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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, April 28, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Franco checks on Hope at the Horton Center, only to find her upset with Billie, Bo and the whole situation. Hope doesn't understand why Billie is acting the way she did, and knows that she's doing drugs again. Franco tries to reinforce the fact that Bo just doesn't love Hope anymore when they're interrupted by Shawn D. He and Hope discuss school, and Shawn-D announces that he's not going back to that school. He doesn't want to get shot again. Well, this really gets to Hope, and she's going to get the supplier tonight.

At Roman's grave, Bo says goodbye to his brother. He asks Roman for advice on this case, and Bo promises to tell Hope the truth as soon as this case is over. Billie approaches him, learns the new details, and she wants to go with him, but Bo says no. Well, Billie follows him anyway.

Bo meets King and learns his part in tonights big shipment. Billie arrives with Max, and King is suspicious. Max takes Billie inside, and Hope & Franco are there. Hope and Billie argue again about Bo. Later, Hope overhears Max talking about Billie, and assumes that Billie's doing drugs once more.

Carrie receives a letter from her father, in which he asks her to look out for Sami, and that he loves her. Again, Lucas is there to comfort her, not Austin. Austin, meanwhile is attempting to tell Sami the truth. Well, the end result, is still the same. Sami is still in the dark about their relationship.

At the DiMera home, Kristen is furious about everything. She tells Vivian, that Susan must be locked up, and when Stefano returns he can take Susan and Marlena with him. Susan, shows up at Marlena's office wearing Kristen's pin. Susan recognizes Laura from Salem place, and almost gave herself away, but doesn't. Susan tells her of her progress, and things that have happened, when her time is up. The Pin falls off the sweater, lands on the floor, when it is noticed later by Marlena.

Laura runs into Kristen, and they have at each other. Vivan and Ivan eventually find Kristen, and when they try to leave, Marlena gives Kristen her pin. She asks where did you find this? and Marlena answers in her office, and then informs her that she is moving back in very soon, whether Kristen likes it or not. Susan eavesdrops on Viv and Ivan, and learns that Kristen has the pin. Marlena deduces from Laura, that the only person who has been in the office has been none other than Susan.

Tuesday, April 29, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In prison, Jack's waiting to use the phone, but is delayed at every opportunity by Travis, who's working under Stefano's orders. Jack eventually gets phone time, and ends up talking to Mickey, who informs him of the status of his appeals, meaning he'll need a miracle. Jack decides he's never going to get out, and must make Jen and Abby move on with their life, without him.

Marlena and Laura, wonder about the significance of Susan having Kristen's pin, not knowing the whole story.

At Jen's, Lynn learns that Laura is at the pub, so she heads there to give her another pill. Stefano has arranged for stronger medication. Marlena and Laura suddenly show up, and they all head over there together. Lynn tries to give her the pill, but Laura refuses. Marlena and Jennifer convince her not to stop taking the pills, so she agrees but only til she gets reevaluated.

Austin explains to Sami, that all he wanted to tell her, was that he was involved with other women before they married. Austin leaves to talk to Carrie, and this is Luca's time with Sami to tell her that Austin is really in love with her, and he wants them to deal with their future. (yea right) Sami's having more memory flashes, 1 being about the wedding reception, and one of the conversation with Lynn about drugging Austin.

Hope overhears more about Billie being in the drug scene again. Bo shows up, and annoys Hope when he doesn't want to talk to Shawn D about school. Bo is hurting inside, because he strongly desires to tell Hope the truth, but it'll have to wait because of the drug operation is almost but not finished.

At the Horton Center, Shawn D is with Billie, who came by with ice cream. Billie inadvertantly drops a vial of cocaine, which rolls under the table. Hope discovers that Billie is there, and resents it, saying she doesn't want anything harming her son. Just then Billie gets a call from Max saying that Bo wants her at the pier. Later, a cop questions Shawn D about his shooting, discovers the vial of drugs, thinks it's Shawn D's, but Hope says it belongs to Billie. She'll handle this, she says to the cops. At the pier, King conversing with Bo, says that if anything goes wrong, people will die. Billies' on her way to meet Bo, and Hope is also on her way, with a cop trailing.

Wednesday, April 30, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Marlena's telling John, by phone, that she's moving back to the DiMera home. Kristen asks who's on the phone, and is told by John that Marlena's moving in. Kristen needless to say is not happy, so when the doorbell rings, She learns from Susan, that it is Viv and Ivan. John's not happy that these two are always there, and wants to know what is it now. Kristen says that they wanted to have a bottle of their wonderful wine. Susan is reminded to go nurse the baby.

In the wine cellar, Kristen shows Viv and Ivan the secret room. They watch John and Susan interact upstairs. Kristen gets upset seeing Susan flirt with John and leaves in a huff. Viv goes as well, leaving Ivan in the room, with the door shut! Viv realizes that Ivan got stuck in there, and goes back to the wine wall. Meanwhile, John rushes Kristen out of the house, they have to say bye to Kim at the pub. Outside of the pub, they stop and discuss her stopping the breast feeding. Susan, in the living room, notices the bottle of wine, and prepares to bring it back "where it belongs..." Viv finally finds the right bottle of wine, and the room door opens.

Both Laura and Kim tell Marlena that she must start thinking of herself, what will make her happy.... Marlena finally agrees. Sami feels like she's seen Lynn before, but doesn't remember exactly where or when. Lynn told Carrie and Austin, that she wants to help them get back together, and feels guilty of helping Sami in the first place. Sami remembers the conversation about the drug, doesn't understand it, so therefore she won't tell anyone about it.

Bo and King are still on the pier waiting for his ship to come in. Bo, King, Max, Billie are all on the pier each with own agenda. They notice Hope approaching with a cop in pursuit. They are pissed! There's a tussle, Bo gets hit on the head, King and Max leave with a threat to Bo's loved ones, and Hope gets Billie arrested for cocaine possesion. Bo can not believe this! He gets mad at Hope. Bo leaves the pier, leaving Hope alone, and King realizes Bo didn't set them up, and that maybe Bo's really on the level.

Susan, through eavesdropping, learns what Viv and Ivan are planning for her in the secret room. The show ends with Vivian about to get bopped on the head with the wine bottle.

Thursday, May 1, 1997
by Diane Dix

Kristen plots with Vivian and Ivan to get Susan stashed away in the wine cellar's secret room before Marlena moves in. None of them are aware that Susan overheard Vivian and Ivan plotting, and will definitely not cooperate. Susan, convinced Vivian and Ivan are vampires, barricades herself in the nursery with "Elvis" and refuses to allow them in.

At the pub, members of the Brady clan and friends gather to say goodbye to Kimberly Brady, who is returning to Los Angeles. Carrie and Austin are disappointed that Sami's encounter with Nurse Lynn did not trigger any memories. Lucas is ecstatic, and determined to keep things that way. Meanwhile, Kristen fumes as John and Marlena talk cozily in a booth, and each has fond memories of their lives together and fantasizes about what their lives might have been like if they had stayed together. Kimberly tells Marlena she needs to find happiness for herself and quit worrying so much about others. She tells John the same thing. Kristen tells John she is exhausted from breastfeeding and it may be endangering her health; reluctantly, he supports her decision to switch the baby to formula, never imagining the real reason. After Kim leaves, the others disperse to go home. John and Marlena head to the penthouse, but Kristen heads home to try to help Vivian and Ivan get Susan into the secret room. Susan refuses to come out when she realizes John is not home to rescue her, and says she needs to feed the baby first. Filled with panic at the thought of being imprisoned, Susan calls her only friend, Dr. Marlena Evans. Kristen calls John at Marlena's penthouse and says the baby has a cold and maybe Marlena shouldn't move in right away. Marlena takes the phone and smoothly tells Kristen not to worry, and that she will keep Belle and Brady away from the baby. Before Kristen has a chance to protest any more, she hangs up and she and John head over to the house. Just before Marlena enters, her cell phone rings.

Austin, Sami, Carrie, and Lucas return to Austin's apartment. Carrie asks Lucas to sit with Sami while she and Austin spend time together. Lucas is fuming, but pretends not to mind. While Austin and Carrie share a rare romantic evening, Lucas is the only one there when Sami has a memory of Lynn and herself at the church, discussing the drug Validan, but Sami does not remember that she used that drug to trick Austin into sleeping with her. She tells Lucas about the memory, and wonders if she should tell Austin, but he persuades her that the memory is probably not genuine and that she shouldn't get Austin's hopes up. Sami reluctantly agrees not to tell Austin, although she dislikes lying to him. When Carrie and Austin come in later, Sami doesn't say a word about her memory.

Officer Tommy brings Billie Reed into the Salem police station to book her on charges of cocaine possession. Bo is angry and confused, until Billie explains privately that Max planted the drugs in her purse, and she only confessed to owning them to spare Shawn-D and save the undercover operation. Bo is touched by her loyalty, and calls Mickey in to see if she can be arraigned and let out on bail that night, but Mickey has no luck. Billie is forced to face the prospect of spending a night in jail. Meanwhile, King fumes that Brady's ex-wives ruined his biggest drug shipment ever, and tells Officer Nan to watch for any signs of a double-cross, threatening that if Brady crosses him, he will see to it that Shawn-D becomes a drug addict. Hope arrives at the station right after Bo and Billie, still stung that Bo is so angry at her and confused about Billie's confession. Jennifer shows up to investigate the story, and is amazed when Hope selflessly calls in a favor to see to it that Billie's case is not made public. Hope tries to talk to Bo, but he brushes her off, and she sees him holding and comforting Billie, and becomes more convinced than ever that she has no chance of being reunited with Bo.

Friday, May 2, 1997
by Diane Dix

Carrie and Lucas go back to Austin's apartment to get Lucas' jacket, but stop outside the door when they overhear Sami begging Austin to sleep in her bed with her. Austin tells her he is a restless sleeper, but Sami says she doesn't care, and wants her husband with her. Austin agrees, and Carrie is stunned. She and Lucas go back to her apartment. Carrie can't believe that Austin couldn't find a way out of it, and the thought of Austin sleeping in the same bed as Sami drives her crazy. Lucas tells her that if Austin had any guts, he wouldn't do it. Carrie tries to defend Austin, but Lucas says Austin is behaving like a jerk and that it seems that he almost enjoys hurting her. Just then, Austin comes in, having told Sami he was going to Carrie's to get ice. Austin is angry at Lucas for taking advantage of the situation, and assures Carrie that what Lucas said isn't true. Lucas tells him to go get under the covers with Sami. Austin finally snaps and punches Lucas in the gut. Carrie is furious at Austin for hurting Lucas. Lucas leaves to let them work it out and goes over to Sami's. Sami is hurt and confused at Austin's odd behavior. She asks Lucas if it was the right thing to do to ask him to sleep with her, and of course, Lucas encourages her. While they are talking, a news bulletin flashes across the TV - that Billie Reed has been arrested for possession of cocaine. Sami and Lucas are stunned and go over to Carrie's to break the bad news to Austin. Austin is horrified and he and Carrie head down to the police station immediately. Lucas reminds Sami not to tell Austin about her vague memory of Lynn and drugs because Austin is sensitive about the subject because of Billie's problem.

At the station, Hope is devastated that Bo is so angry with her and doesn't understand that she did what she did for Shawn-D. Abe comes back and demands to see Bo immediately. Bo explains what happened on the pier, and tells Abe that he can't take hurting Hope any more. Abe tells him to stick with it for a while longer, because King will definitely hurt Hope and Billie if he suspects he is being crossed. Hope comes in to talk to Bo and he nearly tells her about King, but he imagines Hope trying to go after King and ending up dead. The image is so strong that he knows he can't tell Hope and jeopardize her life. Instead, he tells her that Billie's drug problem is her own business, and to stay out of it. Hope is crushed by his cruel words and leaves the office upset. Officer Nan, King's plant, calls King and lets him know that so far, Bo checks out. King is still suspicious, though, even though the captain of the drug ship reports that no Coast Guard ships are following him, so Bo didn't call the police. King vows that if Bo crosses him, the one to pay the most will be Shawn-D. King also thanks Nan for skillfully leaking the story of Billie's arrest to the press. Abe tells Bo that there is another King plant somewhere in the station, so Bo has to be doubly careful about not blowing his cover. Bo asks Abe to see that Billie gets a private cell and visiting privileges, but Abe reminds him that special treatment would look suspicious. Bo leaves Abe's office and learns from Jennifer, who is standing with Hope, that the story of Billie's arrest is all over the airwaves. Bo is furious, and Hope assumes that he is blaming her. Bo tells Hope to just stay out of his life, and Hope says she will never bother him again. Bo walks away to go see Billie.

Marlena answers her cell phone just before entering the DiMera house with John, and hears Susan babbling frantically about vampires who are out to get her. Little does Marlena know that the "vampires" (Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan) are trying to get into Susan's room in the house Marlena is about to enter. Susan hangs up, leaving Marlena puzzled and disturbed. John, Marlena, and the kids enter, and Kristen has to leave Vivian and Ivan to take care of Susan. Kristen welcomes Marlena and the kids and keeps them from going upstairs by telling them she has arranged a surprise party for them. Marlena is suspicious, but can't figure out what she's up to. While the cake and refreshments are brought in, Kristen rushes back upstairs to try to talk Susan out of the nursery. Susan stubbornly refuses, knowing that they intend to lock her in the secret room in the wine cellar. John begins to wonder why Kristen is taking so long. Marlena calls Susan, but can't make sense out of what she's saying. Susan overhears Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen planning to knock her out, roll her up in a rug, and take her down to the secret room. Ivan leaves to prepare the room and Kristen is called away by John, leaving Vivian to take care of Susan. Susan tricks Vivian into coming into the room and hits her over the head with a chair. Susan dresses up as Kristen and rolls Vivian up in the rug and drags her down to the room. Pretending she is Kristen, Susan gets Ivan to drag Vivian into the room and shuts the door on both of them. At first, Ivan does not realize it is Vivian in the rug. Kristen, checking in by video, sees Ivan and the bundle and assumes everything is fine, and that Susan is taken care of. After Kristen looks away, Ivan unrolls the rug to find Vivian coming to. They are shocked that Susan tricked them, and even more shocked to discover they are locked in the secret room. Meanwhile, Marlena asks to see the baby, and Kristen, thinking Susan is safely stashed away, agrees - not realizing that Susan is actually upstairs in the nursery, disguised to look exactly like Kristen...

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