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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, April 21, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At the hospital, Hope tells Shawn-D that he's going to be released tomorrow. Well, this starts Shawn-D asking alot of questions in regards to why his mom & dad aren't back together. Is Billie the reason, is Dad working on a case? Hope tells Bo in the hallway, that she is sorry about Roman, and that he didn't give up on them, so she won't either.

Billie has a nightmare about losing Bo. Kate tries to comfort her, but Billie tries to tell her what's going on, but Kate doesn't understand. She tells her to continue to go after Bo, and comfort him ... Later, Billie decides to let Bo catch King. The longer it takes, the longer she'll have Bo.

At the church, Shawn, Caroline, Kim and Marlena are there. Marlena isn't convinced that it's Roman's body until Major Dodd arrives and gives her a letter from Shane telling them that dental records and DNA testing confirm, yes, it is Roman.

At Peter's house, everyone is listening to Laura going on, and on about the existence of the secret room and no one believes her. The door doesn't open only because Kristen is on the other side holding on for dear life. (What a sight) Back at Jennifer's house, Lynn tries to give Laura another pill, but Laura refuses to take it. Mike has no choice but to call Marlena. When Marlena arrives, Laura tells her the whole story again, saying that somehow Peter & Stefano are alive, and Kristen had something to with her disappearance. Laura wants Marlena to ask Kristen about what happened tonight.

At the hospital, Kim interrupts and tells them about the letter. Bo breaks down. Kim tries to talk to Hope about not giving up on Bo, and Hope leaves, leaving Kim with Shawn-D.

Billie dumps the drugs in the river, only to have been seen by Hope, who wants to know what she was doing. She tells Hope to mind her own business, and leaves Hope standing on the pier confused.

At the DiMera house, John and Susan are in bed. Kristen finds her in the bed, and wants to know what the hell is going on. She accuses Susan of trying to come on to John, and it'll never happen, because she is an ugly woman. She makes Susan leave, then takes her *Rightful* place in the bed. John returns, and notices that Kristen isn't as passionate, but before Kristen can explain, the phone rings. (Another interruption)

Marlena is there, and wants to talk to Kristen, wanting to know what she did to Laura tonight.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Laura and Jennifer discuss Kristen. Jennifer doesn't want to believe that Kristen could be as bad as Stefano, but Laura is determined to prove it. Laura also discusses the fact that she feels Peter is alive and is determined to prove that also.

In prison, Jack continues his search for a new love for Jennifer. Jennifer visits Jack, and tells him of Laura's suspicions, and not to give up hope, because she loves him. Jack later tells Travis (Stefano's man on the inside) of Laura's news. He later tells the crooked guard, to warn Stefano, so they can put their plan in motion. Laura prays to God to remember the truth, so that Jack can be freed.

John asks Susan where she heard that phrase. Well, Susan starts apologizing for hearing that phrase over the baby monitor, and it'll never happen again, she never would do anything to hurt the baby, lose her job.... and so on, and so on.... John then explains how he's been deceived in the past, and so his house security is so important to him. Susan thinks to herself, how she would never hurt John, and understands why Kristen keeps secrets from him.

Meanwhile, Marlena is confronting Kristen about Laura. Kristen swears Laura is delusional, but slips up when she mentions that she was no where near Peter's house. (hmmm.... Marlena never mentioned that) Kristen tries to say that Laura is trying to destroy her. During an argument, Marlena says she will tell John NOW! Kristen claims he's not home... just at that time, John walks down the stairs! Well, to make a long argument short, Marlena asks where Kristen has been tonight, due to Laura's accusations, and she's told in no uncertain terms, that Kristen and John were in bed. After John leaves, Kristen rubs that fact in Marlena's face.

Upstairs, Kristen want to know from Susan what happened, takes the wig. Just at that moment John comes in, and the wig gets stuffed in a drawer. (hmmm)

Carrie, Austin, and Sami finally make it to the church. Sami wants to view the body, but the others talk her out of it. She remarks that it's John & Marlena's fault that Roman is dead, but the others say shouldn't people be forgiven for their mistakes? Sami answers that she could never do anything that hurtful. Later, Sami tells Lucas how important it is to make new memories, spurring Carrie to go to Austin, and demand that this pretense end once and for all.

Wednesday, April 23, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Lucas comes to pick up Carrie, but Carrie declines, telling him, thatAustin is going to tell Sami the truth today.Austin and Sami are getting ready to go to the church. Austin says he just can't tell Sami with Roman's funeral today, since her father died. Carrie reminds him that Roman's her father too, and she needs him just as much as Sami does. Austin promises to tell Sami everything after the funeral.

Kate encourages her to do everything she can to keep Bo. Billie gets ready to go to Roman's funeral, and Kate is unhappy with Victor's slow recovery. Kate tells her that she must marry Bo as soon as possible. Billie agrees. Hope breaks the news of to Shawn D. He fears losing his dad, but Bo says that won't happen. Bo tells him they'll always be a family no matter what happens. Bo and Hope talk to each other outside the church about Roman. Hope asks Billie point blank if she's using drugs, and Billie says no. Billie gets annoyed, and tells Hope that she resents the implication, and leaves.

Before the services Laura tells Marlena forgive herself, and think of the future with John. Marlena tells Laura not now, not at the funeral. Laura says that she knows the truth about Kristen, Peter and Stefano, and asks Marlena for help.Sami begins crying at the funeral and Austin comforts her.Marlena, praying at Roman's casket, asks for forgiveness. She's sorry that it turned out this way, and finally says goodbye.

John suddenly senses something is wrong. Abe gets up and begins to speak about Roman when John seesa man taping the funeral. He and Bo, chase the man out of the church, and follows him to the pier. Shawn also invites everyone back to the pub afterwards for a Irish send-off for Roman. Bo grabs the camera from the man at the pier. John jumps in the river after him.. Abe tells Marlena he knows Roman would have wanted her to get on with her life.People begin to toast Roman, and when Shawn asks Marlena to speak she doesn't think it's appropriate for her to speak. Caroline says she gave Roman some of the best years of his life, and 2 wonderful children.

Suddenly John and Bo show up and at the pub, and John is soaked. They explain what happened, John says he already has an idea who was responsible. Stefano. Laura says if Stefano is behind it than she was right! Marlena is fearful John may be right, but he promises to protect her. Marlena, tells Laura that she will help her in her efforts to learn the truth.Kristen calls to see if Stefano was behind the taping of the funeral she learns he was not responsible.

Thursday, April 24, 1997
by Diane Dix

Austin takes Sami home from Roman's funeral. He promised Carrie he would tell Sami then about her true history with Austin, but as the time approaches, Austin gets increasingly nervous. As he is about to start talking, the phone rings. It's Carrie, calling from the pub to make sure Austin is still going to tell Sami. He assures her he will. But he finds it difficult, because every time he brings it up, Sami thanks him for being there and says she could never make it without him. Minor incidents keep delaying the revelation. Finally, Austin gets nervous and goes to ask Wendy to watch Will all day so he can break the news to Sami. Sami noticed that Austin was edgy all day, and assumes it's something she did. In her confusion about Austin, she begs for guidance from her dead father, and begins missing him even more. Sami bursts into tears.

Meanwhile, Kate runs into Carrie and Lucas at the pub. She is alarmed to learn about Austin and Carrie's plan to tell Sami everything, wondering if the trauma will trigger Sami to remember her blackmail information about Kate. Lucas senses her anxiety and pulls her aside, begging her to tell him what Sami has on her so he can help. Kate is tempted, but pretends it's nothing. Lucas leaves angrily. Kate goes out to the pier to clear her head, and is later joined by Carrie. As they discuss Sami's situation, Lucas approaches them and suggests that Carrie get something to eat back at the pub. When she leaves, Lucas once again asks Kate to tell her secret. Kate refuses, but says whatever she did, she did for love. Lucas tells her that's ironic, because all he has ever done to Carrie he did for love, and Kate won't even try to understand or help him. He walks away angrily again, and Kate is doubly saddened, knowing that she is losing Lucas, and if Sami remembers, she will lose Austin and Billie, too. Lucas rejoins Carrie at the pub, and spontaneously confesses that he still loves her. Carrie is touched, but tells him she will never love anyone but Austin. Lucas pretends to take it well, but is privately infuriated. Carrie leaves, assuming Austin has already told Sami about their history. As she passes Sami's door, she hears Sami sobbing within. When she enters, Sami tells her Austin is not there and that it is the worst day of her life. Carrie assumes that is because of the revelations, never suspecting that Austin had not yet talked to Sami.

Vivian and Ivan relax in the luxury of a spa. But Vivian remembers that her entire fate at Titan hinges on Kristen's support, and she calls Kristen to make sure everything is okay. At Kristen's house, Susan has been practicing walking, talking, and disguising herself as Kristen, and when the phone rings, she decides to put her Kristen voice into practice. Answering as Kristen, she tells Vivian that everything is fine and there's nothing to worry about. Vivian hangs up the phone, reassured - until Ivan shows her the Salem newspaper, whose front page news chronicles Roman Brady's death. Vivian knows that Marlena would be very distraught by such an event, and feels that she must rush back to Salem to do damage control. She is very surprised that Kristen never mentioned Roman's death, and that she is not more concerned about Marlena. Susan, ecstatic that Vivian bought her Kristen voice, decides to try out the whole getup while taking John Jr. out to Salem Place. While walking him, Vivian, who has rushed back from the spa, encounters her. Never doubting that she is Kristen, Vivian asks why she didn't mention Roman's death. Susan answers evasively, but manages to stay out of trouble. Vivian never mentions Marlena by name, leaving Susan still clueless about the role her psychiatrist plays in Kristen's life. Susan is thrilled that Vivian accepted her as Kristen, but Vivian, walking away, tells Ivan that something is definitely off - Kristen is usually much more hysterical. Susan, doubly thrilled that Vivian did not penetrate her disguise, continues walking through Salem Place, until Laura Horton taps her on the shoulder. Laura immediately unleashes on her, telling her that she will expose her for the scheming bitch she really is. Susan is flabbergasted, having no idea who Laura is or what she's talking about.

Kristen, meanwhile, talks to Stefano on the phone and is amazed to discover that he was not the one who hired someone to videotape Roman's funeral. Kristen is furious because everyone now suspects that Stefano is alive. Kristen runs into Kate on the pier, who informs her that while John is still at the pub, Marlena and Laura rushed off to the hospital together for some sort of emergency. Fearing they might be hypnotizing Laura, Kristen goes and spies on them. She sees them discussing Laura's assertion that Peter and Stefano are still alive. Marlena and Mike Horton check Peter's last hospital records and find nothing to convince them that Peter might have survived. Laura is very frustrated, especially because even Marlena now believes her visions of Peter and Stefano were dreams. Laura tries once again to convince Marlena to tell John about Kristen, but Marlena refuses. Laura tells her to face her feelings of guilt about Roman so she can get over them and be happy. Marlena tells Laura, nicely, to quit pressuring her. Laura agrees, and then leaves. Kristen is relieved that Marlena won't reveal her secret. She goes to the pub and finds John and Abe discussing the possibility that Stefano is alive. Kristen points out that the video man's clumsy work is not like that of someone Stefano would hire, and that Stefano is dead besides. She succeeds in convincing Abe, but John still believes that Stefano might be alive and Marlena in grave danger. To Kristen's private disgust, he insists on going to the hospital to see Marlena. Kristen, knowing that Marlena and Laura are at the hospital together, and fearing they might be hypnotizing Laura again, volunteers to accompany John. At the hospital, John tells Marlena he still believes Stefano might be alive. When Marlena expresses fear, John invites her to move back into the house with him and Kristen. Marlena and Kristen are both shocked, and Marlena points out that since John Jr. is still vulnerable to infectious diseases, it is probably better to keep Belle and Brady with her and away from the house. John reluctantly agrees, and Kristen is visibly relieved. When John walks away, Kristen and Marlena exchange harsh words, and Kristen accuses Marlena of being responsible for Roman's death, touching a very raw nerve. Marlena walks away in anger. As John and Kristen are about to leave, they run into Vivian and Ivan. Neither Vivian nor Kristen realizes that it was Susan whom Vivian talked to earlier. When Kristen expresses surprise that Vivian has returned from the spa, Vivian says she mentioned it when they met at Salem Place earlier. Both Kristen and John say that Kristen was with John all day and they never ran into Vivian. Vivian says that's ridiculous, but as she is speaking, it dawns on both her and Kristen that it was probably Susan who ran into Vivian. Both wonder how to explain the inconsistency to John.

Marlena walks out to the pier to think, and runs into Major Dodd. He gives her a letter which Roman had smuggled out of prison at great risk, and gives it to her. Marlena sits down at a bench and begins to read. As she reads, she says softly, "Oh, God..."

Friday, April 25, 1997
by Diane Dix

Things are unraveling fast for Kristen. Susan, caught up in her plan to take over Kristen's life and wandering around in disguise, is confronted at Salem Place by an infuriated Laura Horton, who vows to bring her down. Susan is confused by the accusations, but plays it off as Kristen, exulting that Kristen already has so many enemies. Meanwhile, Vivian has to do some fast talking to explain to John why she said she just saw Kristen at Salem Place with the baby, when Kristen spent all morning with John. Vivian plays the airhead and says she meant to say Susan. John remembers that John Jr. has an appointment with the cardiologist, and heads off to Salem Place to search for Susan and the baby, with a frantic Kristen and Vivian and Ivan close behind. Kristen fears that John will encounter Susan in her Kristen disguise and the whole plan will be revealed. But when John finds Susan, she has already discarded the disguise and looks like herself again. John and Kristen take the baby to the hospital, where the doctor pronounces him healthy and thriving. Kristen approaches the doctor about switching the baby to formula, but he says to stick with nursing for a while longer. Kristen, Vivian, Susan and the baby head home while John goes to run an errand. Kristen is furious at Susan and tells her she better throw away the wig for good. Susan says she did, but the wig is actually in her bag. Then Kristen gets a puzzling call from Marlena, who says only that she has decided to accept John's offer to move into the house, and that it is none of Kristen's business. Kristen is angry, but also curious as to what might have changed Marlena's mind. Vivian notices a beautiful, distinctive brooch Kristen has, and Kristen tells her it is a gift John gave her for being the mother of his child. After Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan leave the room, Susan puts on the brooch herself, figuring that since she is actually the baby's mother, it belongs to her. While Susan heads off to the hospital for an appointment with Marlena (naturally, Kristen has no idea they know each other), Kristen takes Vivian down to the wine cellar, where the secret room for Susan is finished. She gives Vivian the grand tour - bed, bathroom, and high-tech video system which allows Susan to watch what's going on in the house while Kristen can keep an eye on her. While they are watching, John comes home, looking disturbed. Vivian watches long enough to notice him putting a letter into a drawer. Kristen and Vivian head upstairs, where Kristen finds John pensive and troubled. She suggests he go out to the rose garden to think, and he leaves. Vivian retrieves the letter and Kristen reads it. To her shock and fury, it is a letter Roman Brady wrote to John before he died. While on his errand, John had run across Major Dodd, who gave him the letter. In the letter, Roman's dying wish is that John and Marlena get married and comfort each other. Kristen is consumed with anger and worry that John will feel justified in going to Marlena. Vivian points out that Marlena probably received a similar letter, which might be the reason she decided to move in. Outside in the rose garden, John is tormented by Roman's last wish, knowing that he is bound by his marriage to Kristen, but desperately wishing to be with Marlena.

Meanwhile, Marlena finishes reading Roman's letter to her, which says the same thing his letter to John said. Roman gives his blessing and forgiveness for the affair, and begs Marlena to be with John. Marlena is moved and deeply grateful for the letter, but unsure of what she should do. While she ponders the letter in her office, Laura Horton arrives. After reading the letter, Laura begs Marlena to listen to Roman and go to John. Marlena says she prefers to wait for Kristen to trip herself up. Laura convinces Marlena she can keep a better eye on Kristen if she accepts John's offer to move in, so Marlena calls Kristen's house and lets her know about her decision. While Marlena and Laura excitedly discuss the possibility that Peter and Stefano might be alive, and Jack could be freed, Marlena pulls out a picture of John, Kristen, and the baby. Laura, looking at the picture, notices that Kristen is wearing a very expensive, distinctive diamond brooch. Marlena tells her that Kristen rubbed it in her face that it was a gift for bearing the baby. Just then, Susan shows up outside Marlena's office, fiddling with the very same brooch on her dress, covered up only by an open sweater. Susan knocks on the door, not knowing that the brooch she wears might just be the clue Marlena needs.

Carrie, assuming Austin has already told Sami about the past four years, runs into Sami's apartment to console her crying sister. Carrie nearly slips up and asks whether Sami is upset about Austin and Carrie. Sami is confused, and Carrie realizes that Sami obviously doesn't know yet. Just then, Austin comes in and asks what is going on. Sami asks him to tell her about himself and Carrie. Austin says that he and Carrie are just concerned about Sami's recovery. Carrie is disgusted that Austin didn't take the chance to tell Sami the truth. Austin walks Carrie back to her apartment, and promises that he will tell Sami immediately, without any more delays. Austin returns to his apartment and tells Sami that they have to talk. Sami starts coughing and asks for a glass of water. While Austin has his back turned, Sami tries to get up and walk. She falls on the couch and collapses, crying hysterically. Austin asks her why she tried to walk, and she tells him she is convinced that Austin doesn't love her any more because she has become a burden. Austin tells her that he does have hurtful news, but it has nothing to do with her paralysis. He tells her that he is going to fill in all the blanks from the past four years, and tell her everything about their relationship. Sami says she is ready. Back at her apartment, Carrie finds Lucas, who tries again to convince her that telling Sami today is a bad idea, but Carrie is adamant. She is no longer willing to put her own happiness aside for Sami. She also tells Lucas to give up on her, because it is never going to happen. Carrie paces anxiously, wondering if Sami has the news yet. Just then, there is a knock on the door. Carrie opens it, and with a startled expression on her face, says "You...", although the camera does not reveal who the visitor is.

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