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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, April 7, 1997
by Nat

Susan dreams that she is kissing John. Her dream begins with her in John standing near the crib, near "Elvis." She is wearing her wig however the audience thinks it is Kristen. (Of course it wasn't hard to guess, with the way she was standing as well as "Kristen's" hair appearing different.) So they are standing there and as John is speaking to her, I think he says something, and then "Kristen," she rips off her wig and the audience is left wondering. All of a sudden she says, I'm not Kristen, I'm your wife, though, do you still love me? It's our baby. Then what do you know? He takes her into his arms and hugs and kisses her telling her of course still loves her since mainly because she's the mother of their baby. Then the audeience knows it is a dream. Because would John really ever do that before having a heart attack? You decided. So she wakes up happily!

Bo, Hope and billy are at the hospital waiting to hear about Shawn D. He decides he is going to tell Hope the truth, and when he seees her he makes a comment about their future. Hope is ecstatic because he sounds positive and believes he will make her happy again. Bo is all set to confess his real love for her and tell her what is happening. But before he gets a chance, as he is standing outside is gets a gift from one of the hitmen. The gift is an engagement ring as a token for Bo since he's been such a good "liar." In other words the men are rewarding Bo with a ring for Billy so that now he can ask her to marry him. Since that's what they believe is happening, that he is in love with Billy. Meanwhile Bo is furious because just as he is going to confess his true love for Hope, he now must propose to Billy. So later in the hospital as he is about to talk to Hope, the men stand behind him making sure he does as he promised before. He returns one ring to Hope, making Hope happy, because she thinks he is about to propose. He then turns to Billy in front of Hope and proposes to her. Billy looks confused but realizes the men are right behind Hope. Although this is her dream, she can see the hurt in Hope's eyes. Hope stands there looking completely hurt and confused. so does everyone else.

Austin and Carrie are in bed together kissing when Sami knocks on the door. She had used to wheelchair to go over to check on Austin since he never told her where her was going. But he escapes through the fire exit and Sami never sees him. Instead she asks Carrie where he is. He approaches her after a minute and Sami never suspects a thing. Carrie is extremely annoyed because she feels that she can never have private time with Austin. Sami makes Austin promise her that he lets her know every time he leaves so that she doesn't get worried. AFter walking out of the apartment together, Carrie tells Austin that she is upset because now they will never be together on the weekends. But Austin t ells her they will still be together on the weekdays. To Carrie that just isn't enough. Lucas overhears everything and says aloud that he will make sure Carrie and Austin are not together as much during the day.

Tuesday, April 8, 1997
by Nat

Sami is attempting, unintentionally, to get Austin to stay with her al lthe time. Lucas is giving her an idea to get a computer so that he can stay at home with her more often. And she takes his idea and orders a computer through Kate's business. Meanwhile Carrie and Austin are dumbfounded. They don't know what to do now that Sami has literally done everything she could, again unintentionally, to keep them apart. Carrie is fed up and tells Austin she can't take it anymore. They are falling apart now.

Jack is in jail trying to figure out a way to get out and calling Abby and Jen all the time to see how they are. He makes deals with other inmates so that he can talk to them more over the phone. Jen is trying so hard to get out of jail but doesn't know what to do and Abby keeps asking about her Daddy. She wants him home just as Jen does, and Jen is starting to confess her love to him. Jack knows how she feels.

Billy feels horrible about what she and Bo are doing to Hope but she knows she can't say anything. Bo is at his wits end, he doesn't want to hurt Hope any longer but knows he can get lots of people in serious trouble if he does tell her. She is becoming more upset about what Bo is doing and realizes there's never going to be hope for her. She is angry and hurt all at the same time.

Other people are astarting to wonder what is up with Bo.

Shawn D is alright for now. But when he hears about his parents he may not be so ok.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997
by Nat

Billie told Kate that she was proposed to by Bo and Kate thought it was great. Of course Billie wanted so much to tell her that it wasn't for real and that Bo wouldn't ever love her the way he loves HOpe, but Kate couldn't understand why Billie was so upset. "Cheer up," she said, "your getting married. This is your dream!" She can not get happy. She tells Carrie that she feels bad for Hope but at the same time tries to look happy. Carrie is a little upset that her roommate is the one Bo chose, and when Billie shows her the engagement ring, Carrie gets more upset. But she apologizes for her comments, she just wishes Bo and Hope were together like they used to be.

Shawn D. is very happy is parents are both there. But Bo knows he must leave so he storms out leaving Hope bewildered. Later as he talks to Shawn D. again, and Hope is standing by the door, he confesses his love for his family and especially for Hope. She smiles but wonders why he is marrying Billie. She knows something is up.

Bo tells Abe about what happened with King and the ring he gave Bo. Abe can not belive what Bo had to do in front of Hope. Bo really wants to confide in Hope and tells Abe he doesn't think Hope will ever understand.

Jack and Jen meet at the jail and Jen confesses her true love for Jack once again. AFter several years!!! She tells him that she wishes she had told him earlier that she loved him. Now Jack really belives he will be getting out because of her. While she is there with Jack and Uncle Micky, Micky get a call. This is the answer about Jack they have been awaiting.

Thursday, April 10, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami is ecstatic about her new plan to keep Austin at home by setting up a computer link to Titan. Naturally, Carrie, Austin, and Kate are less than thrilled. Austin assumes (correctly) that the whole idea was Lucas', but Lucas was subtle enough that even Sami doesn't know he planted it the idea, and Austin ends up looking like a jerk for accusing him. Austin bows down to Sami again because of his guilt over her accident and his haunting fear that he will be as bad a father as Curtis. Carrie finally has enough and tells Austin that she's not willing to put her life on hold any longer, and that until Austin stands up to Sami and stops catering to her every whim, they have no future. Kate tells Austin the same thing, but his guilt and fear are stronger than his fear of losing Carrie. Lucas is, naturally, pleased at the turn of events, and wastes no opportunities to be a shoulder for Carrie to cry on. Carrie is forced to go to work without Austin, and grows closer and closer to Lucas. Austin connects to the office via telelink, and is jealous to see that Carrie and Lucas are getting closer by the minute.

Hope confronts Bo about telling Shawn-D that he loved her and wanted to be a family again. Since Bo claimed he could never lie to either Hope or Shawn-D, Hope assumes he must be telling the truth about loving her. Bo is on the verge of telling Hope everything, but Abe begs him not to. Bo ends up telling Hope that he lied to Shawn-D to help him recover, and Hope is more disillusioned than ever, vowing that she will never let Bo hurt her again. Franco is right there to comfort her. Meanwhile, Bo learns that Abe has the name of a suspect in Shawn-D's shooting, a street punk called Viper. Max and King are furious that Viper was named as Shawn-D's assailant, and pay him to get out of town, but he stays to score one last hit of drugs. Bo goes undercover as a thug, posing as Viper's brother, and manages to track him down. Bo chases Viper into an abandoned warehouse and finally corners him after a vicious fight, and demands some answers about Shawn-D's shooting.

Jennifer is now fully open about her love for Jack. Mickey enters the prison and Jennifer hopes that Jack's appeal overturned his conviction, but her hopes are dashed. Mickey tells them that the decision was upheld. Jennifer is filled with anger and confusion, wondering why the judge can't see that Jack is no cold-blooded killer. Behind the scenes, Travis and the guard discuss the case, and reveal that Stefano had actually gotten to the appeal judge and bribed or threatened him not to overturn the decision. Jack loses hope, but Jenn is more determined than ever to get him out of jail. Jack despairs that he will never see Abby again. Jennifer disappears and Jack talks to Mickey, telling him to take care of Jennifer and help her get her life back together. Jennifer returns - with Abby. At first, Jack won't even face her because he is ashamed he is in jail, but finally he turns to her. Abby is overjoyed to see him, but confused that he is behind the glass and can't hug or kiss her. Mickey appeals to the sympathies of the female guard, who allows Jack to be in the same room as Jennifer and Abby for a few minutes. The reunion between Jack and Abby is heartbreaking, especially when Abby assumes Jack will go home with her. Mickey finally takes Abby away to give Jack and Jennifer a minute alone. Jennifer surprises Jack by kissing him passionately, until the guard tells her time is up.

Friday, April 11, 1997
by Diane Dix

Marlena is having nightmares about Roman's safety. Distraught, she calls John at his house. John tells her he hasn't heard anything yet, and invites her to come over to wait for a while. Marlena gratefully accepts. Meanwhile, Kristen tries to bond with John Junior. As John thinks about Marlena, the doorbell rings. Kristen opens it to find the contractor Stefano sent to build the secret room for hiding Susan if the need arises. Kristen tells John the man is there to enlarge the baby's playroom, and promises she will handle everything. Just then, Susan comes downstairs and says she is going shopping for "Elvis." Kristen gives her a big wad of money and tells her to stay gone for a long time. Marlena arrives shortly afterward, barely missing Susan. John comforts Marlena about Roman while Kristen and Bart, the contractor, discuss plans for the secret room. Meanwhile, Susan goes shopping at Salem Place, and runs into Celeste staring into her tea leaves. Intrigued by the notion of a "gypsy", Susan begs Celeste to tell her fortune. Celeste senses turmoil, and remembers Susan from the hospital as recently having given birth. While talking to Susan, Celeste has flashes of an Elvis Presley song, and tells Susan about it. Susan is stunned, and tells Celeste that her baby's name is Elvis. A little later, Caroline Brady sees Susan emerging from a store, and thinks she looks familiar. Caroline hears the store clerk mention the Blacks, and asks Susan if she knows John and Kristen. Upon learning that Susan is the new baby nurse, Caroline suggests that she meet Susan at a friend's house to go through Brady Black's old baby clothes so that they don't have to buy so many new ones. Susan agrees, not knowing that the friend is her psychiatrist, Dr. Marlena Evans. When Susan returns to the house, she finds Kristen with the contractor. Kristen is obviously annoyed by Susan, especially since Susan is much more successful at calming the baby than Kristen herself is. Kristen tells Susan to get lost, so Susan goes to Marlena's penthouse, where Caroline is waiting. Together, they begin to go through Brady's clothes. Meanwhile, Marlena leaves John's house after he promises to call her the minute he hears anything from Shane Donovan or the ISA, who are tracking Roman. Marlena is totally unaware that Susan had been within a few feet of her in the DiMera house. Marlena returns to her penthouse and finds Caroline there. Caroline explains about the baby nurse, and Marlena starts heading up the stairs, eager to meet her. Back at the DiMera House, Celeste arrives with a gift for the baby. John presses Kristen to take her upstairs to see the baby, although Kristen is obviously uncomfortable, fearing what Celeste might guess. As soon as Celeste sees Bart, the contractor, she recognizes him as a former employee of Stefano DiMera. Although Bart swears he has been "clean" since Stefano died, Celeste does not believe him. When Celeste goes in to see the baby, she hears the Elvis song again, and is puzzled. Although Kristen tries to mislead and ridicule her, Celeste is suddenly struck with the truth, and tells Kristen, "This is not your baby!"

John finally gets the call he's been waiting for. Although he hopes for good news from Shane about Roman, it is obvious from the expression on his face that he does not get it. John hangs up after telling Shane that he will pass the news on to Marlena.

At the hospital, Billie talks to a sleeping Shawn-D, telling him she hopes he can be happy someday. Hope overhears and asks to speak to Billie. Hope tells her that they have to try to be friends if Billie is going to be Shawn-D's stepmother. Billie is uncommunicative, unable to tell Hope that it is very unlikely the marriage will ever take place. Hope begs Billie to tell her what is wrong with Bo, and why he has changed. Billie tells Hope that she will have to ask Bo. Just then, Shawn-D wakes up, and asks Hope if his memory of Bo telling him they would be a family again was a dream. Hope tells him it was. Billie takes Hope aside and asks her not to tell Shawn-D about the engagement, knowing it will only cause him unnecessary pain. Hope agrees, telling Billie it's not the right time. Billie leaves to visit Bo at the station. After Shawn-D falls back asleep, Hope angrily tells Franco that she can't rest while Shawn-D's attacker is out on the streets, and vows to go back to the Snake Pit to track down the supplier. Franco follows her.

Meanwhile, Bo and Abe begin their interrogation of Viper at the police station. King and Max find out that Viper was taken in, and King is furious and apprehensive. King vows that if Viper cracks, he will go directly after Billie and Hope to gain leverage on Bo. He tells his Salem PD plant, Nan, to keep an eye on the interrogation, but she is unable to hear anything. She does manage to convince Bo to tell her the minute the suspect cracks, inventing a sob story about a brother who was killed by dealers. Viper tells them that he is dead if he reveals the name of his supplier. Bo goes to take a break and Billie arrives, telling him how upset Hope is. That only adds to Bo's frustration. Billie then tells Bo she has an idea - since she used to be part of the Salem drug scene, she could look up some of her old contacts and trace down the supplier. Bo tells her to forget about it because it's way too dangerous. Billie ignores him and decides to pursue it anyway. Bo returns to the interrogation room and puts serious pressure on Viper, promising to dog his every waking moment unless he reveals the name of his supplier. Viper finally cracks and reveals the name of his boss: "King...I work for King." Bo clenches his fists in triumph and says, "Gotcha."

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