerous undercover assignment and failed to report in as expected, and no one was able to locate him. Marlena is devastated, assuming the worst. John comforts her lovingly, and Kristen walks in. Kristen is frustrated because she was again unable to contact Stefano, but left a message for him that she had handled the Susan situation. Seeing Marlena in John's arms, Kristen is at first suspicious, but John explains about Roman and Kristen acts sympathetic. To get her mind off the topic, Marlena asks about the new baby nurse. Kristen and John have a mild disagreement about it, and then Kristen remarks that the nurse is late. John says he hopes she doesn't show up so they can hire the English nanny. Kristen smiles, thinking that since she warned Susan to stay away, her problems are over. But Susan is right outside the door. Just as she is about to knock, the cook sees her and guides her to the back servant's entrance, so she can enter without disturbing the Blacks and their guest. Kristen serves tea to John and Marlena, and just as John is about to happily give up on Susan and call the English nanny, Cook tells him that she let Susan in the back. John insists that Marlena meet the new nurse, none of them aware that the nurse is Susan, Marlena's patient. When they get upstairs, Susan is in the shower. Marlena leaves, but first she warns Kristen that she is being watched and better not screw up. John stays with the baby, and suddenly, Susan's cellular phone rings. John looks at it, wondering whether to pick it up.

At the Horton's, Hope dresses for the ball. Franco shows up to be her escort, and notices she is depressed. Hope says that Billie and Bo moved in together, and that if she weren't on the organizing committee for the charity ball, she wouldn't even go. As they are leaving, Shawn-D comes downstairs and asks if he can go to the movies with his friends Joey and Charlie. Hope says absolutely not, because he is still getting over the flu. Shawn-D tries to argue, but Hope tells him the subject is closed and to stay home. Meanwhile, at the Titan ball, Maggie and Caroline and Jennifer decide to try to get Hope and Bo to dance together. Jennifer is depressed because of Jack's imprisonment, but is covering the ball for her TV show. When Carrie and Lucas arrive, they enlist her help as well. Hope and Franco show up, followed by Bo and Billie. Maggie arranges for Hope and Bo to have corresponding tickets for the supposedly random "Get to Know You" dance, and they are coerced into dancing together to the romantic song "Because You Loved Me." While they are dancing, Hope asks Bo how everything went so wrong. He is torn apart by the pain in her eyes, and she senses his conflict, but doesn't understand why he doesn't reach out to her. Bo ends up walking away abruptly, leaving Hope more hurt than ever. Billie watches them dance sadly. Bo goes to Abe and tells him it's over, and that he is going to tell Hope the truth. Lucas, dancing with Carrie, admits that he arranged for their tickets to match so they could dance the special dance together. When Lucas says he knows she'd rather be dancing with Austin, Carrie says that Austin isn't here, and she likes dancing with Lucas. Lucas smiles in surprise and joy.

Back at the Horton house, Shawn-D's friends arrive and knock on the door. Shawn-D tells them they weren't supposed to knock, because his mom told him not to go out and his grandma is still upstairs. Quietly, they sneak out to go to the movie. But they get off at the wrong bus stop and get lost in the alleys on the wrong side of town. The three boys stumble across two suspicious looking men completing a drug transaction. The hoodlums panic and start chasing the boys. Shawn-D and his friends run desperately down the alley, only to find a dead-end at a high chain-link fence. As they turn around to face their attackers, yelling in desperation, one of the thugs pulls a gun - and fires. Shawn-Douglas reels back against the fence, a look of surprise and pain in his eyes...

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