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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, May 5, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Austin gets news of Billie's arrest, and he and Carrie rush off out of Austin's apt. This leaves Sami to wondering. Lucas tries to convince her that it's nothing, but Sami goes on to say that Carrie needs a man, and wonders if she's in love with Austin, a man that she can't have? She convinces Lucas to take her to the station. At the station, Hope tells them that she was arrested for cocaine possession. Austin won't believe that she's using again unless Billie tells him. Billie learns from Bo that she must spend the night in jail, and that she must be careful, as there is another cop on King's payroll.

Austin sees Billie in jail. They have a big discussion re using drugs again, being like Curtis, Austin's mess with Sami, etc... Austin doesn't understand Billie's motivation, but goes along. He tells her that people will understand, meaning Carrie. Meanwhile, Hope and Carrie are discussing the same issues, i.e. Billies' drug use, and what's up with Bo & Billie? Well, Austin comes out, hugs Carrie, tells her that Billie's fine, when Sami and Lucas show up. Somehow, Austin and Carrie get in an argument since Austin believes Billie, and Carrie believes Hope. Well, somehow, Austin and Sami go home together, and Lucas takes Carrie home. hmmmm....

Bo tries to get the drug shipment come back in town, and JL agrees. He tells Hope to stay out of everything involving Billie.

Vivian and Ivan are trapped in the secret room, and Ivan gets a claustrophia attack. Upstairs, Marlena and John are about to visit the nursery and meet the baby nurse. Kristen thinks that Susan must be in the secret room, unaware that she's in the bathroom removing her Kristen makeup. Susan hears them all in the nursery, Kristen wants J&M to leave as quickly as possible, Susan wants to call Dr. Evans, but realizes her phone is in the nursery. Kristen tells J&M that the nurse must be out, but John spots her purse, so Kristen changes her story that the nurse must be in the new playroom, so J&M head there. As they go, Kristen checks the pocket tv monitor, only to discover Viv and Ivan in the room.

Susan eventually calls Marlena and they arrange to meet in her office. At the office, Marlena realizes that Susan's eyes are a different color.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At the DiMera home, Kristen is panicking that Susan could return at any moment. John is unaware that the next person to check on JJ will be whacked by Viv and Ivan. Kristen goes in his place, grabbed by IVan, until VIv determines that it is Kristen and not Susan in disguise. Ivan has another panick attack, and Viv takes him to the hospital.

Marlena comments on Susan's eyes. She says that she had contacts, changed to a popular color. Marlena notices that her new eye color, reminds her of Kristen's eyes. Susan explains her feelings about being locked up, dungeons, dracula (Stefano), aliens and vampires. Marlena tries to calm her down, saying that aliens and vampires are fiction, and that an alien could mean someone from another country, not planet. She wants to admit Susan in the hospital, but Susan says she can't be away from Elvis. Marlena also suggests that she go see the Bad lady, but Susan says no, since she's not supposed to talk about the situation.

MIke Horton, tells Ivan that he's suffering from acute anxiety syndrome. He recommends that he go see Marlena, to get tranquilizers. Viv and Ivan, interrupt Marlena's session with Susan, not realizing who's in there. Marlena writes out a prescription for the tranquilizers at the office door, and will drop it off at the pharmacy after this session is over. Marlena, gives Susan a rock which she explains is very special. When Susan's scared, she's to rub this stone, and it will calm her down. Vivian and Ivan discover that Susan's Marlena's patient, when a nurse mentions that Marlena has a patient claiming aliens and vampires are chasing her.

At Austin's, Austin and Sami have a long conversation about Billie, Carrie, and memories. It seems that they are getting closer. A candlelight dinner, and honest talk about her feelings regarding John & Marlena's affair goes a long way with Austin's feelings.

On the pier, Mike is finishing talking on the phone with Jeremy, and runs into Carrie. They have a pleasant talk and Mike walks her home. At home is another candlelight dinner. Carrie thinks it's due to Austin, but in reality it's Lucas. Mike asks Lucas if he's trying to take advantage of Carrie, and calling him little brother!

Wednesday, May 7, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Austin tells Sami he thinks the accident has matured her, and affirms when asked that yes, it's a good thing. Kate comes to the apartment just hearing off the radio about BIllie's arrest. She is highly upset. When Austin tells Kate, that Carrie thinks Billie may be guilty, she gets upset. Sami on the ohter hand tells her that she feels that Billie is innocent. Meanwhile, Mile and Lucas are discussing Carrie's happiness. Lucas feels that he can make her happy and Austin can't. Mike is asked to stay for dinner, but has to go. She tells Austin , who she sees at the door thatshe's sorry about Billie. He gives her the cold shoulder, and leaves. Lucas comforts a depressed Carrie.

Kate goes over to see Carrie and finds Lucas there. Kate says she doesn't understand how Carrie could believe Billie is on drugs again and Carrie says she's sorry about that. Carrie then decides to go check on Sami, and Kate confronts Lucas about his romantic dinner he planned for Carrie. The two argue about the same old things, Austin, Carrie, Curtis, etc...

Austin and Mike are looking for Bo but have no luck. Austin confides in Mike that he loves Carrie, but feels an obligation to Sami and will. Mike advises not to give up on Carrie. Austin doesn't see how this is possible without letting one of the them go. Austin says he wants to be with Carrie, but he can't neglect Will. Austin eventually returns home and tells everyone he couldn't find Bo.

At the hospital Vivian and Ivan learn that Susan was possible seen outside of Marlena's office. Vivian tries to break in Dr. Evan's office to confirm this when they get caught. Vivian asks if he is a doctor, but he's only an intern. Then Ivan pulls a ruse to get the intern to leave them alone. While alone, Viv finds a log book and rips a page out.

Downstairs in the living room of the DiMera mansion, Susan is rubbing her rock, and when she gets up to leave she drops her rock on the floor. Suddenly Marlena comes into the foyer wondering if she'll ever get the goods on Kristen. Both Susan and Marlena keep missing each other, as they walk in and out of rooms. Eventually John catches up with Marlena in the living room and Marlena tells him she's very worried about her patient. She tells John about the rock she gave to her patient, but she needs medication and therapy. John tells her she spends to much time worrying about others she never thinks about herself. Marlena says she just cares so much about Susan and somehow Susan's fears remind her of the fears she had when she was with Stefano. John says he senses something else is going on, and tells her he's here if she needs to talk. Upstairs Kristen finds Susan, who doesn't want Kristen anywhere near her. When Kristen tries to come closer, Susan says she'll scream. Susan doesn't buy her story, but realizes her rock is gone. She goes off to look for her rock when Vivian calls Kristen. Before Vivian can tell Kristen the news Kristen hangs up on her..

John then comes in and asks her if she'll talk to Marlena, since she's upset over one of her patients and mentions the fact of the pet rock. Marlena is downstairs pacing the living room when Susan goes to the car to look for her rock. Suddenly Marlena finds the rock she gave Susan on the floor and wonders what it could be doing here!

Thursday, May 8, 1997
by Diane Dix

Bo visits Billie in her holding cell. Nan brings her a blanket, but Abe tells her not to give Billie preferential treatment. Bo and Billie try to figure out who the King plant might be. Bo gives Billie the chance to back out of the deal, but Billie says if he can stand the sacrifice of not being with Hope, she can stand being labeled a junkie. Bo warns Billie that King will keep testing their loyalty and to watch out for any cell mates she might have. Bo leaves and tells Abe that he has had enough of the way the case is ruining people's lives. Abe tells Bo that Hope might do something foolish if she knew the truth and someone she loved were endangered by King. Bo decides to tell her anyway. Meanwhile, Hope had spoken with Jennifer, who told her not to give up on Bo. Just as Hope is fantasizing about getting back together with Bo, he calls her and asks her to meet him on the pier. When Hope arrives, Bo is about to tell her about the undercover operation. Back at the station, Max had called Nan and told her to set Billie up for a scare. New cellmates were admitted to Billie's cell, and Nan slipped one of them a wicked looking pocket knife. The lights went out and Billie was stabbed. Just as Bo is about to let Hope in on the undercover operation, Abe calls him and tells him Billie was stabbed. Bo arrives and finds that she is hysterical, but not seriously wounded. Bo tells her that King is sending a message - not to cross him. Billie warns Bo that if he tells Hope the truth, she could be next.

Travis tries again to convince Jack to search the internet for a potential mate for Jennifer. Jack is completely against the idea, but Travis is under orders by Stefano to do something drastic - to make Jack believe that Jennifer and Abby are not safe at home alone without a man. Stefano pays a man to try to break into Jenn's house. Travis arranges to get a cellular phone that Jack can use so that Jack will be on the phone when the break-in occurs. But before then, Jennifer wonders if Kristen could help her get Jack out, and calls her. While she is on the phone with Kristen, Jennifer hears a suspicious noise. John immediately leaves Kristen to investigate. Kristen agrees to help Jennifer with Jack. After Jennifer hangs up, John arrives. He starts looking around to see if there is anything wrong. Just then, the phone rings, and Jennifer is startled to hear Jack's voice. As they are talking, Travis looks at his watch, knowing that any minute, the attempted break-in is scheduled to occur - but not knowing that John is on the premises.

Meanwhile, things are really heating up at Kristen's house. After John described to Kristen Marlena's patient with the pet rock, Kristen remembers that Susan is somewhere in the house frantically searching for a rock to calm her down. Kristen begins to have the dreadful suspicion that Marlena's patient and Susan are one and the same. At first, she laughs it off, thinking that if Susan were Marlena's patient, Kristen would have been nailed long ago, as soon as Susan told Marlena the truth about the baby. But after John leaves to go to Jennifer's, Kristen's suspicions multiply. Susan enters the baby room after having searched the whole house for her rock and finds a nervous Kristen. Kristen asks Susan where she got the rock, and what her friend's name is, praying it's not Marlena. But after some prodding, Susan confesses that her friend is indeed Dr. Marlena Evans. Kristen's worst fears confirmed, she nearly loses it and thinks of attacking Susan with a statuette, but Susan is too alert, and Kristen leaves in turmoil, determined to find out just how much Marlena has learned. In the parlor, Marlena finds the rock on the floor, and is astonished to discover it looks exactly like the one she gave Susan. At first she dismisses it as coincidence, but as she begins to make notes in her tape recorder about Susan's case, pieces start to fall into place. She remembers the references to "the evil woman", "the vampires", and "the monster", and begins to wonder if the descriptions could apply to Kristen, Vivian, Ivan, and Stefano. Most troubling of all, she wonders if the father of Susan's child - the man she claims to have married - could be John. As Marlena begins to put the puzzle together, Susan nearly encounters her several times while searching for her rock, but manages to just miss her every time. Marlena toys with the idea that Susan could be John and Kristen's baby nurse. But then she realizes that Kristen would have no need to buy a baby, and that there is no way John could have married Susan because she looks nothing like Kristen. Then she remembers the brooch of Kristen's she found in her office after Susan had left...and the blue contacts Susan wore which made her eyes look just like Kristen's. Suddenly, horribly, the whole scheme clicks into place, and Marlena realizes exactly what Kristen has done, and just how evil she really is. Just then, Kristen enters the living room and finds Marlena staring at her in horror. "You BITCH!" Marlena says. "It was all lies!" Kristen tries to feign ignorance, but Marlena tells her that she knows all about Susan and the horrible thing Kristen did. Kristen, speechless for once, stares numbly at Marlena as her whole tower of lies comes crashing down on her...

Friday, May 9, 1997
by Diane Dix

Jack gets through to Jennifer on the cellular phone. As they are talking, John comes in and tells Jennifer that the place checks out and he will be leaving. As Jennifer is explaining to Jack what John is doing there, she hears the sound of a struggle outside, and a sudden scream from inside. Jennifer drops the phone and rushes upstairs to Laura. Outside, John ambushes the prison guard whom Stefano hired to scare Jennifer, but before he gets a chance to question him, John hears Laura's scream and lets the guard go as he runs upstairs to help. Jack, meanwhile, is going crazy wondering who screamed and what is happening. But the prisoner whose cell phone Jack borrowed comes back demanding his phone, and Jack is in agony wondering what is going on. He begs God to keep Jennifer safe that night and promises that if He does, Jack will do all he can to help Jennifer find someone to protect and love her and Abby. John and Jennifer and Nurse Lynn, meanwhile, rush to Laura's side. Lynn was already nervous because Laura had refused to take her pill earlier in the evening, claiming it upset her stomach. As her memory cleared, Laura had her recurring nightmare about Kristen. As John enters, Laura is telling Jennifer that John needs to be with Marlena, who loves him, and dump Kristen, who is evil and standing in the way of his true happiness. But just as Laura is about to explain what she means, Lynn casually injects her with a sedative which knocks her out immediately. When John and Jennifer angrily demand to know what she is doing, Lynn says Laura was agitated and she was just trying to calm her down and do her best for her patient. John and Jennifer ponder what Laura could have meant. Both decide that her claims against Kristen are crazy, but John privately wonders whether the part about Marlena is true. Pensive, he starts driving home.

At Kristen's house, all hell is breaking loose. Marlena, who has just figured out the whole Susan fiasco, is at first stunned, and accuses Kristen of being a bitch and a liar. When Kristen tries to deny it, an infuriated Marlena tells her not to even try it, and that she knows everything - about Susan, and about the baby, who is not Kristen's or John's. As Kristen tries to maintain her composure, Marlena loses control and flies at Kristen, attacking her. Kristen manages to fight her off and bring Marlena to her senses by saying, "You're hurting me!" Marlena backs off, saying that she will not sink to Kristen's level. Vivian and Ivan burst in, coming to warn Kristen that Susan is Marlena's patient, but Marlena tells them it is too late and that she figured out their scheme. Marlena demands to know what their part in it is, and figures out that Vivian blackmailed Kristen. As Marlena begins putting the pieces together, she comes to the realization that John is not even married - his marriage to Susan was a fraud because he thought it was Kristen. Kristen becomes hysterical and admits what she did, but begs Marlena for pity, saying she will lose everything. Marlena refuses to be moved, saying Kristen has taken advantage of her kindness once too often. Kristen immediately turns vicious. Marlena begins searching the house for John while Vivian, Kristen, and Ivan frantically try to come up with a plan. Upstairs, Marlena finds a sleeping Susan next to "Elvis", and compassionately reassures her that she will be with her baby now. Marlena finds the wig, teeth, and makeup, confirming her suspicion that Susan dressed up as Kristen. She comes back downstairs, and while she is accusing Kristen, she figures out that all of Laura's memories must be true. Kristen confirms it by screaming that Stefano wanted to kidnap Laura, but they did a laser procedure instead. Marlena is horrified by that, and by the fact that Stefano is still alive. Just then, she realizes that if Stefano is alive, then maybe Peter is, too. Kristen's silence confirms it, and Marlena is stunned anew by the enormity of Kristen's evil - that she would allow Jack to rot in prison for life for a murder that never even took place. Vivian and Ivan quickly find an excuse to be gone, as Marlena warns them they will pay for their part in the scheme. Kristen and Marlena exchange more harsh words, and Marlena finally stalks out of the room and stands outside the front door, secure now in the knowledge that John will soon be home and she will be able to tell him everything. "Hurry home," she says, staring out at the road.

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